Loose hoodie bat long sleeve

Seller: luohao2011 (eBay)FF11258_1
Price:  19.69 CAD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: I ordered it at the beginning of July and I got it at the beginning of September (!!!)

Condition: new without tags, brand-new, unused, and unworn item
Material:  cotton
Sleeve style:  long sleeve
Made in: China
Size: one size: length 94cm, bust 180cm, hem 162cm, shoulder breadth 92cm

I feel in love with this batwing hoodie from the moment I saw it – it’s so loose that it’s perfect for a flight, buffet date, doing sports or any casual day. You can use it in so many different way! It comes in one pretty big size so don’t worry it will be too small – just remember to measure your sleeve length.
FF11258_12It’s also very warm in a cold day, but during the warmer one it won’t be too hot. The only bad thing that I could think is that some of the threads come out and the most annoying thing is after washing it get those tiny cotton bubbles all over the cloth so you need to buy some cloth razor to get rid of it.

Anything I could complain about not connected to the cloth itself? The seller. Usually when item doesn’t come, I file a claim, get money back and send back the thing since I probably don’t need/want it anymore. This seller guarantees 30 day money back and the buyer pays return shipping but when after more than a month I tried to get my money back (first just by contacting them via messages instead of opening the case) for more than a month they keep asking me to wait and wait – but what if I don’t need it anymore? I want my money now so I can get my stuff from somewhere else on time. So I spent few months without the hoodie and without money. Never had a situation like this before.


Overall rating: 4/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? 
It’s OK, it’s warm and if you have patience and cloth razor it shouldn’t be much of a problem, but I wouldn’t recommend to get it from this seller.

3 thoughts on “Loose hoodie bat long sleeve

  1. I ordered a dress from this seller it took aroud a month to arrive it wa supposed to be pink and quite a thick material. No. It came red and almost see through the material was frayed at the bottom i left bad feedback and they said if i change my feedback I can keep the dress and have 30% back, what good is then reas and 30% if I won’t wear it? Do not buy from this seller!

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