Vlog: 與母親大人一起過的週末 – Vlog: weekend with Momzilla

We made it! Our very first vlog is up on my YouTube channel (click here). 

Between quarter end and trying to find a trace of the London Airport Man from my previous post (I bet he got so traumatized he probably now wants to stay away from Momzilla and never see her again) I decided to do something I didn’t really expect to do – a vlog.

You may wonder why I wasn’t sure about the whole vlogging thing when now most of the people do it.

Well, first of all – I have really a terrible voice. Janice from ‘Friends’ sounds like Beyonce comparing to me. On Vlogthe top of that add Momzilla and her ‘I’m gonna beat the crap out of you with my voice’ and you have a perfectly legitimate reason not to blog. This is why this vlog is rather silent, unless you don’t count Sing thinking he’s Edison Chan and trying to ‘sing’. His name is ironic, I know.

Second thing – I have a mirror. I know how I look like. Showing my face to so many people means I will get judged by some of you. And in my head, non of these judgmental thoughts are nice. I have really low self esteem. To make it worse, my husband is pretty photogenic and my Biscuit the cat is simply gorgeous. She can fart and camera (and myself) will love her. 

Third of all – filming all the time, especially in public, is awkward. Especially when I’m not happy with the shot, I will force Sing to redo things. If we go for a walk I won’t be like ‘Hey you, go back to the spot you just walked from because there was an ugly car getting in my way’. And talking to the camera, pointing at yourself… DSC02900I really don’t feel this. I actually admire people who feel comfortable or at least OK with it. At least at this point of my life I cannot imagine myself doing it.

But hey, I did it!

And I hope you like it. I cannot say it’s a ‘routine’ video because with Momzilla and her weird ideas there’s no routine. It feels kinda cool to show you the people that I’ve been writing about for so long. 
I often read how people like my ‘Momzilla’-series and now here she is. Don’t get tricked into her ‘adorable Asian lady’ image, she can be a devil. Now we’re just keeping up appearances.

In case you get a bit lost in the whole video:

  • In the morning we took Momzilla to a local bar/restaurant for Irish breakfast. I was surprised because I didn’t expect she will actually like it.DSC03008
  • Main point in the afternoon we baked muffins for our work place. To make it funnier, it was the first time ever Momzilla baked anything. She was pretty excited to help us. Her staring at the oven reminded me the time my dad bought a microwave. I was staring at every single food inside of it.
  • Sing singing. No comment needed. My ears are still bleeding, all the dogs in the neighborhood are still barking.
  • We love WII. It’s probably the only gaming platform that is ‘mother-in-law friendly’. And it has a game where I can beat her character with a stick, in case she gets on my nerves. Every night we would do a bowling tournament.
  • Biscuit being adorable.
  • IMG_0905The weird drink Momzilla makes at the beginning of our day is simple ginseng with hot water and bit of honey so The Little Prince can grown strong, healthy and out-sing Edison Chan or Justin Lo.

I also wanted to show you a bit of Limerick – our current place of living. It’s adorable small city with lots of pubs. You could see it on the photos I took while my parents were here and now you have it on the video!

I hope in upcoming year 2016 I can improve my writing, blogging, videos and vlogs. Maybe one day I will feel comfortable to do so. Please let me know what can be better, what can I change.

Also feel free to share your own vlogs, your opinion on vloggers or… Christmas wishes since the Special Day is just around the corner!
Merry Christmas from The Chan family!

34 thoughts on “Vlog: 與母親大人一起過的週末 – Vlog: weekend with Momzilla

  1. That’s very nice indeed. I’ve been following your blog for long time and it’s my first time to leave a message to you. I have to say I love your writing and your spirit from what you wrote. Keep it up. By the way, what video editing software you are using? =)


  2. That was a very cute video! And you are right, Momzilla looks like a sweet lady hahaha. BTW, why is it that I can tell from her back that she is Chinese?? I don’t know if it’s the permed hair or the jacket…

    Ah, my boyfriend also sings that song in the karaoke, with his made up “Cantonese”, hahaha.


  3. I like your balcony’s view. So nice!!! Do not bother going back to those pigeon holes in HK 😛 You’re very cute. Needn’t be shy or have low self-esteem. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 to you and family! (^.^)V


  4. You dip your sausage into the beans! That’s something that I could never imagine myself doing. Is that the real purpose for the baked beans? Or is it just you who do it??

    That song is epic! It is the most appropriate song to sing for a karaoke session, because, well… K歌之王 (King of Karaoke Songs)… and I thought Sing sang very well. If your ears bleed with his singing, wait till you hear mine! 😀


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