音譯波蘭語 – useful Polish phrases… in Cantonese!

Things you don’t expect while blogging – building an audience other than your BFFs, going viral and that someone will actually find your content useful. I see more and more people come to my blog looking for tips for traveling in Poland and how to learn Cantonese. Or how to get a Polish partner. Or how to behave image (17)having a Polish SO.

This is why I decided to mix that all up and give you some useful Polish phrases with Cantonese pronunciation! So whether you want to impress your future Polish in-laws or you’re just visiting my beautiful country, you can impress the locals!

And trust me! We love when foreigners speak Polish, it’s so cute! Probably the only reason why my dad liked Sing in the first place was when he confessed his love for me in Polish in front of my parents. Pro tip from Polish-Hong Kong couple.

Broken Polish seems to be easier to understand for Polish people, than broken Cantonese for people from Hong Kong/Macau/South China. If someone ever tells you that spoken Cantonese is easier than written one, don’t believe them. They are liars. It’s all a lie. 

You should see Momzilla inviting my parents to a Chinese restaurant in Polish… having  all the pronunciation written on a piece of papers with strokes. Same when she studied English. Now she knows how to bargain in Polish. I now regret I haven’t record it and put it on YouTube. Instant profit from that viral video. Who knows, maybe I would be working for BuzzFeed now?

  • Please – proszę – (po-sir)
  • Thank you – dziekuję (煎-cool-爺)
  • I’m sorry or/and Excuse me – przepraszam (Sing is fluent with this one) (拾巴沈)
  • Good morning/afternoon – dzień dobry (煎兜布李)image (18)
  • Good evening – dobry  wieczór (兜布李肥嘈)
  • Good night – dobranoc – (兜布邋-lor-池)
  • Hi/Bye– cześć – (車匙)
  • See you (more politely) – do widzenia – (道維珍尼亞, 好聽過弗吉尼亞好多!)
  • Yes – tak – (他)
  • No – nie – (呢)
  • I love you – kocham cię – (call-咸扯)
  • I love your daughter – kocham pańską córkę – (call咸-攀尼斯歌-做球)
  • Will you marry me? – Wyjdziesz za mnie? – (維之舒-沙-味泥)
  • You’re beautiful – jesteś piękna – (耶斯特舒-皮卡)
  • I miss you (s.) – tęsknię za tobą – (偷是扭-沙-偷爸)
  • Cheers! – na zdrowie! – (拿斯做肥阿)
  • One beer please – jedno piwo proszę – (耶-dum-老-p-wo-po-sir)
  • May I sit here? – czy mogę tu usiąść? (扯-母狗-吐-烏獸斯廚)image (19)
  • May I buy you a drink? – czy mogę postawić ci drinka? (扯-母狗-po斯打wii遲-遲-drink卡)
  • My name is… – mam na imię … (猛-拿-email)
  • I’m from Hong Kong – jestem z Hongkongu – (耶斯-dum-屎-hong-kong-股)
  • Shall we dance? – zatańczymy? – (沙探扯味)
  • Let’s go to my place – not going to happen, bro… 😉 

To be honest I would love to see you struggling with the pronunciation! I told you we find it super cute!
And to be fair, Sing helped me a lot to write this little phrase book. It’s much more difficult to find the same sound in Cantonese than in Mandarin! So I hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you know any Polish phrase? Besides of course the most famouse ‘K*rwa’!. What is the language you’re trying to learn now and what is the most difficult for you? Share your story in the comment section below!

17 thoughts on “音譯波蘭語 – useful Polish phrases… in Cantonese!

      1. Haha I can just imagine, we refused to give MIL and bargaining language tips in German or Finnish but she tried already, several times…once she even tried to get hired here in an Asian fast food restaurant to get cheaper meals for us :o. (With her tourist visa!!!) thank god they only spoke German and Vietnamese

        Liked by 2 people

  1. You should include English pronunciations too as the Polish alphabet is used differently from the English.
    I was surprised to learn that Lodz is pronounced “wuj”.

    Can polish people understand Russian?


    1. To be honest making the Cantonese sound translation was probably easier that doing English as it is not a native language for either one of us haha.

      As for Russian, we can understand a bit but not most. I think Belarusian language would be closed to Polish than Russian 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh, I don’t know the Cantonese pronunciation so I cannot study Polish now haha

    Polish looks very difficult for me, so many z, w and letters with weird tails… I have a friend who studied it and lived there for a year though!


    1. Polish children spend the entire first grade learning how to spell their last names.

      Some Polish women marry Asian men so they can change their last names.
      Names like Chan and Kim are lot easier to spell than Wojszczerzeszewski.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the post! I wish I have some Polish friends to practice with – I tried to pronounce them and I felt like I was just talking nonsense in Cantonese haha


  4. 扯-母狗-po斯打wii遲-遲-drink卡

    I have been reading your blog for ages and always tempted to leave a message but just kept on
    procrastinating until today I saw this. I am sorry to say but I almost die laughing too hard. It might be normal for Sing to hear/say but when I saw it, it was like are you for real?

    btw, do u know the 759 shop? they have pork, cereal, chocolate, biscuits imported from Poland. should you ever come back to hk, it might make you feel more connected back home.


    1. we had so much fun writing that post, especially Sing when he was reading all signs literally and then giggle for an hour 🙂
      we plan to go back in 4 years, so hopefully that store will be still there! or at least until October when we come visit HK 🙂


  5. As I was born and raised in Vancouver, I’ve been conditioned to be able to pronounce “hard” English consonants; e.g., L and R. However, Lina, what do you consider the most difficulties English speakers have with Polish? And what do you consider the most difficulties a native-born Cantonese speaker (huh, I might count) would have with Polish? “Diky moc”! 😁


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