Allegra K 3/4 crochet sleeve beige blouse

Seller:  uxcell (Amazon)89d434313f7647f0a09cdd79e341e8fd
Price:  9.65 USD
Shipping:  FREE
Estimated delivery: it was few days after estimated delivery time, even thought Amazon warned me I will have to wait almost a month for it. Comparing how long it usually takes to send something from China to our place it took almost 2 weeks longer than average time.

Condition: new with tags
Material:  chiffon
Sleeve style:  3/4 length crochet sleeves
Made in: China
Size: small (US 4/European 34)

For chiffon shirt I must say this one doesn’t look cheap at all. The color is darker than on the photo provided by the seller but it wasn’t really a big problem for me. I read the reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a shot – some people said it might be too small, the other one said it’s perfect, someone complained about the collar. Personally for me I could only agree with people who said that space for chest is not big enough. I’m no Pamela Anderson but I had problems fitting into the shirt and when I did everyone could see a shape of my bra which made it kinda uncomfortable for me. The collar was even, at least for my shirt, it just needed an ironing. Actually the whole shirt needed few minutes of ironing. Besides the sleeves which I love, they are just beautiful and they are the main reason I decided to buy it.
That was also the first cloth that I didn’t need to cut off the threads, although it had a small defect on the inside stitch.

Anything else I could say about it? The button at the back is from hell – it took two people, me and my husband, to close it. Now you can imagine how hard it was to unbutton the collar later!


Overall rating: 3.5/5
Value for money:
Would I recommend it? I have mixed feelings about this cloth – I love how cute the sleeves are but the fact that cloth is very tight, has no space for boobs, it makes the whole thing quite uncomfortable to wear. I can only give you one advice: if you decide to give it a try order one size bigger than you normally wear.


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