坐巴士上山頂 – Victoria Peak by bus

There are two scenic points every tourist just has to see while being in Hong Kong: just try googline the phrase ‘Hong Kong’ and you will either see Victoria Harbour or Victoria Peak.peak20121
While the first attraction is totally free and there is no long line to it (unless you want a picture with Bruce Lee statue then good luck), then the case of the peak is totally different.
Back in 2012 when I went to Hong Kong for a couple of months I had plenty of time to stand in a line, either in Ocean Park – and trust me, you never know what amount of people is really in the line, you see one person but suddenly the whole tour bus joins the guy and claim they all just went to the toilet – or in the tram that goes to the Peak or wherever I wanted to go, I had the privilege of not being in rush.
I can’t remember how much the trip by peak tram costed for the three of us – yes, Momzilla wouldn’t let us go alone because who knows, maybe I would throw Sing down from the peak or maybe we would just sneak to the airport instead and fly away from her. Whatever she was thinking at that time, she came with us and what I DO remember is standing in awful heat for almost 2 hours in the line with Momzilla and crying babies. Of course when I finally got to the tram I was so excited I forgot how awful time I spent in the line was, we took some couple-selfies, bunch of bad quality photos etc.  but when I re-think it, once is enough.

Personally I think the tram experience is fun, that’s why you should try it, but all the queuing and money you would peak20122spend again to do the very same thing can be spent on something else, somewhere else. This is why back in December 2014 we decided to hike all the way to the peak. It’s possible, you can find many beautiful, scenic paths that will take your breath away but then we realized we would lose our breath probably around 1/4 way to the top because, let’s face it, we would be one of the first people to get bitten during zombie apocalypse. That’s how bad our shape is. So in the we chose to take a bus. Who would know there are regular buses going there?!

We used to live in the Bonaparte Hotel in Wan Chai so we the closest bus that could take us to the Peak was 15 via Wan Chai Gap Park and Police Museum. It costed us only 9.80 HKD which is around 2.50USD for both of us. Great price and very little walking – my type of fun! And the bus ride was fun too, since it kept circling around the hill you could feel like on a mini roller-coaster. Although if you decide to drink your first whole beer, and it happens to be the most awful Hello Kitty-branded beer you probably should stick up with the tram. I made that mistake and I regretted it all the way back.

peak2012Once you reach the Peak you will enter from a huge bus station to the Peak Galleria area, which is free of charge but if you want to see the other. ‘more famous’ side of the Peak you will have to buy an additional ticket for 40HKD, but I might be wrong so if the price is different let me know in the comment section. This time we passed, but it’s not that much money and since you saved yourself some time by not standing in a kilometer long line you can use that time to just go to the terrace. Most of the exhibits are also free and that’s why I have that huge-ass awesomely awesome bear filled with balloons or egg-tart finally in a proper size.

Since we didn’t have enough time to eat before our journey we went to 7/11 located in the Galleria, grabbed the most disgusting yet the cutest beer ever, some snacks and walk around the Peak itself. We had our little chit-chats and enjoyed our ‘dinner’. But there’s a really good advice I want to share with all of you – if you happen to be in the same part of the Peak if you keep walking down the path you will see a spot full of people taking pictures – not many people know that it actually has two levels, with almost the sampeak20123e view but VERY FEW PEOPLE. You don’t need to fight over a spot with a professional photographers, not many people will disturb you. We found the stairs by accident and I think that should be your photo spot! Just look at the pictures below and the terrace with two levels is the place you want to go.

In the end I think it was much more pleasant experience and I could enjoy the view more than the first time when I had Momzilla and thousands other tourists  who probably thought the same about us. I guess it’s lack of Momzilla that let us have more fun. Of course the choice is in the end up to you whether you want to go there by tram, by bus or using your legs (eventually laying down on the partner and hoping he will give you a piggyback ride).
Also sorry for the terrible quality of photos but apparently without enough light iPhone changes into a magic potato.

Have you ever been to the Peak? Or maybe you have great travel-hacks and advice how to visit famous places without lines, crowds and spening too much money? Share your experience and thoughts!


54 thoughts on “坐巴士上山頂 – Victoria Peak by bus

  1. Thanks for posting this! I had almost forgotten how beautiful the view from The Peak is, at least on a “good day” when you can actually see something >.< For some reason everytime I’ve been in HK I’ve gone to The Peak but I never really waited in line anywhere.. Maybe I just got lucky ? 😀 I’m actually going to HK soon for my visa 😀


    1. you’re so lucky! whenever we went we usually got stuck in the line 😀 also if you ever go with me to watch symphony of lights or any other air show I guarantee you – the weather will be terrible and you won’t see a thing 😀 that’s my luck 😀


  2. When we lived over on Lantau in Discovery Bay, we would do the tourist stuff on weekends. We went to the peak twice, I think, and we were fortunate that a rain storm had cleared off all the smog, so had beautiful views. As we went in the off season, it wasn’t very busy at all. Ocean Park….shudder…. that awful sky ride from the entrance to the park itself terrified me. And, for me, it was pretty boring. My daughter loved it, and for the two years we lived there, she and her Papa went every few months. I miss the night market, ladies market, even the central rip off area. But mostly, I miss the jade market and having tea at the Plaza in Lantau when our kids got home from school. sigh… good times.


