一個時代的終結 : 老公對亞視的情懷 – the end of era: husband’s post about ATV

My last post before Momzilla leaves this upcoming Sunday! But the post won’t be about her, and won’t be written by me.

If you’re from Hong Kong or you are familiar with Hong Kong’s entertainment scene you should be aware of what happened last week. After nearly 59 years ATV’s free-to-air television license will expire.03ec1p14
It’s quite a big moment, at least for my husband who decided to take over my blog and write his memories of ATV.
Apparently this blog should change its name to ‘MyHongKongHusbandThiefOfMyPage’.

My memories of ATV (by Sing the husband)

People who watch news will know what happened to ATV this week. Although ATV has never been everyone’s favorite channel, when the time really comes I am sure that some people will feel that big part of their memories have come to an end.

Ever since I was a child, watching TVB was like a standard practice that everyone I knew had been doing daily.
As you might know I am a victim of Hong Kong’s education system, the only great feature of that system was that I could choose morning or afternoon classes in my primary school. Since no one liked to wake up early, my primary school time was from noon to 6pm. 7441808166_673f671d04_bAt that time my two favorite shows were閃電傳真機 and, believe or not, Education TV 教育電視. This is why I had watched ATV World channel ever since.

I remember back in primary school, admitting to watching ATV used to be “gay” because all the kids were talking about TVB’s anime. The one I was really into was 四驅兄弟. And guess what, I had my own modified race car to race at the playground!
I have to say ATV didn’t have many good shows for kids, especially Sunday boring horse racing program for the whole afternoon so I didn’t watch much ATV at that time.

This changed a lot towards the end of my primary school as I started watching normal dramas. Here are my all-time favorites:

1. 君臨天 (Secret Battle Of The Majesty)

I love history, especially Chinese history. I remember this was the first historical drama I watched on TV. I was reading books about Qing Dynasty so this drama really caught my eyes.808677608091711243

2. 精武門 (Fist of fury)

I guess you recognize who plays the main character. Yes, that’s Donnie Yan when he was young. He got popular after this drama, which is well before Ip Man. I personally found this one more dramatic than the original Bruce Lee movie. However Bruce Lee has the best fight scenes without a doubt.
ATV really made this one well.


3. 縱橫四海 (Flaming Brothers)

Another intensive, love and hate drama that was originally made by ATV. I remember I used to like TVB’s 刑事偵緝檔案 a lot. That’s why when Michael Tao (陶大宇) played in this drama, I also moved my eyes back to ATV. Turns out it was more addicting than TVB at that time.


4. 我和殭屍有個約會 (My Date With a Vampire)

I would say this is the most creative drama that ATV has ever made. The story line was so broad that passed the eras I like. Even in my school, my friends were talking about ATV drama for the first time. I remember we were all acting like we had the superpower of a vampire and I was the one trying to catch the vampires.


5. 肥貓正傳 (Forrest Cat)

Last but not the least, Forrest Cat is the most touching family drama that I have ever watched, even my mom says so. Nina Paw (鮑起靜) in my opinion is the best actress from ATV. Her acting with Kent Cheng (鄭則士) in this series certainly made many audience drop some tears.Capture


Now, let’s see what happened to ATV these days that made a classic station fall. 

  1. New boss that are all pro-China – the background of ATV can’t be more red. News became more red, even some programs were switched to Mandarin. Their focus was moved to the mainland so Hong Kong audience pays even less attention.

    Picture: Cuson Lo
  2. They stopped making their own drama for many years. All I see for the last few years was them replaying old drama or foreign drama. People can search online if they want to rewatch classic shows. Replaying drama is totally killing our mood. They even replayed firework show from
  3. Low class mistakes and embarrassing moments. I am sure all of you will know what I am talking about by looking at those pictures. Those incident actually made the station lost people’s respects. ATV shows became a laughter and source of meme 潛力圖.
  4. ‘Happy Birthday to me’, throwing buns to no audience, dancing gangnam style in front of Central Government Office…

It is really sad that we have one less choice on the TV because the quality of TVB shows are also degrading. However, no pain no gain, I am expecting a more serious production and cast to go against TVB.

