Korean long sleeve knitted twinset sweater

Seller:  dinggh2010 (eBay)GD753A-613_1
Price:  26.54 USD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: on time

Condition: new with tags
Material:  cotton blend
Sleeve style:  long sleeve
Made in: China
Size: one size: length 72cm, shoulder 42cm, bust 98 cm

From pink, black, grey, red, yellow blue and dark blue I chose the pink version but I have to say all of them are pretty cute. I wanted something warm and cozy for upcoming Autumn and Winter (and that’s why we have 25C today) and that’s what I got it. Cotton blend is nice and thick so having just this sweater and bra under it I didn’t feel cold at all.
It comes in one size only but I think it can fit from XS to M/L, but knowing the size chart – that actually matches the size of the cloth I got – you can judge if it’s the right thing for you.
I love the patches on the elbows, but after few washing threats might come out, although I think it’s natural. And since we talk about threads coming out… do you know what happens when your cat pulls your knitted clothes? You have like a material bubble – sadly I got one from the very beginning in my package, it’s not a problem, you can simply cut it but since it was my most expensive Asian-style shopping I thought it will come here in a perfect condition.

Anything I could complain about? THE SMELL. I have to write it, as much as I’m crazy about this sweater there’s a disturbing thing – you know that cheap sour smell you can feel while ordering some super cheap stuff from China? The one that yells ‘CANCER’? It was so intense it made me dizzy, I put it into the washing machine right away and the smell was completely gone, but I’m not sure if the cloth is really safe to use. I didn’t get any rash or felt worse after wearing it, but I wouldn’t expect something like this.


Overall rating: 4/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it?
I love it – starting at the design, through material and color but the smell it had was pretty alarming, I don’t say you shouldn’t buy it because maybe it was just my sweater problem, but I feel like I need to warn you about it – now it’s up to you if you want to take a risk.

3 thoughts on “Korean long sleeve knitted twinset sweater

  1. This is really cute! Shame about the smellーis it better after your washed it? I know sometimes the chemical smell lingers when new, but thankfully seems to be washed away after the first laundry load…


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