PTGF/BF 出租女友男友 – boyfriend/girlfriend for rent

From my last post you could learn that my uterus is a hot topic in my husband’s family. But I’m not the only one suffering because of people who won’t mind their business.

My sister in law is nearly 26 is not yet married. She split with her last boyfriend few months ago and since that time the family attention shifts from my organs to her palm (why is it still missing a wedding band?!). Facing the problem of being judged as ‘leftover woman’ (I really don’t know why this term makes me think of minced pork meat), my sister-in-law needs to avoid anyone who could start asking the question.

Any family occasion to meet is a nightmare, because it will finish with an argument regarding why she’s not married and I’m not in the maternity ward. Hundreds, if not thousands people are facing the same problem with their families.

Facing the questions like ‘When you’re going to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend home?’ or ‘Are you seeing anyone?’, single people may go for ‘Rent a boyfriend/girlfriend’ service.

For last few years people got used to news from China about ‘renting a girlfriend’. Looking at women to men ratio, this is nothing surprising. However recently the ‘boyfriend rental’ business seems to be booming. Not only China. Japan, Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong.
My favourite offer from a fake-girlfriend in Hong Kong was the one who will play LoL with you. 

Even in Poland, during Summer you can see more and more offers to rent a partner for a wedding. Think of it like Spring Festival of Poland – if you go to a wedding alone, you will be seated with other single people and your family will try to hook you up with someone.

As for service’s purchase price variance… sorry, work habit!
In China pricing varies from roughly 600 yuan off-season and raise dramatically during Lunar New Year to 1,000 yuan (US$145) per day.
In Japan these kinds of services have been available for a long time. They are known as Rentaru Kareshi. With an hourly rate of between 5,000 ($43) – 7,000 yen ($60), the service can be extremely expensive when the costs of activities, transport and tips are also taken into account.
I remember when I played Yakuza 0, one of the sub-stories was pretending to be a boyfriend to a girl whose father came to visit. Free of charge, of course – Goro Majima is a charming bastard.

One woman, who was featured on national TV, racked up a bill of 69,029 yen ($599) for her date which included food, shopping, karaoke and games. But for a cutie like this…

Just kidding! As a married woman I can only fantasize about hotties like these – as one Hong Kong classic said ‘Those chances don’t belong to me’. Unless I get a divorce and bankrupt, spending money on fake cute boyfriends.

There are so many different approaches to this topic. Most popular opinions I’ve seen in the comments are:

  • ‘For such big money I could go and f**k a chicken’ (in Cantonese chicken is a colloquial term for a prostitute)
  • It doesn’t harm anyone, it will give me peace of mind over the holidays and in few weeks I will tell my family we broke up. Until the next holidays.
  • When I get old I will rent myself a cute young guy to hang out with.
  • Does someone want to hire me? I’m cheap (good for you…?)
  • I can be your girlfriend on Facebook

Another controversy about renting a partner is dispute over is it already a prostitution or not? If there’s no sex, kissing or even hugging? One may say ‘Yes, you’re selling yourself to someone’. But then, isn’t working ‘a normal job’ selling your time and yourself to your boss? 
Also, why only the phrase ‘rent a girlfriend’ would give negative emotions, but ‘rent a boyfriend’ would be associated with more positive emotions?
For some reason being a hostess/host is absolutely fine, but how different it is from renting a partner? No physical contact, they are with you only because they get paid for it… The only difference I could think of is the mobility of your partner – you won’t take your parent to a host club, right?

To me, as long as no one is harmed or used, is a win-win situation. Someone will get a noisy grandma off their back, someone else will earn money. Some people are lonely and just want to hang out with someone. 

If I were in such a situation, would I rent a fake boyfriend? Well, I don’t think I have enough money to convince anyone to fake-date-me. But honestly, I probably wouldn’t as I would know they pretend to like me only because I pay them. Life is not an anime, no handsome host would fall in love with me, decide to quit his job and live with me.

I wouldn’t be happy if my child did this – as this would mean I either suck as a parent and put unnecessary pressure on my kid, or that for some reason my child needs to earn money in such way. I would also have safety concerns.

But if someone is willing to pay or be paid, who am I to judge them? 

One one hand, you have that social pressure to get married young, but on the other hand you need to work hard, often overtime, to afford certain life standard and be accepted by your partner’s parents. Feels like a hamster running in a wheel. Running and running, but moving nowhere.
I find it ridiculous, and I feel so sorry for anyone who is under such pressure.

I can only hope that with next generations this kind of pressure will slowly fade away. And that someone will open ‘Rent a baby’ business.

What is your opinion on ‘rent a partner’ business? Would you rent one, or be the one to rent? Let us know what you think! Can’t wait to read your thoughts! 

12 thoughts on “PTGF/BF 出租女友男友 – boyfriend/girlfriend for rent

  1. I recently watched the movie “Mike and Dave need wedding dates”. This issue is not new and definitely not confined to Asia…but the internet has certainly made it easier


  2. Ha, my family is the opposite. When I was single, my older sister called and told me NOT to bring a date to her wedding because it would cost her more money and she was on a tight budget.


  3. If people want to rent themselves out, that’s fine. It’s just a shame that people feel pressurised to have to pretend they have a partner, or think that being in a relationship should be the only purpose of life!


  4. I have seen a documentary about some single Chinese women renting a boyfriend, and thinks that there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I find it to be a burden on them trying to fake something because of the pressure. Most of the women have successful careers and it is somehow understandable why they would postpone getting hitched and go for the corporate life instead. Seeing the prices in Hong Kong, I bet many would think twice about getting married, much more, having kids as soon as they are able to secure careers.


  5. Hmm. This is all pathetic. I can appreciate the unnecessary remarks from family for lacking a partner.

    No, I wouldn’t be interested. I didn’t meet my partner until I was….32 yrs. 🙂 So I withstood a lot of remarks about marriage, babies, etc.


  6. seriously? this exists? i wouldn’t know how to start looking for one. then again, i probably would not do so at all. i rather spend the money traveling. lol.


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