Hong Kong-Poland Love Stories

情人節快樂!我地喺Kocham Polske 分享嘅故事刊出啦!如果你地有同樣嘅經歷好歡迎你同Nancy聯絡!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, in love or not💕
Our collaboration with Kocham Polske HK 情牽波蘭 is out! And if you’re a Polish/Hong Kong couple, and want to share your story please contact Nancy at nancy@kochampolske.hk 😊

真愛無疆界 True Love knows No Boundaries

“港-波愛情故事 HK-PL Love Stories” by Kocham Polske HK presents the stories of married couples (HK/PL or PL/HK nationality) who are residing in either Hong Kong or Poland. We hope each of these unique stories will be inspiring to those who seek, and believe in true love without cultural boundaries.

Interested to share your story? Please email us at nancy@kochampolske.hk

Sing & Paulina

Residing in: Hong Kong

Their HK-PL love story as told by Paulina:

Where & How did you meet?

We met in a pretty awkward way – we were travelling in Poland to the same destination, and a ticket check was the reason we actually spoke to each other.

We were in the same train compartment, but didn’t really pay much attention to each other (I thought he was cute, though) until the ticket control, as at that time the use of English…

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One thought on “Hong Kong-Poland Love Stories

  1. I love how you said ‘Be open-minded to the opposite side, do not judge everything by your culture only.’
    Because that is sadly the common mistake most people make when they see someone who look different. At the moment, I can’t wait to visit Poland again, but at the same time concerned about racism east asian looking people may face because of covid19.


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