Gudetama點心短評 – Gudetama dim sum review and video

As you know, I’m a sucker for anything cute and kawaii. My office includes two sets of Molang/Rilakkuma DSC01941post-it notes, cute Korean bear-pen and now Gudetama calendar. Because no one can stop me.

If you live on another non-kawaii planet and don’t know who Gudetama is, it’s a highly-unmotivated egg character (in Hong Kong it’s literally egg yellow/yolk brother) from Hello Kitty family and probably my patronus. Or at least spirit animal – that’s how unmotivated it is.

I could not resist when my friends told me that there’s actually Gudetama-themed dim sum restaurant. I mean, cute and tasty?! I had to give it a shot and in the name of ‘happy wife, happy life’ I dragged Sing with me.

Shop L308, 3F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE 3樓L308號舖
The restaurant itself is just the cutest place in the world – egg-butt is everywhere. You can’t enter without saying ‘awww’.
On my way out I noticed that even the crew had a sticky tape holder shaped like a human form of Gudetama. From every wall you can see that miserable sight! Even from the inside of your dish!
And one more thing that probably doesn’t bother others, but is really important for me – they use great quality chopsticks with sharper ends. Very easy to hold, even for the beginners.
As for food, you can chose between Gudetama-themed items or regular dim sum. We chose 3 special dishes and one regular. At our table arrived: Gudetama prawn burger, Gudetama egg yolk buns, Gudetama tarts and lotus rice with chicken feet. I had to or else Sing would be hungry and grumpy.
The burger was tasty, but hard to eat – the inside of it was running away (but hey, at least it matches one of the pictures on the wall – honest marketing).
Tarts were OK, bit too sweet by themselves, but with the bitter tea they made a perfect combination.
Egg yolk buns were crazy! Not only because of the excellent taste, but with the tiny egg-mouth they can also be toys! I’ve seen plenty of videos when people poke little Yolk Brother and make him spit out his insides (Yummy…?), we tried the same, but if you watched the video you already know that Gudetama was so excited to meet us, he peed himself. My #1 fan.
Rice with chicken feet – tasty rice, awful chicken feet. But I don’t like chicken feet in general so based on Sing’s taste ‘decent’.
Total with the service charge and a regular tea costed us 230 HKD – bit pricey for just 4 items, but let’s face it, you pay for cuteness and atmosphere as well! Each dish costs circa 40HKD.
I have to say the overall feeling is pretty good, it was a different experience from what I had before, it’s definitely worth going once, but I don’t know if I would pay again to visit the dim sum. Let me put it the other way – if it’s just me, a person who comes for cuteness and experience, it’s the hot spot you want to reach.
If you’re like Sing – care more about food and value price/money – you probably won’t return. But we both agree it’s an experience worth trying at least once.
And they give you super cute promotional Gudetama fan once you’re about to leave. I now proudly display it in our Irish home.
My tip before you go? Visit the restaurant early, around 11 – before 12 it’s almost full and it was a middle of the week!
Have you ever been to a cute cafe only because it’s cute? Or maybe you even went to Gudetama themed-meal? Share your experience and hopefully let me learn that I’m not the only sucker!

42 thoughts on “Gudetama點心短評 – Gudetama dim sum review and video

  1. Japan has a lot of themed cafés and restaurants! I didn’t go to any but my cousin did. She said while the interior was very cute, the food was mediocre..!


  2. Gudetama is anything but cute. I would rather say… strange? 😀

    I visited the Pokemon Pop-up Restaurant in Tokyo by the end of September, and I have to say that character restaurants are awesome and fun. Even I would go there, Gudetama buns look really funny. 😀


  3. I think this unmotivated, miserable egg would actually stop me from eating there! I am usually always a person who doesnt care how the surroundings looks like, only the food is important but this egg…I dont know xD


  4. I’m sorry, I guess I have been living in Mars then. I have absolutely no idea what this egg-butt is.

    I actually think it is a bad idea to make a cute themed dim sum restaurant. I mean, there are tonnes of other foodstuff to be associated with ladies and cuteness, and they went for dim sum. Seriously?


    1. actually in Hong Kong a lot of cute themed restaurants go for the dim sum and the reason is very simple – with buns and dumplings it’s much easier to make the food cuteness, rice is not cute, but a little round bun makes you go ‘awww’ 😀 there’s Gudetama dim sum, Hello Kitty dim sum, cute Disney-dim-sum in HK Disneyland hotel… 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL – your Patronus! Probably mine, too. I’ll have to ask my Hong Kong (& British) husband about it and visit when we next go back, hehe. Thanks for sharing!


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