我們在港台31的訪問 – we were on Hong Kong TV – RTHK!

Very exciting time for Sing and myself!

Our trip to Japan and Hong Kong was amazing, and both will deserve their own posts, but in this one I want to focus on one of the major achievements for myself as a blogger.
Sing and I were on Hong Kong TV – we had an amazing chance to be part of 830 Magazine on RTHK!

For the interview itself, you can click here (RTHK.hk) or here (YouTube).
If you want to know more details about our time in the studio, you can click in the video below or keep on reading this post!

I was always getting upset when we lost our “big chances” – and when it happened twice before, I knew we will move our Valentine’s dinner to day before. I knew if we can’t make it again, we won’t get any more of these chances.

Along with us, there was another interracial couple (一三年夏天,嫁了去加拿大。The Hong Kong Girl Who Married The Canadian Boy). The Valentine’s special was to talk about different, mixed couples, how they met, what their partners like and dislike in Hong Kong.

The phone interview between Sing and the producer lasted around 40 minutes, and Sing later complained to me he was getting hungry. Because, screw your wife’s dream, let’s eat first. Right? 
Additionally, I got a list of 11 questions to myself regarding our relationship, how my parents view our relationship and moving abroad together. My favorite question was how attractive I find Sing, because I could bring up my ultimate dream with Nicholas Tse confessing his love. I’m so glad it made to the air time!

We later on met the producer for first real rehearsal, and we were given the scripts. I still have it as a souvenir!
Originally it was 11 pages long, but in fact we made it only till 8th or 9th page before the air time finished.
Even later, after the show, one of the TV host said whenever they have multiple people on the show they run our of time so I don’t feel bad.

There were few good questions we wish that could have been asked like “How do you view life abroad, why you want to come back?” or “What would you tell to other people if they wanted to give up their life for loved one, like you did?” but I think we all did pretty well considering we had less than half an hour!

Well as well in the quantity of questions, not our performance. If you’ve seen the video, you can see I was terrified.
Usually when we make YouTube videos it’s Sing who’s always stiff and sounds like robot, but this time I failed completely. It was a great experience, but I was so terrified my legs were shaking and I was worried I’m going to say something stupid. And then Sing kept sitting like a Chinese emperor so I had to stop my nervous laugh!
I was totally fine at the backstage chat, but the moment I sit on that couch I thought I’m going to pass out!

Luckily the whole crew was very friendly and very understanding. Even at the backstage before the show they engaged with us into small conversations to help us relax. Till today I have a crush on both of the hosts. 

I think my biggest problem with relaxing was the fact that the whole show went live so if I did a stupid face, make a stupid sound and say something idiotic, it could be a Hong Kong meme tomorrow. It all resulted in me looking like I have a stick in my bum! 

Overall, I don’t think it was THAT bad. We received few friendly messages on Facebook and YouTube, got few new subscribers which means that someone didn’t switch their channels while seeing us!

Speaking of which… I was asked if anyone from our families will watch it that night, to which I responded “No, we will surprise them later on sending them a link”. Well, guess who got surprised when sister in law sent a picture of her and Momzilla’s hotel room TV with our faces on it.
Apparently, they decided NOT to go out because Valentine’s equals expensive and left the TV on to have some background noise and one of the voices sounded familiar…

Few things that shocked us about the TV from the inside:

  1. How many actual rehearsal there are – we spoke about the thing three or four times total!
  2. You come with your own make-up and hair, TV make-up artist just does the final touch-up. I always thought you go to the TV with no-make-up and let the artist decide everything.
  3. How big the shooting crew is, and how much effort it takes to have just for one hour long show.
  4. It actually takes a lot of charisma and charm to be a TV host – I have to look differently on all the TV celebrities I see now!
  5. People working at RTHK were very humble and kind despite their positions. I really appreciated all the

Overall, it was an amazing experience I will never forget and I hope more of such chances will show up when we move back to Hong Kong by the end of this year!

Were you watching RTHK that night? Do you have any questions on our appearance? Let us know your feedback! 
Were you on the TV or radio yourself? Please share your experience with us! We would love to read your story! 


28 thoughts on “我們在港台31的訪問 – we were on Hong Kong TV – RTHK!

  1. I have been in tv two times. First at the school. They did make one old finnish program where they did shoot our class. (Don’t remember the topic-but obviously something about studying). The second time was cheerleading performance with my team at one sport happening. Actually there is third time also. I did flash at sportnews (at American football match as a cheerleader).


  2. Well, not so much (not atleast at that sport news clip what was surprise for me). I forgot one thing, the court show “The Swan” (at two gymnastics happening). Those were also shown at tv. Specially at those court shows the audience is so far and just like grey crowd so it’s not so stressful I think. Everytime I’ve just been having fun mainly! Those are (one of the) best memories in my life! 😁


  3. What a great opportunity you had there. Watched the whole thing as soon as you posted the link. Sure you were a bit “stiff” or uneasy but that is just normal for most people. I would probably never dare to be in such situation!


  4. Uuuh! You are stars now!

    I have never been on tv. Here in China I was offered to go on a dating show and then to a show about amwf couples, but I don’t want to be on tv. Gods knows how they are going to edit it and how they are going to present you in the end haha. At least in China everything on tv is fake! Plus, I look awful on video. I blink 300 times per minute xD


  5. I was on CCTV, China National TV a few times, but didn’t get me famous 😛
    it was mainly about my life in China and because I practice kung fu and Tai Chi.
    The only I was really nervous was when I was in a talkshow and I had to explain Tai Chi all in Chinese. I have never watched it and don’t wanna watch that one as I feel very embarrassed at the mistakes I might have said…


  6. Luckily I understand and speak Cantonese fluently. Now, I totally understand the reason your mom-in-law behaved the way she did. Who could blame her when her son used the “first decapitate then present the trophy” method on his family. I prefer the Hong Kong woman who married a Canadian man’s approach. At least she is sensible enough to slowly introduced her potential foreigner boyfriend to her family before getting married. That’s the appropriate approach! Shocking parents like Sing did is plain rude. I hope Hong Kong audiences are wise enough in discerning the differences.


    1. I wouldn’t say it was shocking since he dated only outside of his race and culture before (not to mentioned I lived with her for few months prior to the wedding, but after we decided to get married), and apparently no one believed him when he said he is going to marry a foreigner since he was a child, but nonetheless – it’s been 5.5 years since we got married, my family treats him like one of us, she should get over anything she had against me because we would marry anyway – with or without her approval.
      Maybe it’s not the best way, but if my child is happy I would stop complaining about everything my child’s partner does 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. A great experience, not only on television, but to talk about your experiences as a mixed couple. The important thing to remember here is that the message gets out, which begs the question: are the messengers more important than the message itself? I leave that for the reader to answer for themselves, but that’s been the long-held question about what constitutes good media. Congratulations!


  8. Aw this was fun to watch! My Cantonese is very minimal since I was born in America, but I can understand a little because my mom is from Hong Kong. It’s fun to see your perspective of HK, kind of gives me an idea of what differences I might feel if I lived there too.


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