三年的部落格生涯 – 3 years of blogging

Last year I missed my 2nd blogging anniversary and I told myself that I won’t miss the third one… image (7)well, thanks to a pop out notification from WordPress I didn’t. It might seem to stupid to some of you but this blog is big part of my, or should I say our lives.

I never thought I will write a blog for so long. At some point probably all of us had a blog, photoblog, tmblr or whatever else there is. As a teen girl I had multiple blogs – diaries, sites of my favorite band at that time – but after a month or so I usually dumped them. Even before this blog and my first trip to Asia I had a photoblog which of course I dumped in the end. I guess having Facebook, blog and Instagram is already too much for me.

When I moved to America I was pretty lonely – Sing was working all day and the image (2)neighborhood was full of old people. I brought down the average age to 65. I spent most of my time online slowly coming across other AMWF couples. The girls were usually dating Japanese or Korean men so I kinda could relate to them but I was still looking for someone married to a Hong Kong man to whom I could talk. Now I actually see how desperate it looks. 

I googled, I googled but I couldn’t find anything. Maybe I’m just not good at googling – apparently if you’re not trying to sniff around your partner your google skills go down to zero. And no, I don’t sniff around Sing, that’s just a general thought.
Anyway, that’s how I decided to create My Hong Kong Husband blog. To make it funnier, I totally forgot there was (still is) a lovely comic book series called My Hong Kong wife – so while people can think I was inspired by Cuson and Caca or a couple behind My Korean Husband I actually thought about ‘My husband is Japanese’ – duo behind Rachel image (8)and Jun YouTube channel.

I wanted to blog about our life as an international couple, bring people closer to Hong Kong and Cantonese culture as it is not as popular. I wanted to have a place I can talk about Momzilla and just meet other people, not necessarily other AMWF couples.

I’m blessed enough to say that during my blogging career I had only ups and no downs.
I admit, sometimes it’s hard to think of content worth publishing, I don’t want to post something just because it’s Thursday or Monday. I used to do that in the past, but with time I learnt to respect my readers enough not to feed them with some crap just because of the schedule.

What could I complain about? Nothing. I was lucky enough not to be the victim of racism or mean comments. There were maybe two bad comments that are still in pending and they weren’t targeted into me or my husband, but in general. If people disagreed with me they said it in a very polite way showing their arguments.image (1)
I met so many wonderful people, cheering me up, sharing their stories, making me laugh. I found people I keep closely in touch. I can recognize a lot of people on my Facebook page just through a small detail.
I got so many new opportunities – including interview from Apple Daily! I was really heartbroken that I was in Ireland and I couldn’t make it, but the fact that someone SO BIG found me was already a big, big achievement for me.
I had a chance to improve my writing – which I probably wouldn’t do if I haven’t had my blog. Speaking is one thing, writing very official e-mails is another thing and trying to write something genuine and funny is a TOTALLY different thing.

image (6)Do I consider myself a successful blogger? Well, I think it’s a success that I didn’t give up – I had that thought I don’t know how many times. It’s hard to get an inspiration when you live in a really boring country that no one is really interested in and at the same trying to find different topics to give the readers a good material. I admire people who can actually make it their full time job. Creative writing was never my favorite.

But whenever I thought about giving up I had someone reaching out to me with a questions or nice word and it always motivated me to keep on writing.

And now here we are – 3 years later, I’m still writing this blog. There are over TWO AND A HALF MILLION VIEWS, over 5 thousand comments left by you. I even had a gentleman recognize us on the street of Madrid and wanted to take a picture with Sing and me. I felt like a superstar, I was literally jumping.

I just want to thank you all for 3 years of support, good word, smiles you have given me. I may not always engage on the same level as you do, I may forget to respond to a comment, but I always try my best to give you back what you have given me. Thank you for all the motivation, for being with us through all this time. I hope you will stay with us to witness other changes in our life. I also hope I can be a better writer to entertain you and make you feel part of this blog.

You’re the best guys!
Paulina & Sing

39 thoughts on “三年的部落格生涯 – 3 years of blogging

  1. Woah, I can’t believe in only three years you have that many views haha. Crazy how the internet works. I’ve always loved reading your blog and your blog is the most honest and genuine I’ve read. I’m glad you’ve continued to delight us with your funny stories and hopes for the future! As a newlywed, I’m already having MIL struggles, but thankfully I still can’t call mine a momzilla haha.


  2. Congratulations Lina! Seems like you are blogging around 2 months longer than me but have like 2.4 million views more!!! (but only 1k more comments, seems people like talking to me^^).
    I really do wonder when I will run out of ideas, I mean MIL can do lots of crazy sh** but at some point it will just repeat itself I think…


  3. Congrats on three years, Lina! Here’s to many more!!

    I haven’t dropped by your blog in awhile, but I saw on f/b or IG that you moved into a new home. Congrats. There is something special about having a place to call your own.


    1. It was amazing! But I think Sing will push me to do the stadium tour video first 😀 I don’t really like football but I told him we should go back to Madrid to see a game or something because it was really awesome feeling walking down the stadium 😀


  4. Happy blogversary. It is a success that you didn’t give up. In the past three years, you’ve written many good posts.

    I try to publish a post every Sunday. But I see your point: If we don’t have anything to say, it’s better just to wait until we do.

    Wow! Two million views. Congratulations!


  5. Wait till you visit Malaysia. I’ll make you feel like a rock star! 😀

    Also, most blogs don’t even have 1 million views, so I think you definitely rank as a successful blogger. Since you have more than 2 million views, that’s successful x2. Super Successful 2 (just like Super Saiyan 2).


  6. Happy 3 years blogging!

    I love reading your posts. They always, make me laugh and I love you for being honest and straight to your point in your writing (something I could learn). 2.5 million views. Wow! You go girl!


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