我們的YouTube短片 – our YouTube videos collection

First of all, sorry for lack of creativity for this week, but I’m doing a separate project, coordinate our trip to Hong Kong this Saturday and we’re facing quarter end in our Ourcompany which means I do OT-Hong-Kong-style.

Second of all, I’ve decided to do a post like this because I prefer to believe that sharing links on Facebook that is not successful rather than I suck so badly and no one wants to see our videos.
To be honest, it’s hard to blog when you live in a quite boring place and you have boring 8-5 job. Ireland is beautiful, but you can describe it in few words ‘sheep, cow, rock, castle, tree, colorful doors’. It’s a description of literally everywhere here. The good thing is, Sing has his huge Asian KK butt so that is the deal breaker.
I can’t wait to share the video we will make in Hong Kong – I’ve got so many ideas and places to film, I hope you will find it more interesting.

So if you haven’t – check them out right now! I’ve put them into different categories so you can chose easily what you want to see!


Beautiful decorations in TMT Plaza (Tuen Mun, NT, Hong Kong)

Dolphin Show in Ocean Park, Hong Kong – 2012.

Dragon Boat Festival, Hong Kong – 2012.

Star Ferry video from my first trip back in 2012. Filmed with a potato, I mean – look at the quality.


Nativity scene – Kościół Najświętszej Marii Panny na Piasku we Wrocławiu

Hilarious street performers from Warsaw!


Meet Biscuit the cat – Biscuit喵喵. Introduction of our fluffiest family member!

Biscuit’s first catnip – 喵喵吸貓薄荷吸上腦. Biscuit the cat high on catnip! I didn’t expect her to react like that, she’s soooo cute!


Making sesame paste cold noodles (麻醬涼面) feat. Biscuit & Husband. Our bad teamwork, hand stealing bean curd and a little bean curd sniffer!

Our favorite (so far) hot pot in Dublin – 我們喜歡的都柏林火鍋小店.

Hong Kong style breakfast – 火腿蛋通粉 ham & egg soup. Weird, fast, easy Hong Kong food with a little Polish touch. I used chopped pork instead of spam – tastes similar, but in my opinion is tiny bit healthier. Also I couldn’t find a macaroni pasta so I used conchiglie that look like cute little shells.

Easy fast vegetarian recipes by Momzilla – 母親大人的簡易素食菜譜.If I don’t have much time after work I will use those two simple recipes taught by my mother-in-law. Adjust saltiness to your own taste and remember to take away the salty water from the cucumber! 🙂


San Francisco Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 – White Crane Dragon Parade

Dublin Zoo Tour – 都柏林動物園之旅 . Dublin Zoo Tour, Sing milking a cow and a road trip!

Cork family trip and McMór – 科克家庭旅遊和McMór. We went to the city of Cork and enjoyed Irish McDonald’s new sandwich made out of Irish specialties! Yummy!
Too bad my dad messed with my camera and when I went back home I’ve noticed most of the movies are overly-exposed 😦


Be sure your speakers are loud – it’s bonus video with the worst Cantonese version of Can’t take my eyes of U by MyDrunkHKHusband

We will be happy to get some feedback – what is good, what is bad? Any video ideas you want to share? We will be happy to read your comments!
PS It might be the last post until we come back from HK on 7.10, I might write something while we are in HK, but I’m still not sure. Just a little FYI! 🙂

17 thoughts on “我們的YouTube短片 – our YouTube videos collection

  1. Thanks for all the videos!

    When you think about it, great way to travel blog/vlog to show off the visual experience of all these amazing places. Wish I could keep up with my old youtube channel as well 😉


  2. Love the videos of Biscuit! This is not a criticism, but I got my hands slapped by the vets when AJ lost his sleek belly curve for pot belly! It happens to indoor cats and can lead to diabetes etc, so feed her more catnip to be active! Please don’t take it the wrong way! I wish someone had pointed it out earlier with my boys!


    1. I totally understand what you try to say! I love Biscuit a lot and of course I want her to be healthy 🙂 the weird thing is she weights circa 4-4.5 kg but she looks fat! I thought that might be just loose muscle or belly after she was sterilized


      1. Okay, my mistake! Thank you for being understanding! AJ’s a big cat for his size and he once weighed nearly 8kg! Chubby cheeks, legs, belly and not happy! Diesel nearly weight 6.5kg. They’ve lost a lot and are better for it, physically and mentally. Mr Aj does have angel wings from the weight loss, but they have shrunk a bit! I know you love Biscuit and want her to be as healthy as possible. I’m forever trying to find toys to keep them active, but you know cats, only if they want to! Being indoor cats doesn’t help as they’re not jumping up and down as much. Thank you for being understanding. I never wanted to course offence or criticise your cat parenting skills!


        1. You seem to be more worried about your comment than I am haha 🙂 to make Biscuit run I usually use a red dot or ask Sing to chase her but I’ve heard cats can get depressed from not being able to catch the dot! Sometimes letting fly into the room can make her run too haha 🙂


          1. 🙂 Someone comment on a cat blog about my cats and like you I wasn’t worried, so ignore me! To get my boys being more active, I place part of their daily dry food around the apartment so they can ‘hunt’. They like it! Maybe Biscuit would!


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