我的宅男老公 – my nerdy husband

From our my older posts and the newest vlog (click here or check it out below if you still haven’t), you should know my husband has quite weird taste and likes things that a lot of people don’t pay attention to or dislike.

If you call my husband ‘nerd’, I won’t argue. He was, he is and he will always be nerdy. Or ‘otaku’ as he likes to call himself. I know in Japan the term ‘otaku’ is very negative and it’s used for people with obsessive interests. The term is widely used in Hong Kong and Sing considers himself as ‘one of them‘. Or you can call him ‘Those Chances Don’t Belong To Me Guy’. Hongkongers know what I mean.

He is literally the only man I know that knows most of AKB48’s dance moves (and his legs are so smooth he could join them if he really wanted to). He has a whole shelf full of girly manga. image (3)He is one of those people who will randomly browser Wikipedia and get from actress from a video game to on how Honório Hermeto Carneiro Leão, Marquis of Paraná, became the de facto first prime minister of the Empire of Brazil. Everyday is a ‘random fact day’ from what he read the previous night. Very good student, always knows everything (yet, I’m still the one who’s always right).

Girls didn’t want to date him (he claims it’s because of his ‘nerdyness’ but if you have seen his middle school photo you would know what was the real reason). Some of them even openly told him ‘You’re too nerdy, you shouldn’t even ask a girl out’.

That was many years ago. In meantime we had ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (Sing is actually mix of Raj and Howard – always horny and talking to friends about girls, but too shy to actually make a move), lots of Marvel movies and this is probably the best time, so far, to be a geek.

I was considered a nerd, as well. For many years because of the bullying I felt being ‘nerdy’ is something bad. Even when I was already a teenager I still could think of it only as a negative thing. Then I found Sing and I realized ‘nerd’ can equal ‘super awesome kick ass person’.

This is why I think we should always give a chance to that ‘nerdy guy’ because he might turn out to be a wonderful person who can give you more than you expect!

Check my reasons why you should at least give the nerd a chance:

  • image (1) (1)It’s not really ‘nerdy’ but definitely ‘otaku’ – Sing is huge fan of Chelsea. He’s their fan for many, many years. For good and for bad. He knows everything about anything that is even slightly connected to Chelsea. I bet he even knows what shoe size each of the players were. Now think about this – if he still watches every single game of Chelsea, doesn’t matter how crappy they were (sorry Hubby, but this season they are like a pornstar, they either suck or get f…) he still stands proudly with them. For good and for bad. At least I can be sure he won’t give up on me either.
  • Another of his ‘otaku obsessions’ – old stuff. Whenever we think of Momzilla’s home – Shanghai – we will think of The Bund. I will look on those modern buildings while Sing will look on the other side. That gives me hope that when I get old and wrinkled, he will love me even more.
  • Smart is the new sexy. Sing is an engineer, we work together so I always get so proud whenever people ask him for help and everyone always says ‘Sing is so smart, he knows everything’. He can recognize the order number just by looking at the screw. If he only used his brain at home, he probably wouldn’t leave the bed since he’s like 15983749853 times sexier when he talks smart.
  • Nerds are usually much more detail oriented and curious. I keep telling Sing that ‘I did my research last night when you slept’ is not really a good foreplay, but I have to admit that pays off. I can’t believe I actually wrote it. He forced me.image (2)
  • Lame jokes and bad puns are the funniest. At least for me. I often just hide my head because I don’t know if I should laugh or I should be embarrassed. Then I see that cute little smile that laughs from his own joke and I laugh as well. I think to most of the people I’m funnier, but Sing and I have pretty much similar sense of humor. I like to make him laugh and I like it when he makes me laugh.
  • There’s always something to talk about. I know it all depends on a person, but my husband can handle conversation with anyone about anything. Unless the other person has boobs. But other than that he can always entertain me, business partners, bosses, friends. He knows all the current affair, major news. He reads a lot. How can you be bored with such a person?!
  • You have higher chances of being treated seriously. I noticed my friends (and myself) who are known as ‘geeky’ or ‘otaku’ are more likely to keep their relationship stable and are more committed to the partner. Maybe it’s fear of being ‘forever alone’ or maybe that’s just the way of being, who knows. However, at least from my experience, people are less over-dramatic and try to keep the relationship.
  • They probably won’t judge YOUR obsession. I love Gudetama, I love Rilakkuma, I love very old anime. Sit next to me, watch it and deal with it. Oh, and get me ANOTHER Sailor Moon phone cover because it’s cute.
  • They know how to fix things. Saving money, saving time. And how many AVs you’ve seen starting from ‘My washing machine broke’? If he only knew physics of loading the dish washer Sing would be a perfect guy.
  • They will take care of everything. I can leave all the travel planning to Sing and we will have plan A, B, C and just in case plan D. He will have everything sorted out. image (5)Even now, when we don’t have a baby yet, he already went to stores to look up prices of diapers, look at different strollers, checked the baby mattresses. No need to worry about planning ever again.
  • Every nerdy guy I’ve met is lovely, nice, funny and smart. All of them were gentlemen, all could make me laugh. Looks can be fixed, sometimes Sing and I look like crap and sometimes we have our ‘We-Look-Hot-Let’s-Do-Bazillion-Selfies-day’. Hairstyle and clothes can be changed. Weight can be lost. But it’s hard to change your character. I think that says it all.

