Korean shoulder messenger hobo bag with spikes

Seller:  682588*llpokaz x2
Price:  15.39 USD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: very fast, shipping withing US

Condition: new with tags
Material:  faux-leather
Made in: China
Size: 28cm x 11.5cm x 32cm and 128cm long strap

I think I should just start with ‘Anything I could complain about?’ because there are so many things wrong with that purse that I might write my longest post ever.
I got this purse because it looked cute and I had to get one really fast so I found a US-based seller and got it really fast, I can’t complain about this. At the first sight it looked OK, maybe not as nice and deep black pokaz x6as in the picture but it was acceptable. Little I knew it’s like a fur and hair magnet and there’s no way I can clean it up, unless I was the whole purse and I still had fur on it. The strap from the handbag part just got destroyed the very same day, on the photos you can see the gap and it just slide through this. Slightest weight in the purse and you can pick it up from the ground.
The zippers were impossible to close that’s why you can see that in the picture they are opened. Argh, just awful.

Can I say anything good about this purse? No, the eBay seller was great, shipping was fast, but the purse itself is just a nightmare. I think that’s my last purse-shopping on eBay.


Overall rating: 0/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it?
No, no, no and no. It might look great in the pictures but the quality is so poor that it’s not worth your time and money.

4 thoughts on “Korean shoulder messenger hobo bag with spikes

  1. Oh, and I forgot to say – I’m addicted to bags, so it’s dangerous posting pictures of nice bags on your blog, because next thing you know, I’ll be on eBay buying this beautiful-poor-quality bag xD haha


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