因果報應 – story about karma

I didn’t plan to write about such a random topic, but because of what happened during our recent trip to England, I just had to! It sounds odd, doesn’t it?

Also, I’m sorry my Hong Kong-related posts and videos are not up yet (aside of the Disneyland one you may or may not seen – for those of you who haven’t just click in the link below). I should speed up because so far I only created one.

Anyway, today’s topic is… karma! To make it funnier ‘karma’ in Polish language means also ‘fodder’.

I bet some of you believe in karma. I believe in it too. With short periods filled with doubt and bitterness. 
To be honest, most of my life I thought of karma in a wrong way. Let me explain: I believed that if you’re good, good things will happen to you. If you’re bad, bad things will happen.

Simple, right? This is the thinking me and probably most of you shared. However, now when I think it’s not 100% true. The karma I recently experienced, proved me that the way someone is treating me is his/her karma, but my karma is based on how do I react to that.

All my life I tried to be a relatively good person. Of course no one is perfect, we all have our good and bad side. But I always tried my best to be kind to others, help those in need. I keep on donating clothes for poor and blankets for animal shelters. I image-3volunteered on many different occasions.
I would give food/money to homeless. You don’t know how many times my own family called me naive and hopeless.

Even my own parents believe that I’m ‘too soft’ to others. There’s even a Polish saying they keep using whenever I get let down by those I tried to help – ‘If you have a soft heart, you need a hard ass‘ (I couldn’t find any better translation, so if my Polish folks have a better idea, feel free to share!).
Because people can kick you in your bottoms.
I’m not as naive as Naoko Kanzaki from ‘Liar Game’, I can be mean, but not to a very bad level – let’s say you piss me off, I will probably wish you a very annoying diarrhea, that’s just it,  while Sing wishes you for the worst. Like really bad: few days ago we saw a group of teens kicking road signs. I said ‘If he breaks his leg he is going to regret it’, but Sing went big ‘I hope he trips, falls back on the street, gets hit by upcoming vehicle and needs to pay for damaging the car’. 

And can you believe that bitch went all his life seeing only green light in front? He got a chance to study in two major countries, had enough money to travel, when he got hit by a car nothing happened to him, his closest family and himself are healthy, happy and besides the fact of not living in Hong Kong, he has everything he wants.
But then, he spent his youth with Momzilla and will never be able to get rid of her, he’s coping with it well. image-4Maybe that’s why his life seems so good – karma paid him for Momz. 

After this long beginning, I can finally get to the actual story.

Last month, during our trip to Hong Kong we also went to Japan. On our way back, I noticed that beautiful, maneki neko shaped bento box. It cost 3000 JPY and I just couldn’t resist. I took our last yens and decided to spend them on that bento box. 3 levels of cuteness that can be filled with food, what else would you need?
I was so excited about, I couldn’t wait to go back to Hong Kong and play with it. The only problem was, once we finally reached Hong Kong, we were exhausted, we nearly missed our stop – as we did not live in the area we were too familiar with – and I left it below my bus seat. When I realized what happened, we tried to call the bus company but no one reported anything to their Lost and Found.

I felt so bad. I always tried to be a honest person, in Japan we found 1000 JPY bill and I went to look around for a person that lost them. Momzilla would kill me for this if she seen me ‘giving away free money’. But that’s just me – if it’s not mine, I’m not taking it. Unless it’s food, then maybe. Same with the phone – in one of the Japanese shrines, a couple used a phone as a stand for their digital camera, they took the camera, but image-5forgot about the phone so we run after them instead of taking it.
This is why I was devastated – I couldn’t believe how someone could just take my bento box and be happy ‘Oh, look what a cool thing I found’. 

I cried for good half an hour, I was very upset until the next day. I cried on Sing’s shoulder, thinking ‘Why I give my heart out and never get back anything from my karma, but bad people seem to have their way all the time?’. 
In the end, I had to move on. I continued on being the way I am – nervous asshole with a kind heart.

Then, all of the sudden, karma showed its power. First, I lost my phone in IFC. I nearly pooped my pants (or skirt, that day) when I realized I left my phone in the toilet. I came back, but nothing was there. I went to the customer service desk, but they said no one reported anything. At that moment I thought all the memories, pictures, messages are gone (PLEASE DO NOT SAY ‘WHY DON’T YOU BACK UP YOUR PHONE?’ – Sing already said it like 478234851985230581384543578 times within that half an hour). I started crying again, two lost items within few days were too much. I’m a crybaby and this situation didn’t help. We decided to give one last image-2shot and see the toilets again when a lady from CS (big thanks to her!) found us and said someone returned my phone!
Sing even joked that maybe someone will find my bento box. 

No one returned. BUT – I got another chance in life!
Last few days we spent in London. By accident, we found a store called Japan Centre. We went in to get some sauces, maybe some sushi. We passed manga section and went to household area. I was looking at bowls with cats and when I turned around, Sing – my knight in grey jacket – was holding a smaller version of the bento box I lost.

