上週的照片 – photo-week with my parents

If you follow us on Facebook (click here) you might have noticed that last week my parents came to visit us. 11377361_375529955970801_7175067997542317093_nBecause of that and all the preparation I had to make week before there was no new post last Thursday, I missed my second blogversary and my first MILLION VIEWS. Thank you so much for this!

I started to blog back in America, when I started to feel pretty lonely and bored. Through those years many thing have happened – we traveled back to Hong Kong, we moved to Ireland, I spend the most terrifying three months a daughter-in-law can have with Momzilla and we got Biscuit. I guess through this blog you got to know us a little bit better, about our families. But I never really talked about my parents – they were too far to actively be part of our daily life (too bad Momzilla didn’t follow their example, even now she slowly gives us hints she might come soon so brace yourself, Momzilla might be coming).

Now I have a chance to change it with this extremely boring post. As their daughter I have to say they are much more cool to stay with than with Momzilla. Don’t know what Sing thinks about it, but looking how he gets spoiled by my mom and how my parents always take his side I’ll be guessing he doesn’t mind. 11393051_374307699426360_1476016556008056200_n

My parents are pretty young, Mom is 46, dad will be 48 later this year. Five days after Sing’s birthday and I have to admit they are really alike. I don’t believe in zodiac, stars determination future and so on, but there has to be some connection between them. It takes forever for both to pick what they want to eat, both of them consider themselves the best drivers and everyone else on a road is an idiot and driving-coffin and non of them likes to show too much feelings in public. Did I mention very awkward sense of humor? I’m more like my mom, or I try to be. She’s the most selfless person I know. Many times she sacrifices her own needs just to make me or my dad happy. I wish to be that person, but then being little bit selfish is not too bad.

I love them so much and I’m happy they came. Even Sing took 1.5 days off, just so we can all travel a bit together. We went to Dublin, Galway, Cliffs of Moher and wandered around Limerick. After they left Sing told me 11407113_376091979247932_8386452645634201379_nthat he haven’t seen me so happy in a long, long time. Of course I was happy, I had the one I love the most close to me. Something I haven’t had in years. I wish my friends could join us too.

The house got so empty since they left, but now we are only 3 hours of flight away. And the best thing is my dad didn’t have any heart problems during the flight, I was so scared we will have to drive from the airport to the hospital. The whole week was really amazing and it passed in the blink of an eye. I’m really glad our European-Asian family can reunite more often. Can you believe they haven’t seen each other for almost 2 and a half years, since January 2013? 

I hope since we moved here I will be able to write more often about all of us and share with you those wonderful moments. Now enjoy my boring collection of the photos – 11391299_378828868974243_7336868360576031880_nI tried to pick up the best shots, because my dad made over 2000 photos in 7 days. I’m not even mad, that’s amazing. The photos I chose are not pretty, but showing how laid back and close family we are. I know as their daughter I’m not objective, but I hope everyone will have at least half as loving in-laws as my parents are. They treat Sing as his own, always calling him their son and spoiling. Now we all wonder – what does Sing REALLY thinks about it, haha.
I also added the city views so some of you might even want to visit Ireland after the post!


Have you ever had to leave your family? How did you survive that period? Feel free to share your experience or tell me more about your family – I try to know my dear Readers better 🙂


46 thoughts on “上週的照片 – photo-week with my parents

  1. I’m female and moved to Tokyo this April. My family lives in Russia. We used to live in different cities for the past 4 years anyway but I’d always come to see them 2-3 times a year. This time my mom refuses to visit me citing the price of the plane ticket and that she doesn’t want to be on the plane for 9 hours because she’s kind of scared of flying. I have no intention of going to Russia until next spring. I’m a free spirit, so to speak, so I have no intention living in my hometown anyway. But I still get homesick every now and then, especially after each earthquake.
    I also have a very old grandfather who turned 88 this year, and he basically cries every time we talk on the phone, not to mention when we meet in person. I don’t know if I’ve made the right choice but I have nothing left but to follow the path I’ve chosen, I think.
    It’s nice that your parents and Sing can communicate, because I suspect that communication with my possible future husband will become a big problem for my parents seeing that they don’t really speak any other language apart from Russian.


