想入非非的美夢 – the most bizarre AMWF dream and giveaway winners announced!

Why do I dedicate a post just for the weirdest dream I ever had? Because I can. And because it was so bizarre that I just need to share it with you. Sing loved the conclusion and the unexpected plot twist.

But before that, here are the winners of our giveaway :image

  • Instagram – @sula362
  • YouTube – @flash piper
  • Blog – @Tani

All were chosen by Sing with ‘this, that and that’. My lotto machine. I’m sorry if you’re not (the) chosen (one), but I will definitely do more giveaways. To be honest I wish to give you all something, however at least now I cannot afford it.
Also, our first Hong Kong 2016 vlog is finished and you can see it below! Definitely going to do a whole post just to cover that day.

Now back to the bizarre dream.

I dream about work. I dream about it way too often. To be honest with you just in last few weeks I dreamed about KPI report (key performance indicator) and that I couldn’t finish it on time. Which actually never happened.

194yqraixj1mbjpgThis time it was different. I was walking around in the area I used to live. I walked through the park, holding my laptop where I’ve done my report remotely.
All of the sudden, I was surrender by bunch of men in masks. They weren’t there to harm me, but to get my KPI report (I have no idea why, apparently our internal report is worth to send 20 skilled men across the world).

They looked like Taiwanese special forces. At first I didn’t know if they want to kill me or what. I got scared, I hold my laptop even closer to me. One of them asked me to hand it over to him so I hid it in beneath my jacket.

The leader of the group, who was speaking to me, moved closer. I made a step back, but he made another, bigger step. He took of his mask and then I saw him… Nicholas Tse. The most handsome Hong Kong man that ever walked on the Earth. Like, he’s so handsome I just can’t describe it with words. image3Not even pictures can show how handsome he is.
Surprising, in real life his kids are not as handsome as their papa – I wonder how bad it will be for little Lucas and Quintus to grow up and have all the girlfriends’ hearts stolen by their father.

But if it’s just Nicholas Tse, it wouldn’t be that weird. It was a KOREAN NICHOLAS TSE (I don’t remember how we communicated as I speak no Korean) in Taiwanese special forces on a top secret mission for my KPIs. 

What would you do? Of course I handed him my laptop and looked at him with those ‘in-love’ eyes. And surprisingly… it was mutual. We both had a crush on each other. I swear to you, with my ugly-ass potato face I would never expect him to share my feeling.

In my dream he was so kind. He passed the laptop to other colleague the special forces and walked me back home.
image4I thought our adventure together would be over, just a regular crush you have when you see a beautiful person on the street.
It lasts for a moment and then you move on.

Apparently my dream lasted for nearly two weeks as I did my KPI report two more times – I do it every Monday. You should see my surprised face when I went out from home and met him again. He was waiting in front of my doors with a bouquet of roses. Beautiful, red and big. (Well, that sounds nasty when I think of it).

And he was coming every single morning with roses. I felt so good inside as Sing hardly ever gives me flowers or makes surprises. You could feel the connection Nicholas and me had.

Then, one day, he grabbed my waste and pulled me to him. He looked deep in my eyes. We were moment away from a kiss. The time felt like it stopped. I could see him getting his lips close in a slow motion… Just few more inches… 

That moment I moved my hand on his lips and… showed him my wedding ring. I told him we cannot see each other again as I’m married and should be devoted to the man I chose.14670747_551751535015308_7408670068472339342_n

Bitch, what?! Yes, I rejected freaking Nicholas Tse for Sing.

Sing showed up in his ugly-ass old undies (like, really ewww – they remembered Sing’s childhood) and kissed me on the cheek. And even though Nicholas couldn’t give up on me, I cut him off. 

That moment I woke up and to be honest with you (and Sing) – I was really upset. I felt weird, deep sadness. I punched Sing so he would wake up and told him my dream. image2He just giggled but I was wondering what the hell did I do.

And then it hit me – I love my husband so much, that even my subconscious would chose him over the most handsome man I have seen and who treated me like a princess.
Everyone once in a while will have dreams about other people. Admit it. I had similar dream while I was with my ex – the only difference is that in that dream I had an affair. I felt bad, but it was just a dream. 
In Sing’s case even my brain said ‘Nope, not even in your dreams’. Sing felt touched, I still feel sad and upset but at least no one now can doubt my love for him.

At least now I can use that against him – ‘I rejected Nicholas Tse for you and you don’t want to do this/that for me?’.

What was your most bizarre dream? Let me know how creative your brain was! I would love to read it!

19 thoughts on “想入非非的美夢 – the most bizarre AMWF dream and giveaway winners announced!

  1. Ha, my most compelling dreams are all stressful — I’m thwarted by bureaucracy and red tape and I can’t get something. Or I’m back in school and realized I didn’t attend an entire class all semester.

    The nightmares of a nerd, basically.


  2. “Then, one day, he grabbed my waste and pulled me to him.”
    Had to giggle at this part (typo). Pretty nasty to grab someone’s waste. 😀


  3. Wow, M so happy to see my name as winner😄
    Thank you dear Lina n Sing.
    How do I contact you?
    My email id is given in the box.
    Your dream made me cry because I could feel how much you love your husband.
    Thank you once again dear.



  4. Oh I’ve had a few weird/surreal dreams like that, starring different (famous and ‘normal’) men, who obviously fall for me but, like in your case, it’s never got beyond the innocent stages of flirtation..well, perhaps a kiss but that’s it:) I’m not telling my husband about them though-he’d laugh his head off!


  5. Very intense dream! Whenever I have a dream about a guy other then my husband my conscious mind always cuts in and reminds me he’s there, and then invents some sort of back story to how/ why I’m with this other guy, which usually pulls me out of the dream, or makes me wake up. I feel the same as you in the end- that it’s sweet that I love my husband too much to cheat on him even in a dream, but it really does ruin the moment.


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