回流香港的準備工作update – more details regarding our move to Hong Kong

First of all, I know I became a very lousy blogger writing my posts every few weeks, but to be honest with you Ireland is not very inspiring to me. It’s a very slow place, sometimes giving me a feeling like it stopped in time. Even weekends feel boring and simply tiring. image2 (3)
I just cannot get myself to write because there’s literally nothing going on – sleep, work, repeat.

I grew up in a big city, I get tired living in a small town – sorry, forth biggest city in Ireland.
I’m fine visiting countryside for a week or two, but living in such environment is very tiring for me and Sing. I don’t like to sit in a pub all evening or look at sheep and cows all day. My heart beats in the rhythm of the city. I love crowds, fast pace. It makes me feel alive.

And for the last few weeks that monotony has changed as we finally got the last piece of information we needed and we are ready for our move! By the time I publish this post it’s going to be 141 days until the move.

I cannot even express how excited I am and how surreal this whole move feels.image1 (2)
Few years ago I even gave up on moving back to Hong Kong, I wrote that sad-ass posts on giving up the dreams. I still stand for it, sometimes you have to give up – but if live gives you a chance, catch it and don’t let go until there’s nothing more you can do!

Luckily for us, we got such chance and help from the family to make this dream come true.
Working hard is important, but without luck there’s not much we could do.

I remember two weeks ago we did a clear out of our closets as well as items to ship or donate, I looked at the empty shelves and told Sing ‘Wow, it’s really happening’.
My heart felt so heavy from all the emotions – on one hand we finally go back to place we both call home, on the other one I know this will mean I will probably see my family image4 (2)less often than when we live in Europe. It also means we can finally expand our own family. And I don’t mean a second cat (although I wouldn’t mind a little sister for Biscuit the bitchy meow).

We hoped we could make it for Lunar New Year celebration, but “luckily” Momzilla offered that she’s going to come over and help us with the move. Not that I already organized a whole move just by myself when Sing was already in Ireland and I was moving everything including the cat from the US.

For now we have our ‘move date’ as 19th of February, but this may change in January depending on the airplane ticket and short term lease housing. Our flat is still rented out, and we want to renovate it before we can move it thus the short lease solution. Some people think it’s waste of money to move before the renovation is done, but we would lose more money choosing the first company we found to do the decoration, rather than take our time and “shop around”. After all, I’m a procurement specialist, I buy for living.

We will probably also end up in Tuen Mun, we even laugh we should rent a place across our apartment so we can look at the construction every day. I even have door couplets with cats ready to hang for our new home. That’s how crazy cat lady I am.image3 (2)

Another thing is job – Sing is pretty much settled already, and funny enough we may end up in the very same company again. At least time our lunch choice will be better – at the moment we can only chose between McDonalds and SuperMacs which is another burger place. And of course our brand-new Starbucks!

Even with Momzilla on board with us, I’m pretty excited for the move. Every day I’m sending Sing a countdown on WhatsApp and tell the amount of days left to Biscuit. I know she doesn’t get the concept of numbers, she doesn’t even look at herself in the mirror, but it still gives me a great pleasure and keeps me going. I just sometimes feel sorry for her knowing how scared she was last time, but hey – she’s flying Cathay Pacific and that’s pretty fancy considering I’m flying RyanAir around Europe.

We had so much pressure recently at work, especially my department – it got to the point, that I started to lose my hair from all the stress. I was very close to break, but then

image5 (2)

I looked at partially packed boxes and just told myself to hang on. Some people are lucky, always having a green light in their lives – you’re not one of them, so just buckle up for your bumpy road if you want to get there.

We started selling out stuff online, we have our cute little budget book with all the spending and income coming until our move. Airplane tickets, holiday, Christmas, food, gas. Everything is there.
We got to the point we make work jokes about this, treating the moves as a project – having the purpose, opportunity, project goals and objectives, key stakeholders.
We definitely spend way too much time at work.

There’s still plenty to do – we need to organize Biscuit’s permit, get in touch with pet broker, put the flat we have here on rent market, organize shipments of the stuff we want to take with us. It’s actually terrifying and yet exciting to do all those things.


We both are looking forward for our life in Hong Kong. Late night snacks, discounted sushi hunt, hot air wrapping our bodies. The smell of Hong Kong Harbour, the water and beaches, frozen fruits on the stick. To finally settle down for good.

I hope I can share more on our move as the time pass by, maybe I will make some new vlogs as a memories of the time our dreams came true.

Wish us look and I hope I can go back to be a decent blogger with all the energy I’m having right now!
if there’s anything you would like us to talk specifically, let us know!

11 thoughts on “回流香港的準備工作update – more details regarding our move to Hong Kong

  1. Congratulations on getting an “official countdown” to the big move back to the H-K-G! 🇭🇰 I hope all the preparations for you both (and your respective families) go smoothly and with certainty; 140 or so days will go by quick.


  2. A few years back I started posting daily photos on Facebook to show how boring my life was…I was astonished at how interesting it actually was once I started to look at it…just a thought. Things are always changing ….or quirky…or remarkable in city, town or countryside. Hope the move goes well – a good time to start a daily photo diary?


  3. oh and…please don’t get another cat to keep a cat that’s used to living alone “company”..cats are solitary animals naturally and just fine as solo cats


  4. Hi Paulina! I stumbled upon your youtube channel while looking for HK videos the other day!
    I’m an HK expat who moved abroad when I was 2. I’m married to a kiwi husband so can relate to the content you post 🙂 I often find it quite lonely that most of my friends chose to date/marry people sharing the same ethnicity, so I find your blogs and videos super comforting! It’s interesting how you enjoy fast paced cities and crowds. What are similarities between city-life in Poland and Hong Kong?

    Sending love from New Zealand!


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