航空公司點評的兩個人一起飛的好處 – perks of flying together and the flight review

And that’s how long your title looks like when you have no idea how to translate your brilliant title to the language you’ve been studying but still cannot master it. image (28)
Anyway, I want to keep a timeline to the trip related posts so I guess it would be perfect to start with the review of our flight with Cathay Pacific and compare it to the flight with Lufthansa in 2012.

But before I start I just have to write about how pleasurable it is to fly with Sing – it’s so nice I could even rent him out. Unless the flight is super long and he get’s the grumpy cat face until the hotel room. I guess it’s always like that while traveling with your partner, but since it’s our first long distance flight together I decided to write down about what I think is a perk of flying as a couple, or more me and him. Cannot speak for all of you.

Why everyone should have her/his own ‘Sing’ while up in the air?

  • You can take 1.5 space than you usually take. Not only you can rest your upper body on him, but he won’t mind your feet flying around his face just for your comfort. Premium economy in the economy class.
  • You can drink a lot and don’t feel weird asking him to move every 5 minutes because you need to use the toilet. Well, I try to stay hydrated but I also like my window seat.
  • Drinks and snacks upon request but you have your father’s ‘face-genes’ and you’re too ashamed to ask? Don’t worry, send Sing – he will come back with 3 types of snacks and asking do you want instant noodles too.image (30)
  • In case of turbulence he can hold your hand. On my flight back I was so scared due to really strong turbulence that lasted really long that I almost asked a guy sitting next to me to hold my hand, lucky him – he was sleeping. And yes, I did cry.
  • It’s more entertaining – you don’t need to have that awkward chit-chat with a random stranger next to you or make it even more awkward by not talking for 15 straight hours. Cards, hangman, synchronized movies – it’s all yours.
  • You have bigger choice of food – from 3 meals they offer pick 2 and share. Try doing this with a stranger.
  • Since we talk about food – who doesn’t love dessert? With Sing by your side you get to eat TWO desserts. And trust me, there’s nothing better to calm your nerves while your ‘auntie is visiting you’, flying for 15 hours in a shaky airplane then two chocolate mousse cakes and two ice creams.

image (29)To be honest I only care about my straight way to the toilet and the desserts. Of course there are things like taking bunch of lovely pictures together or free back massage, but you would lie if you say you don’t want a double dessert.

Now I can share my feelings about Cathay Pacific and the flight itself. Sorry for a low quality pictures, but sadly I’m a really low-budget blogger and iPhone sucks when it goes to taking pictures in dark.

We had a little bit of delay at the beginning, but I cannot blame the airlines, more like people who refuse to follow the rules so the airplane crew had to waste time, although we landed on time so I was pretty happy about it, didn’t want to waste even a minute in my precious image (32)Hong Kong.
Our flight was in Boeing 777-300ER which seats are 3-3-3 and the last row is 2-3-2 so for more intimacy we took the pair of very last seats, 71K and 71H. If you can call being close to the toilet and stretching people an intimate place, but I have to say the choice was not as bad as you might think. It’s perfect for people who need to use the toilet quite often, you have more space to stretch your legs without going out of the seat, it’s close to the crew in case you need something and it didn’t smell from the restroom area. So much win! Even though the seat couldn’t go down as much as the seats in front, the difference was really small and the seats were extremely comfortable which just won my heart, especially the head-resting area.
The food was so-so, personally didn’t like my pasta much, but Sing liked his salmon and the desserts were delicious.
Alcohol is free of charge, but the amount they give is really tiny – hey, it’s still free. Snack you can pick are mini Toblerone, pretzels, dried packed fruits and cup noodles, which in the middle of the flight became very popular.
IMG_0691Big plus are the USB chargers for every seat, Sing even found a laptop charger between our seats and sacrificed himself to take this photo for you. The USB charger in front of you is good enough to charge both iPhone and Android phones but couldn’t charge iPad mini tab.
I like their choice of the movies that include ‘A million ways to die in the West’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Maleficient’ and lots of Hong Kong movies. You could also update yourself with the newest Cantopop on the playlist or just plug your phone and listen to your own songs. And finally you can use your own earphones! In every single airline I took for a long distance flight – that includes SAS, Lufthansa and Aeroflot – I had to use those crappy ones they give, but now I finally had a choice!
IMG_0669image (31)IMG_0664IMG_0670IMG_0671IMG_0674IMG_0682IMG_0684
Lufthansa on the other hand was on time – German perfectionism. I have to say they beat Cathay Pacific when it goes to the food, I regret I couldn’t find the old pictures, but I remember I liked their food a lot, it wasn’t as plain as Cathay’s and were served 3 times, not two times only. When it goes to the comfort of the seats or entertaining system sadly they lose, I remember I put myself to sleep with old and boring movies, but it was two years ago so they might be more updated now. Big plus of the Lufthansa flight was the fact that their airplane had seats 2-4-2 so I didn’t need to bother too many people going out.
In both flights restrooms were clean and the crew was really nice and helpful – two thumbs up for both of the airlines!

