Korean casual mid-long blazer

Seller:  psdhuashop2011 (eBay)632040848_1942756755
Price:  11.88 USD
Shipping:  2.62 USD
Estimated delivery: I got it day BEFORE estimated delivery time, perfect timing since Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. In total it took 10 days to ship from Yiwu to California. I cannot say a bad word about ChinaPost and USPS.

Condition: said to be new with tags. It was new, in original package but had no tags.
Material:  woven  twill elastic cotton.$T2eC16ZHJGIE9nnWrPjuBRW-W3zUiQ~~60_3
Sleeve style:  photos make the sleeves look like they were little bit longer than a distance from your shoulder to your elbow but actually, at least in my case it’s almost 7/8 length of my arms. According to the size chart sleeves should be 54cm long but I measured it and it was actually 58cm.
Made in: China
Size: one size fits small and medium. Since sleeves were longer than they should I checked the whole table non of the sizes was good – bust should be 82cm but it really was 80cm, length should be 70cm but it was only 66cm. I guess they used those cm to make the sleeves longer. The seller mentions that there might be a difference between the chart and the product but it changes the whole design and for someone with big boobs it might be a big problem!632040852_1942756755

To be honest with you when I received my package I almost got a heart attack. I started to send my husband billions of sad faces on WhatsApp and my inside-cheapness was dying from what I saw. I put the clothes on the hanger and started to think that was my worse spent money. If you don’t know what I mean scroll down to see real photos: it was shipped in a tiny package as an ‘household item’ like some kind of clothing-ninja. It was all creased, threads were coming out everywhere and I was scared that if I cut them off the buttons will just fell off.
But I also never give up until the end, I took out my iron that I haven’t used since the Christmas party, I took a pair of tiny sewing scissors and I spent almost half an hour to make the jacket look like it was able to be worn. I must say it was difficult, as I mentioned there were no tags, no information inside how to iron, wash etc. I would suggest you that if you buy it just wash it in cold water with your hands and let it dry naturally. As for ironing I used the lowest temperature (one drop in 3 drop scale).
After all the work and effort it looked really well! I can say I’m a jacket-saver. As much as I was terrified with the cloth I took out of the package I was really happy with the result I got at the end.
Shoulder pads look really well and cover narrow shoulders like mine, sleeves as I said are longer than in the photo. Same with the waist area – if you look on the way the model stands, hold her hand on a hip it’s actually to make you think it’s smaller in the waist and makes it look more attractive, but the real product is completely straight. After all it still looks great when you put it on yourself – color is very similar, please compare the photos provided by the seller and the 3rd and 4th photo in ‘Real photos’ – sometimes my camera doesn’t work properly but those colors are really similar and they are just gorgeous. Material is quite decent – my cat attacked me with a claw-hug and I had no sign of it beside the ‘cat glitter’.
I wouldn’t trust the size chart if you’re taller than me – I’m 162cm (5’4″) with average chest size and for me it fits perfectly, if you have bigger boobs you might not be able to close the jacket, with my average size it was already quite difficult. The length of blazer itself is shorter than they claim and for me it takes all the way to the middle of my butt, it’s not as long as it looks on the model.

My biggest complaint? No tags so that fixing all the tiny flaws was way more difficult. I had no idea how to wash, dry or iron it. I believe that you can fix the threads, make the cloth straight but for God’s sake – how can you do it with literally no information.


Overall rating: 3.5/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? My overall score is not as high as I wish it was but it’s mostly because of lack of the information so I had to figure it out how to fix the blazer and actually took a risk of destroying it. If you’re OK to take a risk and don’t mind spending your time to do it you should get it because it’s affordable, I managed to make it look really decent – you wouldn’t believe how it looked like and how cheap it was. Besides it’s very girly, cute and perfect for spring!


3 thoughts on “Korean casual mid-long blazer

    1. I think it’s little bit like a lottery, for now I have prepared around 7 clothes to present on The Real Asian Style and only 3 were like they should, some of them were good but different from the picture and one was a complete disaster and I think I’ll write about that one next week so everyone knows what clothing they should avoid, haha 🙂


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