Casual white loose pullover

Seller: east_culture_2008 (eBay)Untitled
Price: 9.99 USD
Shipping: FREE
Estimated delivery: on time from Shanghai to California, ordered 24th of January, delivered on 10th of February with Korean style short sleeve heart printed chiffon top I reviewed.

Condition: new with tags in the original packaging
Material: polyester fiber (95%), spandex & chiffon
Sleeve style: long sleeve
Made in: China
Size: It comes in 4 different sizes, I got S as usual. Looking at the chart it SHOULD fit… but it didn’t.
S Shoulder: 13.0″ (~33cm), sleeve: 20.5″ (~52cm), bust: 36″ (~91.5cm), waist:40.0″ (~101.5cm). length: front-21.5″(~54.5cm) back-28.0″(~71cm)

From the very beginning I want to tell you – DON’T BUY IT. I usually try to find anything good in things I buy so I don’t feel tricked or like I wasted my money but surely this cloth is not worth buying. I have nothing against the seller, from the same shop I got two other good tops, but this one is surely not one of themUntitle2d
I admit – there’s a little bit of my mistake that I didn’t read the description carefully so I didn’t see what kind of material was used but c’mon! I got other clothes like that and they don’t look so… cheap. That’s a good work – it just looks cheap. And cheap is not worth 10USD. Don’t get me wrong – you know I like cheap clothes but I don’t like them to looks cheap. 
Another problem is the size – technically S (Asian as well) fits me, but this one besides the chest part didn’t fit at all. Shoulders were too small so I couldn’t really move my arms. Once I finally moved them my whole belly could be seen. Also sleeves looked like there were only 7/8 of the length it should be. Did I mention that they also have some kind of elastic, tight material at the end and leave painful marks on your hands? Really uncomfortable to wear!
I cannot say a bad word about the color – it’s white, white as it should be and white as white usually is. I have no idea how red or black look like but I think that will be the only good thing about this shirt.
Of course as most of the clothes it had some threads coming out but that is the least of the problems. 

Anything I could NOT complain about? Well, it comes with a tiny material belt and since the quality of both of them is really low my cat, Biscuit, has a new toy now. The most expensive toy she got. I really cannot find anything I would like about it.


Overall rating: 1/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? Hell NO. After my dead body. I made a mistake buying this shirt and believe me – I don’t think anyone of you would be satisfied with this product. It was so awful the very same day my cat ripped the sleeve from it…

3 thoughts on “Casual white loose pullover

  1. haha I’m happy im not the only one who manage to buy bad products on ebay… 😛 The pullover looked really cute in the photo, too bad you were not happy with it..


  2. If you didn’t know these stylish souls prior to, then now may be
    the time to check them out. To make a short neck look longer wear a scoop neck or open collar shirt, complete the look with a long necklace.
    Have you ever had to turn down an invitation because you literally had “nothing to wear.


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