Korean style false two-piece shirt

Seller:  hebelovers (eBay)Untitled
Price:  10.99 USD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: EXTREMELY fast, it turned out the seller was from the city next to mine so I got it the very next day I’ve ordered it

Condition: new with tags
Material:  cotton + lycra
Sleeve style:  3/4 long sleeve
Made in: China
Size: one size: shoulder 37cm, sleeve 42cm, bust 86cm, waist: 86cm, length: 62cm

It comes in a black-white and grey-white set, but sadly I couldn’t find an auction with the grey set on eBay, because that would be my choice. The bad one looks really nice too, but I love grey-white sets. The material is more like lycra with bit of cotton and chiffon, but it definitely doesn’t look cheap. It’s feels nice when you touch it and it’s not too much of fur-magnet #crazycatladieswillgetit
What I like about it is that lycra makes the cloth stretchy so if you gain or lose 2kg it will adjust to it and you won’t look like a ham ready to be smoked. There are some threads coming out at the back of the collar, but you can barely see them. If I could only change it a bit I would get rid of those fake pockets – can’t use it and they don’t really give any extra charm to the cloth, I couldn’t really see them on the pictures so it was a bit of a surprise for me.  Overall it’s pretty nice, looks good in more or less casual situations.

Anything I could complain about? The collar I really liked in the picture it’s uneven, I tried to make it more straight but it didn’t work out. You cannot really see it if you don’t stare at it, but it keeps bothering me. And by the way from what I’ve noticed it’s very common problem when you buy ‘Asian style’ clothes with collars.


Overall rating: 4/5
Value for money: 
Would I recommend it? 
It’s cute, nice and elegant, the price is very reasonable so if that collar doesn’t bother you feel free to click ‘Buy it now’!

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