阿貓地攤 – Ah Meow Cafe in Causeway Bay

There’s some weird connection between being in AMWF relationship and having a cat. Of course it’s not a rule but Instagram says it all. I sometimes IMG_1682laugh to my husband it’s like a starter kit for an animal owner’. Especially since most of Asian men I know, with all the respect, want to have an animal that has the size of dog, fluffiness of a teddy bear and needs of a pet-rock and cats somehow seem to the closest to what they expect. Just some food, occasionally belly rub, some more food and clean toilet. Don’t get me wrong, Sing got his ‘My first pet’ kit as well, you all know her as Biscuit or That Little Damn Smelly Ball of Fur Farted Again, so you’re not alone! And once you get a cat you cannot come back, your social media will be your cat’s social media and even the manliest of men cannot resist that big shiny eyes. Look at my dad, he went from ‘Why did you need to adopt it’ to ‘I will send her some toys in the next package for you’.IMG_1683

I’m also crazy cat lady myself so when one time by accident I found out there’s a cat cafe in Hong Kong there was no way I will go to Hong Kong and not visit that place. I had to go alone since Sing was busy, but I know that somehow animals are scared of him so at least I could get the full attention of the cats that live there.

I was amazed, I didn’t expect it’s SOOOO CAT-ISH. I mean, cats were literally everywhere – on the pillows, on the walls, on the food. Crazy cat lady’s heaven. It was dominated by women and young girls, but the place itself wasn’t too crowded, even though it was a lunch time.

IMG_1685When you go in the girls who work there will give you a free membership card, I honestly don’t know why because I haven’t received any e-mails from them but the card itself makes a really cute souvenir.

Personally there’s one thing in this cat cafe that gets two thumbs up from me – the rules of treating the cats. I was scared people will be showing their love in the way Sing does – run after the cats and force them to pose to the photos etc., but the owner made sure everyone will know the rules, know how and when to pet a cat. It’s all written in a very cute and funny way. I loved the love story between Cat Prince and The IMG_1702Massager! Funny and stays in your mind!

When it goes to food and drinks I had a tough choice to chose, literally when I ordered the cake of the day I had to ask the girl who works there to chose it for me because all of them were super cute. In the end besides the cake I ordered a set of cat-shaped cookies and Pomelo Snow Drink. I loved every single one of them, ESPECIALLY the cake and the drink. As a huge pomelo fan there was no other thing for me to chose, but as you can see in the pictures below, the choice of food is really big. Snacks, desserts, drink, meals, even a lunch special. I saw many people taking things from the lunch menu, but I couldn’t resist and I made my trip totally cat-styled.

IMG_1709My cake of the day turned out to be a cheesecake. I was scared, because I got traumatized with American style-cheesecake which is super sweet and even I can’t handle it, but this one was perfectly sweet with a biscuit at the bottom. Not my Biscuit of course. As for cookies they were just cute, regular butter and chocolate cookies. Safe choice. You can also buy some more sweets as a gift for your friends. I wanted to get one for Sing but probably wouldn’t be as excited as I was about it.

As for the kitties themselves – they were pretty calm, I think it was their IMG_1698sleeping time, but that’s fine. There was also a tiny kitten running around who was a star, everyone were just like ‘Awwww’, I wanted to kidnap it but probably. Like really kidnap. And what really surprised me is with so many cats the place is extremely clean, doesn’t smell, I didn’t have fur in food. Now I wonder what’s wrong with Biscuit. So if you’re concerned that cats keep walking freely – don’t be, I can guarantee it’s really clean.

IMG_1695Overall, I loved the experience with Ah Meow Cafe. It was clean, quite, nice, staff was really helpful and smiling, food was good, wished cats loved me a little bit more, but in the end – they are cats. Everyone could leave a piece of themselves in the cafe, I left mine too. It made the place more personal than I would expect. You can even send out a card to your friends or family! How great is that?
And don’t forget – they offer an adoption service! So if you fall in love with any of the kitties you can ask them for details!

I think the only disadvantage of this place is the location – even though it’simage (43) been there for a long time, since it’s so hard to find it, many of my local friends didn’t even know they have a cat cafe in Causeway Bay! I made you a Google Street View picture of the exact entrance. I was going around the building like 8 times until one handsome Hongkonger showed me the way. Imagine what love story it could be, if I wasn’t married. I wouldn’t even need to change the domain of my blog! Anyway, the address is:

Po Ming Building, Level 3
2-6 Foo Ming Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

All you need to do is go inside that hidden gate, take an elevator to the 3rd floor, turn left and turn left again. Or just follow the cats on the walls.

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? Or maybe you had a chance to visit this one? What do you think of this type of places? Share your experience and stories! 🙂

PS If you live in San Francisco Bay Area be sure to check CatTown Cafe in Oakland- it’s not the japanese style cat cafe, it’s more like an adoption center with a coffee stand but I think it’s really a great chance for cats and since the opening, over 70 cats been adopted so far!

