與老公一起上班 – working with a spouse

As you might already know from our Facebook, I recently started a new job. Like a real job that pays me actual salary image (10)instead of being full time non-paid housewife and blogger with minus 56 USD earned on the blog. Now I’m full time employee, full time housewife and still a blogger in the domain-related debt. Hopefully the experience I’m getting and money I’m earning will help us to move to Hong Kong sooner than we planned.

Going back to the work topic – my job is not just ANY job. I work in the very same place as my husband. Not the same department, he’s not even my boss, but occasionally we meet up.

I’m sure many of you, just like I did, at least once in your life time read an article stating ‘Why you should/shouldn’t work with your spouse?’. There are probably as many opinions as people, so I want to share my personal experience.

It’s pretty awkward for many reasons. First of all, we’re the second couple in the company. Second of all, we’re the only interracial couple there. To make it funnier, Sing is the last Asian man who’s left in Irish facility – all of the Asian workers go back either to America or China. Since we’re such an original couple we just cannot escape thousands of questions. OK, Sing can because he is always busy, always on the phone or walking somewhere, but once I entered the company I keep hearing ‘How did you met? How was your wedding? Your parents like him? His parents like you?’ – on and on and on and on.image (9)
Third of all, Sing is a man to whom PDA does not exist. He will ‘hmm’ to me in front of everyone, if possible even avoid looking. Very professional attitude, no one would even noticed we are married, if they are not familiar with the situation.
Forth of all, whoever said ‘You will have enough of seeing each other’ never been to this company. My desk is in the area 1, Sing’s in area 4. I see him average 3 times a working day. I literally see more Chapman To in the TV than I see my own husband IN GENERAL. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that Chapman To played everywhere or Sing is a workaholic. Or both.

But just because it’s awkward, it doesn’t mean it’s negative.
I don’t mind those questions, I find our love story quite unique and I love to share it. Maybe our wedding was a bit of a disaster (especially having Akon’s ‘Sexy Bi*ch’ going through the speakers), but how we met is in my mind a Heaven’s will. I won’t reveal too much, in the end we need to stay professional, but if it’s not a secret or nothing Sing wouldn’t want his co-workers to know, I don’t mind answering. Luckily, the first ‘couple-fever’ is gone and I get less and less of those questions. Or everyone just gossiped until everyone else knew.
I also like the fact my husband is so professional, I like to see him being in charge, doing things. It makes him really sexy! But then we both wear those non-sexy anti-static coats that kill the mood. With no PDA at work, Sing is even more needy, wants to hug or cuddle more. It’s like with a cake you have in the fridge, but you wait for the guests to come to eat it, then you just cannot wait until you can bite in the cake. We are each others cakes. Or maybe I’m his onion, he likes onions more than cakes, but then onions smell… I definitely work too much, I start having weird thoughts.image (11)
And I love the fact I don’t get to see him too much. I don’t think being 24/7 365 days a year together is healthy. I cherish more the little coffee breaks we have, the lunch we can finally eat together. You don’t know how happy I am to finally have that one promised meal every day. It is extra time spent together every day, but it’s also little enough to not get tired of seeing each other. Our occupations don’t really interact so we don’t have the conflict of interests, we don’t need to fight over something. It’s good how it is.

There’s one more advantage – if you work with each other, you have better understanding of each others complains, tiredness, stress. You can go through it together. Seeing how Sing really performs at work I think I understand him more…

In the end I can’t tell you if I would recommend or not working with your spouse. In our case, under the circumstances we have, it seems to be working out, but I’m pretty sure it could gone really different way if some of the circumstances were changed.

What do you think about working with your spouse? Do you think it’s possible to find balance between work and home? Let us know what you think – and sorry for my late respond to your comments, e-mails, PMs etc, but I can do it only after my work! 

30 thoughts on “與老公一起上班 – working with a spouse

  1. Yay! That actually sounds really fun.
    like you get the best parts of working with your spouse, without all the awkward bickering over who is in charge.

