Black batwing lace shirt

Seller:  wellchange (eBay)item_L_5026647_1687013
Price:  7.99 USD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: as always on time

Condition: new with tags
Material:  cotton
Sleeve style:  batwing
Made in: China
Size: S was enough, I can give you my hand as a guarantee that it will match the Western size chart – hopefully I won’t become Jaime Lannister 😉

You have a choice of black or white batwing shirt. I always go for black since I’m too messy to wear white plus I’ve learned that white clothes can come with many visible stains. Not to mention it makes me look slimmer, haha. I must say this cloth cannot 2014-Brand-New-Women-s-Cotton-Loose-T-Shirt-Top-Dolman-Batwing-Lace-Long-Sleeve-Shirt.jpg_350x350disappoint you. It might not be as tight as it seem at the bottom but for me it was even better, I’m not fan of tight clothes. Material quality is good, you get a cotton not chiffon shirt and even thought there are few threads at the bottom lace is made perfect. Nothing sticks out, nothing is broken or uneven. I even made a photo how it looks on my back – for me it’s just gorgeous. I was little bit scared about the size, but since it’s loose type of clothing I decided to go with S and it fits me perfectly. Finally my arms match the sleeve size!

Anything I could complain about? No, no, no and no. For me the price and the quality you get is just perfect, even more than I could expect.


Overall rating: 5/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? Love it, love it, love it! Worth every cent spent on it! If you see it on auction, buy it and you won’t regret it.


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