他的交女友指南 – my husband’s dating advice

image (11)First of all, I need to say sorry to everyone who waited for my regular posts – I had suffered from writer’s block and I needed time off to rethink what and when to write. Hopefully now I have enough ideas in my head for next  few months.

In meantime, I got few more e-mails and PMs asking how Sing managed to get a foreign wife. So instead of responding to people one by one, I decided to write a post about ‘pick up artist Sing’. Of course, not too serious!

If you ask Momzilla, all you need to do is be Sing and tell yourself ‘I will marry a foreign girl’. Because who would resist this manly, handsome, smart and healthy boy. Just be Sing and all the girls will spread their legs like frogs. With me as the first one in line. But that’s according to Momzilla and Momzilla only. And maybe WahWah. That’s two people, three if you count Sing.

I think instead of me writing this post, it should be my husband himself. Only he knows the tricks he used on me. So check it out below!

  1. Don’t be afraid to say she is beautiful. The problem many guys have is being conservative.image (9) I think this is why many of them got friendzoned. Being nice to the girl is the right thing to do, but being too nice and expect the girl to realize that you like her in my opinion is not really practical. The worse outcome is she can take your kindness for granted.
  2. Have good knowledge of Asian pop culture, especially Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong/Chinese pop culture. It is undeniable that Japan and Korean pop cultures are dominating the Asian pop culture, many foreigners are dying to visit Japan and Korea. Paulina and I were very into J-pop and anime so we were able to share a lot of topics between each other. More you talk more you know each other. It is sad to see couples are only playing with their phones and not talking at all.
  3. You need to have the determination to beat the clock. Unless you two met in the same city, sadly we were not. Both of us end up talking to each other for hours at night. I think this is why most long distance relationships end bitterly as time moves on. Less willingness to talk leads to less willingness to be together. The worst part of the time difference is it completed destroyed our living habits. When I think about now, I was lucky to be in school instead of working. Modern working life really doesn’t give people a lot of time to image (16)enjoy private life. If I started this relationship now, I am very sure that I wouldn’t be physically handle it.
  4. Polish your English – most likely your crush won’t speak your native tongue so the easiest way to communicate is using English. We found it fun to add few foreign words into our conversation. After talking awhile, there are some words and expressions that only both of us will understand. When you get to that stage, it is a good sign because you are building a history with her. This also proves that she enjoys talking to you otherwise this “kyun” will not form. By the way, the word “kyun” is also one of our secret words.
  5. Don’t be cheap, but don’t show you have money. My advise is, spend the money at the time you should spend. A lot of people either overspend or being too cheap like pulling out your wallet at every places during a date or showing off your fancy watch. Maybe you can find a superficial person that appreciates your wealth but even you know it is hard to guarantee the loyalty of the relationship. At the end, money is spent, respect not received and you are not happy, for what?
  6. Do a squat, grab her confidently, do the process of picking up. Redo 10 times until she falls in love with you, just like in The Sims. Don’t forget to ware your safety belt. [Couldn’t resist the work joke, could you?]

I don’t know if you can call any information he passed to you ‘useful’, but I can tell you my side of the story. Just be the best version of yourself, be funny, be there when your crush needs you, try to make both of you happy. Show image (10)respect to her and her family. Sometimes you may need to stand up to people, especially since not everyone is so opened to interracial and international relationships. And don’t forget to take care of yourself! Nice perfumes or new haircut can make miracles to a man! Sing is one hair gel and lenses away from transforming from a potato to K-pop star. If he can make it so can you!

Once again: remember to be funny. If you can keep making a girl laugh, you will eventually make her fall in love.

People say you shouldn’t change for anyone, but I think that we all should try to make ourselves better and better. Not in order to seduce someone, but to feel better. That confidence you can gain, will definitely pay off in your life.

What are your dating advice to others? Anything better than Sing’s, haha? I would love to see your opinions! 

29 thoughts on “他的交女友指南 – my husband’s dating advice

  1. I really like last one where you say do all the points over and over again. I think all girls want a guy to be there for her no matter what, and the more a guy persists without being creepy, the better his chances of of getting the girl or that person you like. Sing sounds like a very confident guy 🙂


  2. Ha, I tried to get Andy to write a post about how we met and how he was able to “catch” a woman like me. I was on him for months to write it.

    You know what I got? A flowchart on how to meet women. Sigh. Engineers! (It is a really funny flowchart, though.)


  3. All good points! Confidence is critical but if you are overconfident, then you become a jerk. It’s a delicate balance. Why does everything have to do with potatoes? LOL! It’s very true. I think a lot of people don’t take care of themselves once they are in a relationship. You can be comfortable with each other, but you still need to take good care of yourself. And I am always heard that being funny is one of the top criteria for girls. I think the reason is because it shows you don’t take things too seriously and you can think fast! (ok, need to be original and no cheesy jokes though). And I complete agree with your last sentence. I think people always get confused of being yourself and improving yourself. You can always be a better yourself. Both people are growing over time, if you don’t change and adapt, you will grow apart. Last but not the least, I think being genuine is critical. We all want to present the best of ourselves to the others when we first met. However, don’t try to pretend to be someone else, cause she will find out in the end.


  4. im glad you guys very happy.im happy for u.
    i got blocked the girl that i really like.never met.used to lived in same city.then i moved other city.i think i was very creepy before send watsapp…(2yrs ago)then from fb.installgram.phone number all blocked untill today.becos that time i said ill move back that city open shop by there.but i didnt.
    how can i save it.
    what can i do…
    and im afraid send her sms again.
    do u think really its an ending?



    1. Hi Terry, it depends if the girl was showing any affection towards you. If it was purely just form your side, she might think you’re a stalker or something. But if she gave you hope, maybe there’s still a chance, but you would need to handle it very carefully in order to not drive her away. I wish you best of luck!


  5. I would say his dating advice is superior to mine! Yeah really, I do not have any advice as I was terrible with the whole dating thing and I think my wife must had some mental issue back then/ pity on me to actually stick with me!!!!


      1. Well, I think this whole thing is just luck but ofc I can be totally wrong as it seems so many others succeed time and time again it.try to stick to it even when the odds might be against you !


        1. I agree with Timo, sometimes it’s just the right time and place. I had friends who know each other for 30 years, their families were neighbors and they got together just few years ago. They needed time. Now they get married this year 😀


  6. The perfume advice would turn off my partner. He is allergic to perfume..in fact any light fragrance…even body lotion.

    Best wishes with long love.


  7. “Polish” you English? That might work if the woman you want to date is Polish,
    But what if she’s from Sweden? Would you Swedish you English ?


    1. You can still polish it as there’s a phrase ‘polish my skill’ which means to improve the skill – and it’s also a pun since Polish and polish are two different things but sound the same 🙂 never heard of phrase sweed your skill 😀


  8. I’m surprised Sing did not add the most important point here. Date them then get them pregnant REALLY YOUNG like before reaching the age of 21 years old. In some countries, Sing would be considered a pedophile and get into serious trouble. The birth canal or female reproductive system is only fully formed by age 21. Having a baby too early can cause cervical cancer later in life.


  9. Nice advice from Sing! I think the most important thing is to be yourself. No matter what, they will be dating you, so eventually your true self will come out. It’s exhausting to try to be someone different than your true self!

    I think Asian men have a hard time making the first a move. It might be the intimidation of speaking a foreign language, it might be that they are unsure of themselves, but if they make the move first it’s easier to approach foreign women. My husband made the first move, and it worked out well for us ^^


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