    People always say you shouldn’t work with your spouse, but I LOVE working with mine. It makes the work day so much more fun (but, I guess less productive)

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    1. because your spouse is awesome and funny 😀 whenever I watch your videos the word ‘adorkable’ you have on your shirt sometimes is just perfect to describe you two, there are other AMWF YouTubers etc. but I think you’re one of the most fun to watch, especially with Ryosuke’s comments like random ‘I have nice legs, I do’ :DDD I would love our job to be that fun, but sadly we just talk about CPU, servers, modules and systems – no ‘I have a sexy disk’ there 😀


  2. Hmmm. This is a toughie. I like my spouse, but I guess my philosophy is: “How can I miss you if you never go away?” It’s important to have shared experiences, but I think it’s also important to have other interests. I think having a husband at work where you don’t see him is probably a pretty good solution. 🙂

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    1. I counted yesterday how many times I’ve seen him – 3 inside my department and like another 3 through a glass or walking around somewhere + in the car and during lunch break 😀 it gives us circa 1h extra per day to see each other when usually I would see him just for like 2h since he works much longer than I do 😦 but if I had to see him like all day I would get crazy, not even about missing him but he can be annoying in a long term 😀 although, I still love him! even when he’s annoying 😀

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    1. funny thing is I’m doing my job, then we have lunch break and I go back to housewife mode to wash the dishes after we’re done, then I go back to work again and then when I’m back at home I still do all those stuff haha 🙂 but I have to say that extra 20 minutes in the car and half an hour of break is just amazing, Sing works much longer than I do and normally I would see him like 2h per day… 😦


    1. Luckily, I’m not writing as often as you so I can just push it to the weekend and then just schedule 😀 but I rarely check again what I write so… 😀 this post I wrote after work, but I see it doesn’t really work for me – in the end, once I’m back I’m still a housewife so I cook and clean and by the time I end it’s already pretty late so I just decided to push things to the weekend and then just make the schedule. I have to say I’m glad wordpress and other social media now have that button so I don’t need to hide in the bathroom with my phone to post at the highest view time 😀
      and I have to say I admire you for writing that often and that good 😀 especially after work!


  3. Actually my wife and I started working together as well as we started our own business (more about that at some point in my blog…)
    We see each other 24/7 and the only times we do not see each other is when I take Nathan for a walk when she is too busy with customer support. Well, its been only few months thus far so I cant really say how it will be in the long run.
    Good luck managing work, household aaand the blog :p
    I did that also when working at the bank and had barely any time for other things anymore

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  4. ale fajnie, że razem pracujecie 😀 w sensie fajnie, że w jednym miejscu – można wtedy razem dojeżdżać do pracy i właśnie te wspólne lunche :3
    a co tam robisz jeśli mogę spytać?


    1. narazie przechodze trening, ale robic mam glownie RMA/RTV (return merchandise authorization/return to vendor), wysylka, papierologia, administracja – takie tam 😀 dzis wprowadzilam ponad 100 RMA do systemu i mi glowa peka 😀


  5. My boyfriend and I worked together for nearly a year (and are just about to start working together again!). It was fun being around him, but we worked at home and our work was quite intense so there were obviously times that weren’t so great. When we finished work on a bad day, we were still at home! No escaping. But it was great overall. Something else for us to share together :]


  6. At a large construction project in suburbs of Vancouver BC, there were at least 3 known married couples, 2 of the women I supervised, their husbands were engineers. One just down the hall and another out in the field.

    They were just distantly friendly to each other on the job.

    I have been with Jack who is in a more business demeanour but still a just Jack. I think it’s best if we did work in the same company ..in different depts.

    However I did set up and run 2 of his business blogs for me. I did get paid in the end: a new folding bike. 🙂


    1. They have too little people and his coworker who is responsible for hiring people asked Sing if I would like to do it – then I went through the interview with him and signed a contract with hiring agency they use 😀 Sing didn’t actually want me to work in that company because of lots of pressure and horrible quarter ends 😀


  7. I worked with my husband for awhile when we started our own business (it eventually failed) and it was very, very hard on our relationship. I think I could work with him in the same company without too much trouble, especially if we were in different departments. But starting a business with someone, especially a family member, can bring so many complications to the relationship! Never again!


    1. I’m really envy about all of you who take a risk and open a business with a partner – I think I would kill Sing in first month of running it, he is already annoying when I ask him to help me for my blog like write a guest post haha but I thought of opening a real milk tea boba place in LImerick for a while haha 🙂


    1. I think if I’ve seen him constantly, I wouldn’t be able, too. But since I see him only few times for short period of time I just treat it as a bonus to a job I like haha 🙂
      Why wouldn’t you want to work with your other half? 🙂


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