54 thoughts on “阿貓地攤 – Ah Meow Cafe in Causeway Bay

  1. Cool place! What a interesting place. I don’t think I’ve come see anything close to that here in the midwest….even Chicago. Judging by the pictures there are at least 3 cats roaming around all the time. How many cats were present during your visit?

    I wonder if I’ll turn into someone like your dad and Sing. I’m not much of animal person, let alone a cat. Interesting observation.


      1. HAHAHA! That was a funny video! ..”I’m feeling..um..feelings of..uh..what I can only describe as …maternal protection”…..I would have said the same thing too seeing those kittens. They are darn really cute! 🙂 All right, you’ve convinced me!


  2. They found really a got location for the cafe :p

    Honestly, I would pefer a bunny or a dog cafe. Cats are just not trustworthy and being surrounded by them in a cafe would have me probably on etch resulting that I wouldn’t eat anything…


    1. I think they have those cafés in japan, Grace did a post about the rabbit cafe 😀
      I wanted to have a rabbit when I was younger but my parents said they poop too much so I got a turtle instead haha 🙂


              1. Oh she viewed them like this in the beginning however as she was only allowed to hold her grandson for very limited amount of time in the beginning (so he bounds more with his mom and me a bit instead of MIL) she adopted them as her grandchildren :p


  3. Glad I wasn’t the only person who wandered around the building 8 times!! My fiance and I went here last year and had so much fun! From your photos it seems like they got a few new kitties, so I can’t wait to go back 🙂


  4. Now I know you are exactly 1 year younger than my sister. (Does that make you very happy?)
    It’s strange for me to see the foods all being made into cat shape. If you love cats, will you want to eat them?


  5. You have been nominated for One Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations!
    If you want to accept here is what you need to do: https://aquacompass7.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/i-was-nominated-for-an-award/.
    If you do not want it, please ignore this message and have a merry Christmas! 🙂

    あなたは「One Lovely Blog Award」を指名されました。


  6. Haha ! AWESOME! By the way…..if you like cats… there’s a Korean airline that is decked out with Hello Kitty paraphernalia! It’s pretty crazy haahhaah i saw photos of it. Would love to fly just for the fun of it, even though I don’t really love Hello Kitty. =) She’s growing on me though.


    1. they did? awww if I knew I would go there too! now they opened one in Oakland, CA but it’s more like adoption center and then cat cafe, but they will open the japanese-style cat cafe in San Francisco pretty soon, yay! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. How cool!! They’ve not so long ago opened a cat cafe in London and apparently they take very good care of the cats there so if they are asleep, guests and diners need to be on their best behaviour so as not to disturb them! I’m hoping to try it out one of these days!


  8. I liked this. We lived in Hong Kong for two years. Discovery Bay. Loved it, except for the unbearable heat! I still miss it. I was always amused at what one could find around the corner or in an alley in Hong Kong. Some times, I was equally grossed out at what we would find. Cats everywhere from the fish market to the old guy playing his instruments at the ferry building. Thanks for reminding me.


  9. Oh yes! I feel like my Instagram becomes so overrun with pictures of my cats…What a cute cat cafe! I especially love the cat cookies! Mmm~ Even though I have a cat, I like to visit cat cafes when I go to Korea. Just can’t stop myself! I love cats =^.^=


  10. Yay! I missed my MHKH fix. So funny, as per usual! I love pomelo, too, although it’s hard to find tasty ones here. I wish I could go to a cat cafe. I love kitties but I’m very allergic. 😦


  11. What a lovely place! I’m always concerned about going to pet cafes because I’m worried about how the animals are treated (the few times I’ve gone into pet shops in Japan I end up crying and having to leaveーit’s not right) but this place looks really great! I loved the Cat Education book, and the fact that you can adopt kitties too. Obviously run by animal lovers. 🙂 If I ever visit Hong Kong, I’ll be sure to visit!

    Also…”with a biscuit at the bottom. Not my Biscuit of course.” <- XD


  12. Oh, it reminds me of the Cat Cafe in Penang Island (Malaysia) which I visited last year! XD
    If only Panda is not endangered, wouldn’t it be fun to have Panda cafes? 😀


  13. I’m glad you had such a good experience and I love the pictures. They definitely played with the theme. I recently wrote about finding a cat cafe in Singapore. I didn’t go in but wish I had. It’s closed now. The next time I see a cat cafe, I’m going to take the time to go in.


  14. i went to one cat cafe in seoul. i found the cats there were beautiful to look at. and there were many different types of them too. but the cafe didn’t have the assortment of food choices like this one in HK.


      1. lol. unfortunately, there was no pomelo ice. however, there are plenty of grapefruit juice available in many cafes in the city. it’s a good substitute to pomelo fruit.


  15. This looks meow-vellous. Meow Parlour, the first NYC cat cafe, opened in December. Excited to check it out, since I won’t be in Hong Kong anytime soon!


  16. Man! You make me so sad that I let my fiance talk me out of going to this one. We went to the one in Mong Kok, which was fun and I got to snuggle with a cat the whole time, but it wasn’t as fun an experience than this one sounded. I wanted to go to the one in Causeway, but they have raised their prices (I still think it’s worth it). Maybe next time we visit I’ll go alone too (:


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