我喜歡的波蘭音樂 – my choice of Polish music

Few weeks ago it hit me – I write a lot about Hong Kong but not so much about Poland. If you click on the tab on the top of the page, ‘Hong Kong’ and ‘Cantonese’ will have much more links inside than ‘Poland’. And at the end of the day we are Polish-Hong Kong couple and not Hong Kong – Want To Be Hong Kong But Was Born Somewhere Else couple so I guess it’s about time for my next Poland-related post!

Who knows, maybe if there will be enough people asking about it, I will make weekly Polish language related posts? Until that happens, I decided to introduce you to Polish music of my choice!


Ewa Farna

I know topics like music are very subjective. Sing, for example, has very weird taste in music. His phone’s playlist consists everything from K-On! anime soundtracks, through old rock, classic opera, modern pop and … The Sims. I swear to you, he was playing it on our way to IKEA. Sadly, my husband is not really that interested in Polish music, he will listen to it when I’m the DJ during our road trips, but the only artist he listens to is Ewa Farna. Because, well, boobs. To be fair, she has lovely, powerful voice. You could call her Polish-Czech Demi Lovato.

The artists I’m going to introduce to you bring back good memories from my middle school and high school. You may love them or you might hate them, hate me, hate my blog and Poland. That escalated quickly. 
But I hope at least you will get bit more interested in my country’s pop culture.


Rock band, whose music incorporates elements of Britpop. I hate to say this, but since the vocalist Artur Rojek left the band I think they lost bit of their charm. I personally would recommend their older tracks, like the one below. Sing insisted on ‘Chciałbym umrzeć z miłości’ (I’d like to die of love) as it matches his cheesy personality.
Their album Korova Milky Bar was released in English as well!


Band formed in November 1994 in Bielsko-Biała. ‘Akurat’ is ambiguous Polish word, standing for either ‘exactly, just enough’ or ‘yeah, sure right’. The band’s style fuses punk rock, reggae, ska and pop. So many good song, so hard to choose only one.


Rock band created in Skarżysko-Kamienna in 2001. Their first album Wszystko jedno was released in 2004. The second album Podróże z i pod prąd was released in 2005. The band plays melodic rockwith elements of punk and reggae. This band is very important to me as their concert was the very first gig I went to.

Monika Brodka

Singer, who rose to fame as the winner of the third season of Polish Pop Idol (Idol) in 2004. She has since released 3 albums, including the 2010 album Granda which received critical acclaim in Poland and abroad. Brodka has received several nominations to the Fryderyk award, while her singles “Ten”, “Dziewczyna Mojego Chłopaka”, “Miałeś być” and “Znam Cię Na Pamięć” have all topped the official Polish Music Charts.

Farben Lehre

Punk band formed in 1986. In 1990 the group won the coveted Jarocin Festival prize. The band’s first album, Bez Pokory was released in 1991, and since then they’ve been quite successful on the local and international punk rock scene. Even my dad like their music.


Rock band founded in Szczecin in 1991 by guitarist Piotr Banach and lead singer Kasia Nosowska. It is one of the most popular Polish music acts of the 1990s.

Natural Dread Killaz/Mesajah

Reggae-dancehall band from my hometown. Two brothers with their friend decided to get together in 2003 until 2015. I like some of the songs from NDK, but I personally love Mesajah, his voice and the way their songs helped me to get through my middle school and cope with my extremely low self.

You a6c753c8466bf409ad30d5853db457fehave no idea how difficult it was to pick just one song that could get you interested in the band!
Let me know if you want me to recommend different songs from same artists, I tried to make this post as short as possible because at the end it would look like TOP30 chart.

I tried to give you a little piece of my world and memories. I still remember going to my first concert ever. Makes me feel so old when I think about it.
But after so many years I’m still happy to listen to those songs at work with my headphones on.

What are your favorite bands not many foreigners know? Share your favorite track in the comment section below, I would love to experience more! 🙂

11 thoughts on “我喜歡的波蘭音樂 – my choice of Polish music

  1. Certainly interesting bands, not my area entirely but still good.
    Was thinking about a similar post about German and another about Finnish bands but then again I really have to figure out some good bands and their songs which might take ages with my current speed :p


    1. I don’t know how but I cannot find your comment about German music – I used to have German VIVA so I know quite a few like die toten hosen, rammstein, Juli, silbermond, jeanette biedermann, sarah connor, no angels, Lou bega is German I believe as well 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. you mean cheesy? 😀 I noticed there’s nothing similar to songs like in Canto or C-Pop. There are love songs, but they are no where near what you can hear in Asia! After your comment I tried to think about at least one title but I honestly can’t!


  2. They all sound good but my favourite was Hey! I should also do a post of Spanish music haha.

    PS. The other day I watched a Polish movie! The title was Ida.


  3. Oh seeing some of these bands really does bring back memories.I went to see Myslovitz twice in a row one summer:)It’s hard to stay up-to-date with Polish music plus I don’t think there are that many great bands/artists in the mainstream right now but I recently researched some new-ish music to play to my husband(he actually wanted to check out Polish music!weirdo:P)and we both enjoyed listening to Kamil Bednarek and Enej.


  4. Ale jaki super! Wlasnie za malo polskiej muzyke slucham (chyba uwielbiam “Bohema” – Wilki)!
    Cala nieznana przy mnie!
    Dziekuje 🙂


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