真心膠的T恤 – T-shirt fails

Last week we talked about very unfortunate Chinese tattoos, but if you think avoiding tattoos will save you from t_shirts_03embarrassment, you’re wrong.

This week we’re focusing on a terribly designed T-shirts. And I don’t talk about the quality, because as we know some clothes from China will break the very same day (I’m looking at you Blue Cardigan) and some others are used as nuclear bomb shelters, i.e. my mother’s purse.

My parents don’t really speak English so they always snap a picture of the item they want to buy just to make sure they won’t run around the city with ‘I f**k on the first date‘ at their back.
Similar situation when it goes to Chinglish – one of the hand-carries for the airplane I’ve seen 14looked like the designer just put random sentences through the Internet translator and hoped for a miracle.
Luckily, they have me so I can save them from being famous on Buzzfeed or 9GAG.

Same as with tattoos, if you don’t speak the language and you don’t know anyone who does, it’s better not to buy a T-shirt just because it’s ‘so cool’ and end up with a random, weird, funny or offensive message. Ask the Hemorrhoid Boy from my last post – he knows that pain by now.

Here’s our list of the funniest, the weirdest and the most bizarre Chinese T-shirt fails with the translations. Hope you will giggle as much as we did!

1. I love sex the most (everyone can, but why say it in public? :D)

12. Pervert/hentai (don’t know if honest or creepy… or both)


3. Chicken (she didn’t learn anything from the chicken tattoo lady – for those who don’t know, in Cantonese chicken is a term used to describe a prostitute)


4. Shit 



5. Retard/stupid (this one is tricky, the site we went through sells the T-shirts with English descriptions but they are misleading, this ‘retard’ was suppose to be ‘strength and honor’ – be careful!)



6. Testicle 67. Bastard (not Jon Snow-the-cool-bastard)


BONUS ROUND – because everyone makes mistakes, despite their age, gender, race. And thanks to them we can all smile a bit!
Luckily me and my teenager T-shirt ‘Princess looking for a prince’ is not on the list, phew.


And for those who can read Japanese, BONUS ROUND #2 – you can visit this site (click here) to check out Japanese T-shirt fails we found while looking for the materials for this post!

I know some of you already shared their experience with terrible T-shirts in my last post, but if you know more stories don’t hesitate to share. I would love to read that! And think two times before you buy something! 😉

66 thoughts on “真心膠的T恤 – T-shirt fails

    1. One of the shop really is – they had shirts like stupid foreigner can’t read chinese etc. but most of them at least said the real meaning, don’t know why the retard one is completely off when they were honest in other (in my opinion pretty bad) shirts

      Liked by 1 person

  1. My experience is a bit on the opposite. “屌丝” is a popular shirt out there nowadays to wear. It means “loser”, so if you wear this, it means you’re “with it” these days.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When I lived in Hong Kong, my Mum went to the market and bought my 2-year old daughter some new panties, which read “Don’t let the bastards get you down!” My daughter never wore them; we had them framed and displayed in the toilet 🙂


  3. Oh my, I am actually very sorry for those people…. but it made me laugh! I have seen many English t-shirt fails here in China. Especially the small town I am in is FULL of weird English t-shirts!


  4. I love these kind of shirts, endless entertaining. Seems China keeps turning out new ones forever more. Where do they even come from??


  5. I mean, I love the bad English ones I often see. The bad Chinese ones are also great! Please consult a native speaker people, goes for both sides…


  6. The T-shirts never cease to amaze me. My Indonesian friend was wearing “I’m a naughty girl” and she didn’t know what “naughty” means. She wasn’t the naughty type, of course. 😉


  7. My friend at art college based her whole degree on this concept. She had loads of tshirts printed in Chinese saying rude things on them and then filmed people’s reactions to them at the exhibition. It was hilarious! Especially when we all knew what they said ha ha ha 🙂


  8. Oh, I should have sent you my photo jogging in “I am a Virgin T-shirt”! LOL!!!
    Well, it was comfy and I assume those who jog in the town-square at five am do not read in English. XD


  9. Wow, your husband must be a good teacher!! I just never thought a foreign girl could use 真心膠 so flawlessly…


    1. he is a terrible teacher, I think I learnt more from hkgolden and plastic daily than from him haha but I still need his help to check up on me or help me in translating more complicated things, especially slang – by the time I catch up no one uses it haha
      I’m sure you know this site – http://evchk.wikia.com/wiki/%E9%A6%96%E9%A0%81 – helps a lot too, but I need him by my side because I often have question marks above my head like in a comic book haha 🙂 but thank you!


      1. Haha i guess Sing introduce hkgolden to u ? although its fame wasnt that good in the past. Many (former)hkgolden members are very humorous, their comments were so funny. and now, um…it is the only HK forum can withstand 50-cent-party’s attack. sigh…


  10. Superb! I remember living in Italy and i saw a girl in her early 20’s with ‘label denim’ written on her bum. I also taught a girl in her mid 20’s in Thailand who wore a shirt saying ‘don’t call me a cowgirl until you’ve seen me ride!’ Made me titter….


  11. hilarious! I’ve always wondered whenever I see a tough guy with a Chinese tattoo if his tattoo instead of “love and strength” just means something random like “car and potato” but I never thought about the T-Shirts!
    I’ve one in Japanese, I think I should check what’s really on it before wearing it again 😀


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