大眾化的拍拖地點 – cheap date ideas in Hong Kong

Dating can be expensive. And dating in Hong Kong can be even more expensive. Nonetheless, I love our 12096172_429673003889829_8785999634780916009_nlittle dates when we are there. With our trip coming soon, we already plan what to do and where to go. It’s the time we are most relax and we are always in good mood and we can behave like a boyfriend-girlfriend rather than an old married boring couple. Yes, we are pretty boring.

As I kinda have an idea how much damage to your wallet can dating bring, I want to share some of our favorite dating ideas when in Hong Kong! Of course some of them will be more expensive than others, some won’t be your cup of tea, and some of you might have a girl with 公主病 (click click if you want to read my post on this topic!) who will say it’s too cheap for her, but I hope it can be useful to some of you. And you won’t end up like Louis Koo in 戀情告急 (Love on the rocks movie) when he took his girlfriend for all you can eat hot pot on Valentine’s Day.

Small edit before you start reading below: I always let Sing read my posts before I publish them and he popped out with ‘I would say night time ride on tram. Less than 3 HKD and free aircon/wind if it’s too hot’. Cannot argue with that. He officially found the cheapest way to take someone out.
No wonder his dating life was so miserable. But I still love him.

Watching Hong Kong night lights on the Peak

My ultimate favorite, because it’s cheap and SUPER ROMANTIC. What Sing and I do, is we buy those some snacks or head for some late night discounted sushi, take a bus number 15 which will cost you less than 10HKD per person (unless something changed since last year) and head to the Peak. There’s 7/11 in the Peak gallery so we will grab a drink or two there and have our late night dinner there. You could technically eat at one of the restaurants there, but hey! I like it that way!



Ice Cream by Victoria Harbour

Add a small trip through the harbour on Star Ferry and you have my second favorite thing to do. Often at Tsim Sha Tsui you will have local artist street singing cheesy Cantopop songs and classic ice cream trucks 雪糕車. You will recognize them by white-red-blue colours and The Blue Danube music playing. From my knowledge they serve only 4 types of ice cream – vanilla soft ice cream, drumstick, so called ‘lotus cup’ and something that tastes like frozen Fanta or orange juice. They cost only few HKD, a Star Ferry ride is even cheaper (although remember you shouldn’t eat on the ferry itself). If you don’t want to take the short harbour cruise you can walk around the promenade, hold the hand of your loved and watch the beautifully illuminated building. Maybe you can even see The Light Symphony!



Purikura at Dragon Centre

I love Dragon Centre for multiple reasons: super cheap and tasty snacks like dry sour plums, plenty of cool clothes to choose, heaven for any kawaii-fan, awesome food court with dirty cheap and delicious food and the top floor with ice rink and tons of arcades. I have to admit the area got smaller and the amount of photobooths also decreased, however I still love to come back to Dragon Centre for some good food, have fun with the machines and get some lovely purikura done. And since that’s the only place I know that has Rilakkuma purikura, I will keep going there. Too cute to miss! And that memorable souvenir costs you less than 100 HKD!


Wednesday Horse Racing

You need to be aware that the horse racing doesn’t take place during summer time, but when the weather gets ‘cooler’ you can take your Octopus card and head to Happy Valley Racecourse. The entry costs as little as 10HKD. Inside besides the experience of horse racing, you may also have a chance to be part of some festival, have a chance to try different food and beer. When we went there all the girls tried on a yukata and take cute pictures. Beer was cheap as well and we had a lot of fun. If only Sing listened to me, we could also win some money, but of course since he didn’t listen. Well, I wish you more luck!


High Tea at Ritz-Carlton –  The Lounge & Bar

The most expensive from all of our ideas, but still cheaper than a night out we had at Spaghetti House. Believe it or not, but we really did spend more money there than during our lovely afternoon tea looking at the harbour. A set of tea for two should cost you less than 600 HKD after adding the 10% service charge.
It’s absolutely amazing and you will love everything about this place. Food, atmosphere, views from 102nd floor, live music. I also love the fact that for such a crowded place like Hong Kong, The Lounge & Bar gives everyone enough space and privacy. That’s really important when you are on a date!
At the beginning I felt bit overwhelmed as I’m a very simple girl who likes very simple stuff, but it was nice to feel like a princess once in a while.
Perfect place for an anniversary treat! Too bad for our 4th wedding anniversary next Wednesday we won’t be able to have it!




These are my top 5 recommendations! I hope some of you can use them and actually, really impress your partner!
Hong Kong is such a beautiful place – mix of sky scrapers and nature. There’s plenty of affordable or even free entertainment, you just sometimes need to think bit differently about Hong Kong 🙂

What is your favorite cheap date? Love to hear your ideas!

17 thoughts on “大眾化的拍拖地點 – cheap date ideas in Hong Kong

  1. Ice cream is always a good idea! I like ice cream dates too. Sing looks very happy with ice-cream 😂 Or maybe hiking somewhere quiet and no one van disturb us 🙂


  2. Lots of fun things to do on the cheap in Hong Kong. Riding the tram at night and just taking in the sights and sounds. I also love just walking around and stopping for something to drink. I much prefer these local things than going to LKF!


  3. Ooooh been meaning to do the high tea and now will definitely put on the list. Also agree with the tram trip, not sure it’s the most impressive first date but for a more established couple, yes 😉

    Other ideas… have a picnic on a beach like Repulse Bay or use the BBQs at Deepwater Bay; take the ferry over to Yung Shue Wan for a walk across Lamma (my home island) ending with some seafood in Sok Kwu Wan and a ferry back to Central; get a drink at the Beer Bay stall outside Pier 3 at the Central Ferry Piers and sit on the steps or benches between 3 & 4 and watch the view; try one of Dance With Style HK free Salsa parties with free lessons (I’ve been meaning to go forever and heard it’s really good!).


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