Casual bat sleeve knitted cardigan

Seller:  trail-blazer21 (eBay)New-Fashion-Women-s-Clothing-Batwing-Cardigans-Casual-Shawl-Knit-Coat-Jacket-Sweater-Woolen-Knitwear-Size
Price:  8.05 USD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: on time

Condition: new with tags
Material: cotton and polyester
Sleeve style:  bat-long sleeve
Made in: China
Size: one size: shoulder 60cm, sleeve 50cm, length 75cm

From grey, red and black I chose… black! What a surprise! Universal color, looks really nice but it’s literally a fur magnet – wherever I move I ever get covered in my own hair or my cat’s fur. No way to avoid it.
It comes in one size, I think it should fit most of you but be sure to measure your sleeve length so it won’t be a surprise for you. For me it matched the chart in the auction.
The cloth looks nice in real life, the material feels nice when you hold it, but the design is very specific and it might be a problem for people with narrow shoulders to find a good way to wear it. The first time I wore it upside down by accident and it didn’t look much better on me when I found out what’s the proper way to put it on. Please also
I almost forgot to tell you that it’s really thin so it’s more suitable for warm Spring/Autumn rather than a Winter clothing, but it also depends where do you live and don’t be fooled by some of the pictures where you can see that the sleeves ends are tight because they are not, the cloth is very loose in general.

Anything I could complain about? It’s still my shoulder-problem, I know there was a funny picture on the Internet with the girl who decided to buy the same cloth but she got it like baby-size, sleeves were too short – it wasn’t a thing for me. I just can’t put it on my shoulders and make it stay there. But again – it’s my body’s problem.


Overall rating: 4/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? 
If you know how to wear it and you don’t have too narrow shoulders it’s perfect for you but if you struggle with the same thing as I am (the shoulders) you might have problem with putting it on you.

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