國際婚姻有什麼好處? – advantages of being an international marriage

Whenever you start dating someone from another country or culture, you probably Google ’10 things you need to know before you date someone outside your culture’ or other dramatic stories that happened to mix couples. There’s nothing wrong about it – you may not know what to expect and you’re just curious what happened to other couples like you.

Usually these stories are bit shocking, or in a bit more negative light – culture shock, family disapproving, maybe encountering racism. Unfortunately, this still happens and it’s great so many couple talk about it. You don’t feel alone in this situation and you can learn from their experience.

I myself write a lot about my struggles – either here or on my other social media. There’s Momzilla, there’s us living in a country that’s not our real home, there are decisions that need to be made.

But I want to be more positive and more encouraging to you guys.
Of course it’s not only roses and rainbows, unicorns farting kitten, and it will never be, however I still want to spread more good feelings about interracial and international marriages/relationships.

That’s why today I would like to tell you bit more about the advantages of such relationships!

As you know Sing and I want to expend our family once we move to Hong Kong and we’ve been thinking a lot about all the moves that we did to get to this point in life, how our child(ren) would be affected and we came up with some great examples of the advantages of international marriage!

Here are some of them!

  • You can learn a lot – either about a different culture, or a different language. Furthermore, your kids can be multilingual which will make their life easier. It will help you and them to adapt more easily.
  • You have more options to settle down – especially if you’re European Union citizen! Our doors are opened to any EU country as well as Hong Kong. If our child decides they want to go to university in Europe, no visa problem.
  • Sing actually has it planned already – our children will go for Summer to Europe to stay and travel with grandparents, get used to European lifestyle, then go there for uni. Boy, our kids will be lucky! *cries in immigration fees*
    We had no problem to settle in Europe, while sending me to the USA took tons of paperwork and payments.
  • There’s twice as much to celebrate! – Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year, Name’s Day, St. Nicholas Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn festival. Judging by the number of reasons to celebrate, I think by the age of 10 our child will be wealthier than we ever were. Luckily, as a real tiger mom I will take these red pockets for our child further, FREE, education and he or she will never see them again.
  • You can become more open minded, patient and tolerant – culture differences teach you more about accepting the others, respecting their beliefs and who they are.
  • Mixed children are said to make next generations smarter and taller (at least in the UK ;-)) – researchers from the University of Edinburgh analysed health and genetic information from more than 100 studies carried out around the world.
    The team found that greater genetic diversity is linked to increased height. It is also associated with better cognitive skills, as well as higher levels of education.
  • However, genetic diversity had no effect on factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, which affect a person’s chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and other complex conditions.
  • There’s always something new about your partner or his culture – I know it may be said about the same culture couples, but after 6 years of marriage I was told my husband was in ‘eye fight’ with his classmates and that was really common thing to do in Hong Kong. Then he would show me how they moved their hands like they tried to push back an evil spirit, pissing off the teacher. And I would still live such a quiet life without knowing my hubby was a little bad-ass if it wasn’t for 神勇雙妹嘜Doubles Cause Troubles movie.
  • More occasions to travel – this also has a downside as your wallet will cry every single time you book the airplane tickets. Aside of visiting the family you can visit other places – I wouldn’t probably go to Zurich just to see the city, but since I have 12h layover I’m definitely getting out of the airport! Going to see Momzilla? Let’s visit Japan on the way! Another boring meeting with in-laws in Poland? How about we do a little car trip to Czech Republic or Germany!
  • Food – last, but not the least – if not the most important! If it wasn’t for Sing I would probably never tried century egg mixed with tofu or spicy hot pot. Without me in his life he would be afraid of Italian (yes, not Polish – Italian!) food as to him it was only spaghetti and pizza, nothing else on the menu.
    As international marriages helps you to learn other cultures, it can greatly benefit your tummy as well. I guess that’s why they call that extra belly fat you get after you’re married a ‘love weight’.

I know no one will start international and interracial relationships just for these reasons, but I want you to look more positively on your relationship in the times of struggle. Every family – mixed or not – can be good and kind if we put work in it, be more humble and less selfish. Other benefits are just bonuses to lovely family you get.

What are the advantages of mixed marriages to you? Would love to hear your story! 

11 thoughts on “國際婚姻有什麼好處? – advantages of being an international marriage

    1. Avoiding arguments with in-laws and avoid nitpicking elders is the best move ever! Being respectful to elderly beget good children and easy birth. The law of attraction. My mother-in-law is super understanding, kind and generous. She is my second mom.


  1. “Whenever you start dating someone from another country or culture, you probably Google…”
    I never google before I oogle. Only the Chinese (or Asians) may be pragmatic enough to google such stuff.


  2. I certainly can vouch that the door opens a lot more for home cooking recipes that he and I bring together from our childhood/family background. True about travelling,, especially when my partner can understand/speak some German when we travel in certain areas of Europe, etc. I guess for me to show him, certain foods/ingredients from the Asian side that one doesn’t need to freak out over.


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