    1. you’re brave to chose that lifestyle, I can totally relate to older members of the family – my great grandma is now 97, I’ve seen her in 2013, then 1.5 year later and since that I couldn’t even talk over the phone since she can’t hear very well. I hope you’re not too lonely there, tho. Japan is dream come true for many people 🙂


  2. So young parents! My dad will be turning 74 this year 😀
    Love the pic of Bisquit, she looks rather shocked. Wonder what happend (she saw a pictures of Momzilla?)
    It is great that your parents came over for this trip and especially that there are so many pictures to chose from 🙂


    1. Best health for dad! That’s a nice age 😀
      No, that was my mom – for some reason Biscuit loves my dad but hates my mom. She even accepted Momzilla, I wonder what’s wrong with that cat 😀
      I wish dad had a sh*ttier camera, I had to cut out the date so instead of 8MB, photos were only 2MB 😀

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      1. Perhaps your mom should just bribe Biscuit as Momzilla did…
        I usually use Photoshop (any photoediting software works as well such as GIMP) to lower the quality a bit. Pictures I upload on my blog are usually between 5-8MB (I have some high quality pics I did on my PC with over 100MB…no chance there for uploading 😛 )


          1. It is actually when making HDR pictures by combining several pictures taken with different levels of exposure and thus huge amounts of MB can be reached 🙂 (so the pics really do have all details only human eye can usually see in one glimpse but not a camera with one shot)


  3. It’s been a while! I’ve missed reading your posts. Congrats on your milestones and great to hear about your family visit. For me, I’ve traditionally gotten on best with my fam long distance. It was no problem living across an ocean. Now that we have a child though, I feel it’s important to be physically close to at least one set of our parents. I wish we could be near both all the time. 😦 I love my inlaws. Thanks for sharing your reunion week!


  4. Awwww your parents are so pretty – and so young!!

    One of the perks of moving back to Europe is being close to family: I look forward to that too. Europe is so tiny! Once you live in a European country you are literally next door to any other city in Europe. 18 hours flights to see parents and siblings? Not anymore!


    1. I remember my flight from SF to Wroclaw, it was through Denmark so with all the stops, on the way back plus the bus and BART train to get to my home in America, the whole trip took over 30h. I was like a zombie and I still had to clean up the house because Sing and I have different definitions of ‘I cleaned up the house’ XD


  5. I think it is better if you keep a low profile. One phone call from Sing to Momzilla saying how nice his in-laws are is all it takes for her to go apeshit over how the in-laws will “trick her little treasure into abandoning her”, then the next thing you know Momzilla will move in with you permanently to prevent that from happening!


    1. You must be right – literally, when Sing came back from work he said Momzilla texted him that she wants to come in June/August for 3 months …… for now he pretends he didn’t see the message but in few days we need to respond…. NOOOOOO


      1. My mom is like that too. She is worried that I don’t have a girlfriend, but she is also always worried that when I DO get a girlfriend and then get married, I will abandon her to go with my wife’s family. She always said she will move in with me once I get married to prevent my future wife from “influencing me with beauty trick”, 😀


        1. I guess that is what every mom will do 😀 I wonder if I will be the same, Momzilla told Sing when he was a kid that he should stay away from the girls because they have ‘evil spirit between their legs’ XDDDD


  6. I have lived away from my family since I was 18… I think they are used to it already haha. Although my mum sometimes asks when I will move back to Spain…

    The pictures look lovely! Did you have good weather all week?


    1. and do you think you ever will? I was thinking of Spain for last few weeks, when it was so cold haha 🙂
      Yes, my parents brought quite good weather with them, one day I even wore short sleeves in the afternoon, but now it’s back to cloudy/rainy again 😦


      1. Who knows… Maybe in the future, but it would be hard for my bf to find a good job there, unless we open a Chinese school or something like that 🙂

        Here the rainy season started. It is hot, humid, and pouring nonstop…


  7. It is great to be with your family together. I miss my family in singapore and every year, my sisters and I will meet together and go holiday together. This year we are going to meet again and going to Hong Kong and Taiwan for holiday in July.
    So I know the feeling of sad when time for us to part again.

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  8. First, thank you for visiting my site and liking my post. That was a significant encouragement. I admire your courage to move into a completely different country. I study abroad in America, and it is already hard. Your parents look like they had so much fun ~


    1. I admire you for studying in America, I lived there for 2 years only but I wasn’t feeling ‘like home’ there, now in Ireland it’s still better – mainly because my family and friends are now closer – but it’s still not THAT feeling 😉


  9. your parents are young. and your mum seems very free-spirited. i like that pic of your parents and sing sat by public steps with their hand on their chin. if that’s not family, i don’t know what. lol. by the way, Biscuit doesn’t look that happy.


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