Korean style short sleeve heart printed chiffon top

Seller: east_culture_2008 (eBay)heart1
Price: 3.99 USD
Shipping: FREE
Estimated delivery: on time from Shanghai to California, ordered 24th of January, delivered on 10th of February

Condition: new with tags in the original packaging
Material: chiffon/georgette
Sleeve style: short sleeve
Made in: China
Size: I ordered small size and even thought I have pretty much narrow shoulders for such a small person it fits perfectly and actually covers it!
S – bust: 38″, length: 23”heart2
M – bust: 40″, length: 24”
L  – bust: 42″, length: 25”   

Lovely and girly, Korean style short sleeve top with a heart pattern is really good. With such a low price I was scared that the cloth they send me will be terrible.
You should see how happy I was to see what I actually got.
Color was basically the same as the one I could see on my PC – I know some of the clothing can look more or less different when it goes to color but in my case it was the same. I also spent some time looking at the hearts – just my little obsession to make everything perfect, including the heart shapes. The top is not really transparent as some chiffon clothes can be, even black bra cannot be seen under it. If your boyfriend is jealous like my husband I’m sure he wouldn’t complain!
As I mentioned before – size fit me just as it should. Hiding what it should hide, even when you put your hands up it still covers the stomach area. Don’t get fooled by the shape of shoulder in real photos, it’s my cute hanger that has weird shape. (;

Anything I could complain about? On the sleeve, inside the sleeve and inside a collar you could find threads and pieces of material sticking out but it’s not a thing that you cannot change with a pair of tiny sewing scissors.


Overall rating: 4.5/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it?
If you love sweet, girly style and you don’t mind little bit of threads sticking out that you can fix on your own you should definitely buy it! It’s cheap and you get what you see.

9 thoughts on “Korean style short sleeve heart printed chiffon top

  1. LOVE!!! I have to say though I have NEVER received anything I ordered on eBay and I tried many times 😦 so i’m a bit hesitant to order, but will definitely follow your blog and who knows I’ll get the courage to order again.


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