Casual white blazer

Seller:  zanzea_mode (eBay)$T2eC16FHJGwFFY77tMu-BRuWq4pGjQ~~60_12
Price:  8.99 USD
Shipping:  2.99 USD
Estimated delivery: on time, shipped from Hong Kong

Condition: new with tags in original packaging
Material:  cotton blend
Sleeve style:  according to the picture it should be a long sleeve but for me the length was maybe 7/8 which looked pretty funny
Made in: China
Size: I ordered M but I don’t think it can fit an average person

Color was OK – more white than the photo shown by the seller so it didn’t really bother me, but what bothered me was a stain on the back that didn’t go away even after washing the jacket TWICE. To be fair you cannot see it from the outside, but c’mon – who would like to buy something dirty? Another problem I had was the size – it’s always a problem when you order clothes from Asia that it might not fit your Western body, but this one was quite ridiculous: M size was too big for my shoulders and chest area but it was too short for length of my arms and my body. Once I put my arms up I had it back on my boobs. Of course there were threads coming out of the button, but this is what you can expect when you buy cheap clothes from Asia – it can be fixed very easily.

Anything I could NOT complain about?  Definitely the material quality – didn’t look cheap and it was pretty warm.


Overall rating: 2/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? White one? Surely NO. If you want to gamble with a size chart you can give it a shot – maybe you will have more luck. Material is really not bad, but really – the way they made it look on my body makes me say to you: better keep that money and spend them on something else.


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