Have you ever dated a ‘nerd’? Or maybe that how you would describe yourself? What do you think about this term?
Let us know your opinion, we love to read your comments!

45 thoughts on “我的宅男老公 – my nerdy husband

  1. I was a big nerd in school and my husband was, too, but we didn’t know each other then. In college, he became a pothead and Deadhead and there was no way I’d ever go out with someone like that back then. It’s a good thing I didn’t know him at that time becuase I probably would have run for the hills. And he probably wouldn’t have been interested in someone as goody two shoes as me. Anyway, in our thirties, we met and were very similar and everything has worked out just fine. It just goes to show you really need to get to know someone –maybe after they’ve matured–before you can judge if you’re compatible.


  2. I am nerd, of the bookish, wonky, bad pun variety. Andy is a nerd of the math/engineering/computer brilliance.

    Our goal will be to raise a super nerd who combines both. We fully expect future super nerd to take over the world. 🙂

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      1. Nerds don’t have capes — didn’t you see “The Incredibles?” Capes are too easily sucked into jet engines and can strangle you. Nerds are too smart for that.

        We have glasses. Sonic sunglasses. Like Dr. Who.


  3. I am a cat otaku who loves to read manga and comics and is good at playing video games, but I try not to show it too much. Mr.Panda is a computer geek who is obsessed with football (soccer). We complement one another perfectly. 😀


  4. I would say it’s cool to be a nerd. At least you know something that other people might not. I have to say I love these lame jokes and puns. They are probably the best.


  5. Oh. My. God, this god damn quote: “‘You’re too nerdy, you shouldn’t even ask a girl out.” That one brings back memories. And not the good ones, either. By the way, speaking of English footie, I can respect someone who’s been cheering for Chelsea for many years, especially way long before the pre-Chelski era.


  6. Yup, nerdy is the new sexy alright. I know I married a very good looking man, but if I live my life again and knock some sense into my young head, I would fall for the nerdy guy, marry him and have lots of interesting and mind boggling puzzles to solve! So keep what you have got! 🙂


  7. I watched some your vlog (I had limited time!)! Going back to the post you did about the level of English needed to work Hong Kong, just talk to the employers! They’ll soon see you have excellent English, no certificates or degrees in speaking a language needed and a great accent!


  8. I have dated nerds before and I have many nerdy friends, haha. When I was in school I was definitely not popular and I have glasses, so that made me nerdy already (at least for Spanish standards). The comic books and underground music came later, when I was in high school/college 😛

    I don’t know if I would consider my boyfriend nerdy. Don’t think so. He is more of the popular type, outspoken and good at selling. And he used to be a singer in a band hahaha. Singers are definitely not nerds… those are the bassists and drummers! xD


  9. thank God for ‘Big Bang Theory” and chic nerdiness. 🙂 I was a nerd girl/woman. He was merely a quiet guy, studious who came out of his nerdy shell ..probably in his 20’s.


  10. I heartily approve of this list, though I have some reservations about the AK8041 (not the correct numbers, I know) tidbit. That… that… If it makes me happy!


  11. i can’t agree more. looks can be improved or changed. but personality and character are always the key to see if you should stay with them for the long term. though i do have my weakness in sometimes wanting to be with someone who looks like a model, i know deep down i just want someone whom i could be the best of friends with.


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