One thing I can’t deny is ATV did bring me a lot of good memories and – believe or not – my habit of reading encyclopedia came from my interest of watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire, again another classic show brought by ATV. 

I can kinda understand Sing’s feelings. I felt nostalgic when my favorite childhood channels were sold, changed the names, were taken off the air. It was a feeling that something that partially made me who I am now is now gone. You should see me how happy I was watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ in Mandarin on some random channel. I couldn’t understand much, but I felt like child again. Cartoon Network aired only in English was the reason why I learnt English earlier than my classmates. It’s sad to see so many things (subjectively good or bad) from our childhood disappearing, not everything was great but in the end it’s the childhood that brings t…

To my fellow Hongkongers: how do you feel about ATV and it’s closure? And to everyone else: have you ever felt in a similar way to Sing and me? Let’s share some of our early memories!

29 thoughts on “一個時代的終結 : 老公對亞視的情懷 – the end of era: husband’s post about ATV

  1. While I see what Sing was trying to say, I think it’s time for ATV to close down. The quality of the programmes, the mismanagement of the company all contribute to it. The whole affair has been brewing for a couple of years. So, the fact that they no longer able to pay their staff for a last few months does mean they are at the final strew.

    The TV shows in HK are pretty crap these days and traditional tv stations are facing competition from online streaming like netflix. I have to say I hadn’t watched ATV and TVB for years even thought I’m living in HK. Mainly netflix and bbc iplayers


      1. I have to say there will be less amusement without ATV. They are really one of the laughing stock out here, especially with the false news of Jiang zimin’s death!

        Most people in HK now say ‘有請小鳳姐’ on facebook. I assume you know what that means!


  2. There is always a reason why a TV channel stops airing. Even though it might me sad at first, another, better one will eventually start to air. Really, it is just a TV channel, Sing shouöd better focus on something else. 😉
    All the more, who needs a pro-China channel in HK… (China, please don’t prohibit me from going to HK now that I’ve openly written it online.)

    Liked by 1 person

          1. To be fair, a few years ago, a British tour group got raided by anti-terror police in Inner-Mongolia for watching BBC iplayer documentary on Chinese history… The police busted open the doors in the hotel, held them under gun point and threw them into prison without charge. They were deported 2 or 3 weeks later after the British embassy intervened. Anything can happen in China these days.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, you may get more you asked for. You know passport and visa-free entry into China… If I see your mugshot on the newspaper in the next few weeks, I know what happen to you. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ATV to some people in HK are certified already even though it still had some programs to broadcast. How many people will watch that channel? they have zero viewing rating. What respect us the most is those ATV employees especially those who were working for news stations. They kept news broadcast running without cutting any detailed reports in the news. They didn’t work for money but instead the long established brand, ATV.


  4. I love Fist of Fury! Who doesn’t love the patriotic 陳真?
    It was like super popular here!
    It was one of the first Chinese (language) TV series aired in Indonesia, following the “Return of the Condor Heroes” (starring Andy Lau).


  5. Man. Sing should feel lucky! I watched so little TV when I was a kid that I didn’t even know about ATV! The only two channels my parents watched were TVB and Pearl. For us, we could watch cartoons on Saturday morning only if we let our parents slept in! During the weekdays, my parents actually turned off the main switch so we couldn’t even watch TV when they were absent! LOL.


  6. Sing and Lina: Thanks for the post. When I was growing up in HK, I hardly watched ATV. After I had moved to the US, I only watched TVB comedy series online. Thus, I am ignorant about ATV programs. I would like to thank Sing for educating me with his list of favorite ATV programs, favorite according to him. I am sad about the demise of ATV because I think HK needs to have a TV station that broadcasts free programs in addition to TVB, and because ATV workers lost their jobs. I heard that Chow Yeun Fat and Wong Ming Tsuen were trained by ATV at the start of their acting careers. I don’t know how true that is. May be Sing could check it out for us.


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