    1. Ocean Park is a chamber of memories – I remember when Momzilla got so upset because with HKID she could enter for free and take another person for half price. SIng’s sister was born day after her so if she was faster, they both would enter for free and we would go for the price of one ticket haha 🙂
      from HK my new recent favorite spot is Tuen Mun Park, when we walk through it SIng told me ‘When I was young they sang as awfully as they do now, but at least they didn’t have a microphone’ 🙂


  3. I love your nighttime photos! In 1971 my father-in-law’s friend drove us to Victoria Peak. It was very windy that day, but I don’t remember it being crowded.


    1. even during SIng’s childhood when I looked at the old photos with his grandpa and sister it wasn’t crowded – circa 1991-2, so I guess it’s just a recent thing 🙂
      I wish I had a better camera because the view is always breathtaking!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Me jealous, me go to cry. I really want to visit that spot or let’s say HK in general! I those movies I watched as a kid and then later on games taking place in HK and now all the blog posts…and where am I? Cold, wet and windy north germany ;(

    Dis I read right, hello kitty beer? Alright that will be probably the first beer I never want to try.


    1. maybe at least you have snow? HK is nice, but during the winter when it’s pretty cool with no heating inside the house it can be crazy 😀
      Hello Kitty Bear is a beer you wish to give your MIL – that’s how bad it is 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really that bad of a beer? Too bad MIL is not drinking anything so I cant poison her with it 😛

        Snow is okay…from afar! I just cant stand it except that I would love to show Nathan some snow to play with 🙂


  5. Handy tip! 😀 I would never have thought of taking a bus, and like you, walking is not for me, hehe! I remember that gross Hello Kitty beer from your Instagramーavoiding that is also good advice. 😉
    Looks like there’s a good view… will definitely bookmark for a future trip there! 😀


  6. (Ahhh it’s not letting me log in for some reason!!)

    Just wanted to let you know I loved your post! I am literally in HK right now in line for the tram so I’m liking forward to checking out the view!


      1. I loved it! Sorry, just saw this reply because I didn’t turn on my notifications! 😦

        I hope you get to visit HK soon, although the move to Ireland is also incredibly exciting!!


  7. Hey, how do you do. I have actually come across your articles several times. I must say you are good wanderer, great blogger and feels excited everytime I see people go traveling and visiting places.

    You know what? I was here in the peak in december christmas 2014 too! Hahaha if we got to know each other before, probably we should have bumped and said hello there! Lol! What other places have u see in HK?


    1. best time – not too hot haha 🙂 oh God, we’ve been to few places – peak, afternoon tea at RC, few times in Tuen Mun to look at my husband’s childhood, Macau, horse racing etc. – we weren’t that flexible since Sing had to do his visa and remotely work from HK 😦 but I had fun 😀


  8. An alternative to the no 15 bus if you’re going from central is the no 1 green minibus from ifc. Just go out the ifc mall by the exit by city super (towards the discovery bay ferry pier) – but as soon as you go outside immediately turn left and go down the stairs to the minibus terminal at the bottom. The minibus is pretty regular and more direct than the bus. It’s also really easy because you don’t have to tell the driver where to get off, you just wait until you get to the Peak bus terminus at the end of the route. Having said that, I’ve taken the no 15 bus many times from wan chai and I love the views from the bus, although it is a very windy route!

    My other tip for the Peak is to walk along Lugard Road to see the view, in my opinion it’s a better view than from the Peak Lookout 🙂


  9. I will be in Hong Kong for a couple of days this weekend! I have been to the Peak before but maybe I will go again… I think last time was in 2009!


  10. Best advice I was given was to arrive late afternoon to see the view in the day and then walk the circular route around the top. That way you get views all the way around, of the tree covered hills, the islands and cargo ships as well as the city. If you time it well you can then be back for a view of the harbour as it gets dark.

    I agree that the peak tram is fun in itself to do once, but the bus route allows you to see more of Hong Kong such as Happy Valley on your way up and you don’t have the massive queues. especially important on weekends or holidays. Maybe go up one way and down the other.

    whenever I had my camera with me the view was grey and cloudy, but when it was sunny I never had it as the decision to head up te peak was usually an impromptu one on account of the nice weather

    I used to walk up the morning trail quite often but only on cool days. It’s serious effort. You can also go up to the roof of the shopping mall for free so paying for the viewing gallery is a waste.


  11. I agree with littlekoo … You can also take Green Minibus No 1 from IFC and you should walk around Lugard Road, a flat, circular route on the slopes of the Peak with nice views. If you’re up to it, you can walk up to Mount Austin Road (or take a cab from the Peak terminus). It’s the highest point on HK island with picnic ground.


  12. Thanks for the hack on the 2 levels at the Peak observatory! I’m planning to visit it before I have to leave Hong Kong so i’ll definitely remember it!


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