都柏林動物園之旅 – new video: Dublin Zoo tour

If you don’t want to read the whole post just click here to watch the video. 
If you don’t want to wait until Sing milks a mechanic cow then skip to 2:04.

UntitledI love going to the zoo. Of course, the legitimate one, not those ‘animal sanctuaries’ where a little tiger or lion cub sits chained to the ground and has humans taking pictures with it. If a Zoo takes a good care of animals, I’m all in. Sadly, because of hunting and stupid ‘medical’ believes lives of some species are in a serious danger and a zoo can be a life-saver to them.

In my hometown, Wroclaw, we have probably the biggest zoo in Poland. It includes Africarium-Oceanarium, Madagascar pavilion, Odrarium, Terrarium, Ropes course Zoolandia, Children’s Zoo where you get to touch and play with animals like goats, Rancho and many others. As for Sing… if you ever been to Ocean Park in Hong Kong you know that besides of theme rides they also have a marine mammal park, and oceanarium. And the oldest panda in the world.

Therefore I had really high expectations about Dublin’s Zoo. Especially since the TV series ‘The Zoo’ was filmed mostly in that specific zooDSC00709
I hesitated a lot since the price of the ticket is quite high (16.80 Euro per adult ticket), but I got my first pay slip and decided we will celebrate it in style. By driving 2.5h to the zoo and watch animals being animals.

I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. It was pretty standard when it goes to the animals that are living there, typical zoo choices: tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes etc. but it also has pretty cool agriculture centre.
Ireland is probably the most agriculture country in the whole European Union. There are even commercials with sheep wearing a pilot hat saying ‘Be Agri Aware‘. It was pretty sweet when we walked around and Sing was like ‘We will take our child here and show HIM potatoes’. I don’t know why I find it sweet, I just do.

I think overall Dublin Zoo has a few great features:

  1. Meerkat Cafe – affordable food, free water (it’s hidden, though, so you need to look around if you don’t want to buy a soft drink or a bottle water) and has a view for a home of meerkat. Those little rat/cat fluffies are just a strawberry decorating a cake. It brought us a lot of joy to look at them while we ate.DSC00610
  2. Doo-doo toilets – my biggest problems in public places is lack of toilets. In Dublin’s zoo they not only have plenty of toilets, but the main one has… presentation of various poops. Pretty cool and disgusting at the same time. The more you know…
  3. Family friendly – animals means kids wanting to see animals. I’ve seen rooms just for breastfeeding, changing diapers etc., but also points where you can specifically pick your child in case it gets lost. There are spots to rest and to have a picnic every here and there.
  4. Family farm – I mentioned previously why. I mean, look how professionally Sing milks that cow. If we lose our current jobs we DSC00692will send this videos to farmers as a part of our resume and working experience.
  5. Sea lion cave – with this feature you get a chance to walk below the water surface and see the sea lion swimming under the water. It was so exciting, seeing it swimming towards me.
  6. Interaction – whoever thought of it was genius. The so called ‘monkey section’ is just great – you get to compare yourself with a size of a gorilla or you can measure your hands comparing to the orangutan. And right next to it you have a specie ‘Homo sapiens’ with a mirror that reflects you. We just had to make our ‘homosapiensselfie’. #swag

I don’t want to spoil all the attractions, but it was a really fun day and I’m sure I will take my parents there next time they visit us. And if you wonder – yes, that’s what in Ireland is considered as ‘GOOD WEATHER’.

I hope the photos and the video will show you that animals there are in a good condition and treated well. For me, personally, that is the most important – to make them feel secure, well fed and protected. Especially now when you hear all those terryfying hunting stories… I’m not a Green Peace freak, heck – I couldn’t even stay a vegetarian for too long, but for me ‘killing for fun’ or ‘because that horn has magical power’ is just crazy.


Do you like going to the zoo? Or you are against it? Do you have one that you like to visit often?
What else do you do when you spend time with your significant other? Let us know! 🙂

PS I’m curious how many of you recognized the intro song!

14 thoughts on “都柏林動物園之旅 – new video: Dublin Zoo tour

  1. I love zoos as well! (only the proper ones of course!!)
    Here in Germany they got a similar show like The Zoo which features multple bigger zoos across the country explaining the animals and the daily life of the caretakers and I really do enjoy watching it when I have time.
    Perhaps you should try luring Momzilla into the gorilla cage…

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  2. I love going to the zoo. Here in Melbourne, the zoo prices are crazy, around $30 per entry and you can see everything in 2 hours. Quite small. But then we have the Werribee Open range zoo where they drive you around in a car and get up close with the animals.

    Awww, you had strawberry ice-cream at the zoo ❤

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  3. I am not a big fan of zoos but sadly sometimes it seems it is the only way some animals can be left in peace 😦
    I have only been to 2 zoos in my life I think, the one in Madrid when I was a child and the one in Beijing. The one in Beijing was CROWDED (it was a Chinese holiday) and everybody was throwing food, yelling so the animals would react and knocking on the glass of the animals that had windows :_(


    1. That sounds awful 😦 in Dublin Zoo there are signs do not tap, do not feed, they even say you will be asked to leave the zoo if you start feeding animals. They cannot eat food like popcorn or chips, even if they are tasty 😦
      My hometown zoo offers special pet food for a really cheap price like a quarter or half a euro for a big bag – fun for people and safety for pets 🙂


  4. I have a hard time with zoos. I love animals, but it hurts me to see wild animals not in their natural habitat. I find it depressing, even though I know they most wouldn’t survive in the wild. And there’s so little wilderness left! 😦 Sorry! I am a total downer. I’m gonna go watch some mechanical milking to cheer myself up!


    1. I know what you mean, but I guess it’s like picking the lesser evil – not their real habitat, but they can be safe or free, but in danger from humans 😦 I hope the conditions in zoos will keep upgrading so it can be more pleasant to the animals 🙂 now more and more zoos make it ‘safari’ style where the animals are free and you are riding in a closed car 🙂

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