Black/flower chiffon tank top

Seller: east_culture_2008 (eBay)Untitled
Price: 6.99 USD
Shipping: FREE
Estimated delivery: on time from Shanghai to California, ordered 24th of January, delivered on 10th of February

Condition: new with tags in the original packaging
Material: chiffon/georgette
Sleeve style: short sleeve
Made in: China

I’m a huge fan of anything that has flowers, roses – you can be pretty sure I will buy it. When I first saw this top, even thought it’s chiffon and I’m not really big fan of it since the material quality is… weird? I decided to give it a shot and get the M size top. As probably every single cloth I order from China it came full of threads. I should make a short cut  for this since I write about it in almost every post. Anyway I was quite disappointed. I don’t have high expectations about chiffon but on the photo it looks so nice and in real life it looked really cheap. I tried it on with jeans, shorts and skirt and only with the skirt it looked OK. Another big problem is that even the M size for me, which should be quite big, made my arms not comfortable.  Not to mention that if you have bigger boobs you won’t fit in a size you would usually order. The cloth is very tight, doesn’t leave much space. And it was the first cloth I bought that had problems with electrostatics.

Anything I could NOT complain about? I wouldn’t call this complaining because the top is not tragic, those are just my remarks.


Overall rating: 3.5/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? I wouldn’t NOT recommend it, but I also wouldn’t buy it knowing what will arrive. It’s not a tragedy but it also didn’t make me say ‘WOW’. To be honest I haven’t even worn it since I bought it in February and I think that’s the best comment I can make.

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