家裡沒上網竟然能令夫妻關係變好 – how not having internet at home made our relationship better

I can’t believe soon we will receive the keys to our first flat. It’s been dragging on since January when we first went to see the flat with Momzilla and maybe finally on Monday we will be able to call that place ‘ours’.

image (2)But because of that there was a little downside, I thought. And by that I mean we hadn’t have (and still don’t have) home Internet.

With limited data on our mobiles we were forced into life with hardly no Internet. To make matters worse, our work Internet seems to be like from some third world country. I bet those Nigerian Princes who are awaiting to give away you their millions if you only pay for the transfer, have better connection than currently we do.

Surprisingly, it has been beneficial for our relationship! I already wrote about travelling without Internet (click here) but holidays are different from your daily life. You are more relaxed, tend to argue less. And with so much pressure coming with the renovation of our flat we handled it pretty well!

  • We definitely talk a lot more. Most of the times about really idiotic things – but the fact is, we talk a lot more than we used to. Instead of ‘catching up’ with the news from the sites we regularly check, we will just cuddle and watch the evening Irish news on the TV. And could moreimage (3)
  • We spend more time together in general. Since we cannot do ‘my stuff/your stuff’ we would normally do, we just focus on ‘our stuff’. Mostly we chop zombies with katana in Resident Evil Revelations 2. Sing will ask me ‘Do you want to chop chop?!’ and we will chop them together all evening. Until that bi*chy husband will let the zombies eat me and hear that he won’t be my Glenn for sure.
  • We cook together. Believe it or not but Sing has not cooked for me in ages. I don’t count nearly made wonton noodle soup. Since we have plenty of free time, we will try to cook something together. It’s pretty fun, and definitely it gives Sing few points in his ‘sexy scale’. There’s nothing better than person you love cooking for you.
  • We try different ways to solve problems. No entertainment during ‘silent treatment’ so the best we can do is talk through the problem and move on. There’s no TV show in the background to kill that awkward silence.image
  • Some things may happen more often. Did you know a lot of kids are result of power blackouts? That’s interesting how boredom can affect people. And bit sad as well, that you need no Internet as an excuse to be more passionate.
  • My husband became more of a househubby. He hates housework, he usually won’t clean anything, he won’t bother even to put back the dishes to dishwasher but all of the sudden he became a perfect housewife(husband?) swiping floors the way Momzilla would be proud.
  • Sing started to send more messages to his family. Whatsapp/WeChat messages are pretty small, but with more time not wasted on the Internet stuff he will be sending more updates from our life to the family and have little message chit-chats. That’s nice to see, since he has never been really a family guy.
  • We go out more often, even for a walk. Although Irish weather keeps telling me ‘not today’, we will just wander around our area. I have to admit, past two-three days were really wonderful. Spring is finally here so walks are even more fun!

I think I could go on and on…

I can even say it made me a better blogger/social media persona – I will think twice before posting something as my mobile data is limited. I will wonder if that’s worth posting or no one will be interested in what I have to say/show thereforeimage (1) I should save my data and keep it for myself instead of bombarding you with my crap.

I don’t say Internet is bad, our long distance relationship was based mostly on communicating over the Internet between seeing each other. I love the fact I can talk to my parents everyday even being far away from them. Used in a right way, Internet is the most amazing thing I can think of in my daily life (and washing machine!).
Unfortunately, I have a feeling a lot of people get so focused on the information on their devices that they keep forgetting there’s a real person right next to them.

What do you think about this topic? Let us know what you think about this topic! Especially since probably most of you tried to be in LDR at once! 🙂 

26 thoughts on “家裡沒上網竟然能令夫妻關係變好 – how not having internet at home made our relationship better

  1. I’m glad the flat will soon be yours! That’s exciting.

    I’ve found that it can be incredibly beneficial to take breaks from the Internet. I am really big on being present, and just as you’ve pointed out, there are so many wonderful things that can happen when you’re there in the moment, interacting with the people (or pets) around you.


  2. Such times, even though they are annoying, can surely help to find out more about each other and find new common interests 🙂
    BUUT as soon as the internet is back you will be quicker in your old rythm than you can imagine (been there, done that 😀 )


          1. Poor him with Chelsea,many bad days I guess 🙂
            I am myself not a football fan and only watch big games such as European and world champs. Germany will drown badly this time in case they don’t get their team in proper line


  3. Life is full of distractions,especially from the internet. Since we have a Netflix account we have watch more tv than we should. Taking a break from it and do something different with your partner is always a good thing. 🙂

    I’m pleased your new flat is sorted. Best wishes.


  4. So how long have you been without internet?

    I can’t really try not having internet at home because I work from home! But what I can try is looking less at my phone! I already am online 8 hours a day while I work…


  5. What the hell? Where did you even get that information about kids and blackouts??!

    And I don’t think Sing sweeping the floor will make Momzilla proud at all. Little Prince doing house chores is probably a blasphemy to her 😀 ..


  6. i think nowadays, we rely heavily on the internet connection that almost everything we do will somehow related to the internet. it is nice knowing that life can still go on without an internet connection. and if that is beneficial to the relationship, well then, maybe it’s best for you guys NOT having internet at home? would you/could you both withstand that?


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