I was given another chance. I thought I got ‘screwed by karma’ (I know, I know – first world problems I have) but at the end I haven’t given up on being a decent human being and got rewarded by my faith.

And yes, the kitty bento box is just AWESOME.

Do you believe in karma? Has it ever worked for you? Share your stories and experience, I would love to read them! 

33 thoughts on “因果報應 – story about karma

  1. What a great story! It’s awful no one from the bus company or the person who found your bento box could help you get it back, but how sweet you found it in London. The story of karma that comes to mind is when I was married to Cai and we had just arrived in New York City during a terrible blizzard. Two feet of snow in less than one day. We had a terrible time finding a taxi from the train station and begged a flight attendant to let us share her cab. The driver wouldn’t take us to my cousins’ apartment because the roads were so bad, but he let us off about 3-4 long blocks from their place. Better than nothing. I was so relieved to be somewhat close to where we were going that I tipped the driver $20 when it should have been $5 or less. After we had walked a block in the deep snow with our huge suitcase on teeny wheels, the cab driver found us and told us to get back into the car. He took us to my cousins’ front door! One nice gesture inspired another nice gesture.


  2. I think I am more like Sing with these things…when I see some kids doing stupid stuff I have a similar train of thought as Sing does 😀
    Karma, well I don’t really believe in it but then again i don’t believe in a lot of things which are not tangible to me 🙂


  3. That Japan Centre has been in the Piccadilly for very long time now, before there is a SOGO and Mitsukoshi department store around the Piccadilly, but they all closed down. What a shame. 😦


  4. I’ve returned a $100 bill I found on the floor of a nightclub, about 20 kids’ backpacks from my steps, and numerous loose dogs. Karma has been kind in return, bringing me back two lost wallets. I should do a whole post on that, because my faith humanity is kind of wrecked after the U.S. election.

    Thanks for the idea!


  5. Lol. Soft heart, hard ass 😂 I do believe in karma. When I see someone drop some money, I will give it back to them. One time someone dropped $20 and I have it back instead of buying myself ice-cream 😊


  6. I believe in karma, or maybe it is positive thinking and vibes. Okay that with the box was very unlucky, such a shame, I hope the finder got pleasure from it. I think my story of karma has to do with when my husband was made unemployed, and he was very worried about it, and someone sent us 1000 francs through the post anonymously. We still do not know to this day who it was, but it was a great sign that all would be well, and since then we have given it away again and more. Is that Karma, or just passing on good fortune? Not sure really.


  7. I’m someone who always turns things back in, including a few new iphones found in NYC taxis (don’t give it to the driver… he’ll usually keep it!) and it’s nice to live somewhere now where most people do the same. I’ve had people chase me down the street to return a 10HKD bill I dropped, run out of a store to give me back my phone, etc.

    I bet someone did turn in your maneki neko… but it probably got lost somewhere between the driver and the lost and found box 😉 Or, as I generally find in HK, calling on a phone usually gets you no where. Even if it is right there, the easier answer is ‘no’. (This even happens at the luxury department store that I work for. I know a certain item is there in the back because I’ve looked it up in the system, but a sales assistant will insist it’s not until I insist she check again) 😉


  8. I personally don’t believe in karma even though I think people should still be good just cause.
    I am glad you got your phone back! that is crazy. I, as a kid, lost a lot of things. My brand new thermos on day 1 of my school, my school jacket, umbrella, calculator. the list goes on and on. And I still do that from time to time as an adult. Unfortunately, I am not as lucky as you. One time, I left my swim gears at the gym (goggles, swim cap, swim trunks). I went back the next day and no one turned them in. Seriously, who took someone’s used swim trunks? maybe I was a bad person in my previous life. 🙂


  9. What I’d like to know is how much that smaller bento box costs in London? Let me be a prick and do some math, 3000 yen is probably like 20-25 Euros (right?) so if that smaller one was 3 Pounds or something, you were probably ripped off in Japan. Let me be a total d*ck and also say that the bento box was probably made in China or Vietnam and can probably be easily found in many places around the world so it is not that special.

    Now let me run away and hide less you throw rocks at me XD


  10. This one had me laughing out loud! I love the expression “If you have a soft heart you’d better have a hard ass,” I think I will start using it and see how my friends react. To be honest I usually use Karma as more of a curse to make me feel better when someone’s terrible to me. I console myself by muttering (either aloud or in my head) “What goes around comes around,” and continue on with my day. I’ve never tried to measure up my “good deeds” with my “good luck”, and in fact my mom seems to carry a “curse” of sorts that she’s passed on to me. It’s a bit of a blessing at the same time, because nothing really terrible ever happens to us, but nothing goes according to plan at the same time. I have vivid memories of canoeing back to the car as lightning cracked above us, and rain started pouring down in torrents! I guess perhaps our “good karma” might simply be our tendency to make the best out of whatever situation we find ourselves in despite “the curse”. I mean, as you said, at the end of the day all of my families concerns fall under the umbrella of “first world problems”. In the end the “difficulties” we face just fall as better blog posts. 😉


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