Vlog: 與母親大人一起過的週末 – Vlog: weekend with Momzilla

We made it! Our very first vlog is up on my YouTube channel (click here).  Between quarter end and trying to find a trace of the London Airport Man from my previous post (I bet he got so traumatized he probably now wants to stay away from Momzilla and never see her again) I decided … More Vlog: 與母親大人一起過的週末 – Vlog: weekend with Momzilla

母親大人瘦身大法 – Momzilla’s weight loss tips

Or a guide how to make sure your daughter-in-law won’t be star of ‘Skinny Brides to Fat Wives‘.  As you may, or may not, know – Momzilla is coming. To make matters worse, she arrives tomorrow and not on Wednesday, like we thought. Not that I would mind leaving her alone at the Shannon Airport … More 母親大人瘦身大法 – Momzilla’s weight loss tips

異國婚姻生活中的妥協 – our AMWF compromises

If you read women’s magazines I’m sure somewhere between ‘Accept yourself’ and ‘How to lose 15 kg in two weeks’ you will be able to find the relationship advice. In one of the articles I read, the author mention 5 fundamentals of a successful relationship. Everyone has their own ‘recipe’ for a good relationship, therefore … More 異國婚姻生活中的妥協 – our AMWF compromises