Overall I would chose Cathay Pacific once again and personally, even though Lufthansa did a good job too especially with the food, I have to say CP won this battle with the comfortable seats – I can be hungry but I hate being uncomfotable!

Is there anything you would like to add to the list? Or maybe you prefer to fly alone? What is your favorite airline? Share your traveling experience! 🙂
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44 thoughts on “航空公司點評的兩個人一起飛的好處 – perks of flying together and the flight review

    1. I have no clue how Lufthansa is today but if any of their airplanes has the seats like CP had then I’m taking my luggage to them, because the food was the best among all airlines I took, including those short distance. but I don’t like the fact that their flight attendants were attractive, cannot leave Sing alone haha 😀


  1. Next time you can try SQ (Singapore Airlines) and see if it is any better. Ever since I took them, I don’t think I can tolerate any other airlines for long haul flights.
    Actually I hardly feel hungry on flight. More precisely, I feel hungry but don’t feel like eating. All I need is the personal screen with lots of movies, and drinks. Real man drinks 😀
    The back seats are not good if you are afraid of turbulence, it is the most bumpy section of the plane :/


    1. you should have told me before I spent hour crying that I don’t want to die. crap. literally I was crying and praying. wow.
      I heard singapore airlines have more space for legs and everyone I talked to said those are one of the best they took. I don’t remember why we didn’t take them – either they were too pricey at that time or they had a stop or something…


  2. I flew SQ to HK and back. Food and service were good. Flying solo can get boring, but movies and games on my phone made up for it! There was turbulance the last six hours of my flight to HK so I couldn’t sleep but all-in-all, it wasn’t bad.


  3. Great post!! And I hear you about the turbulence – I am totally scared of flying and of heights for that matter. My husband has even mentioned a time or two that he is going to write a post focusing on what he has to go through when flying with me. 😉

    I have flown both airlines but I still think Singapore Airlines are the best. And I got bumped up to first class once – you know, the second floor of the plane. I was in heaven from Taipei all the way to L.A. The best plane experience EVER!


    1. waaa so jealous! 🙂 and it would be awesome to read your hubby’s view on flying with you 🙂 all the traveling posts I read are written by the girls so it would be a great thing to balance it 😀 ask him not to talk much, but write! 😀


  4. Oh my gosh, the entertainment system with charger and all that looks so snazzy! I’ve not experienced anything like it, must be a new plane. My most recent Europe to Asia flights have all been Chinese airlines, which are not as snazzy but do the job. I can dream…. ~


    1. I think it’s pretty new because I took SAS 2 months ago and they were like Aeroflot, but the entertain system of Aeroflot was better. Sing just took British Airways with some fancy new airplane so cannot wait for him to say something haha 🙂 hopefully you will get a nice airplane later with your BB 🙂


  5. Wow I really hope I get lucky enough to fly back to America with Junkyu. My flight is paid for by my program when I finish my contract, so I might have to do some maneuvering to make sure I can fly to America with him in August. It will be his first time and I get so bored alone. I am so glad you had a great trip. The food has really improved since the first time I came to Japan. I am always impressed and leave with a full stomach.


    1. I hope you can somehow manage to do this, Sing got his ticket paid by his company too so we waited for the time I can do the online check-in to have the spot next to him 🙂 wish I could fly to Japan haha 🙂


  6. For the past years I havebeen flying always with my wife. There are certain points which are rather familiar. Let’s take for example the snacks and deserts. My wife loves them and usually is gone asking for more and coming back with a armload of stuff before I even realize she actually left. But there are also difference as the window seat. She doesn’t like it at all so I always get it ( but truthfully I never had any other spot than the window seat in my past 22years of flying around, each and every single flight I sit by the window…)

    Anyways, I really do not like the food offered on planes. Each year it seems to get worse, the past two years I could not even tell bei its looks or taste what it might be they served…:(
    Now I still have roughly 8 months to prepare for the next flight to China, let’s see what food they will bring me next time/ will it even look like food


  7. Tee heee! Another “made-Hilary-grin” successful post. 😀 First, flying with hubs was awful. Before, I usually flew alone and wasn’t super freaked out by turbulance. After flying with hubs, my love, I was a wreck. Tears, panic, sweaty palms, the works. After a really bad flight coming back from Hawaii three years ago, I read up on fear of flying and found a technique that worked for me. Oh, flying with our baby also helped. 😀
    As for airlines, definitely Singapore Airlines. Emirates was great but I’ve only flown them once between NZ and AU. My Air China experience years ago was wildly varied from old school planes to a squeaky new gigantic plane to being showered with presents in business after I upgraded myself because I was so sick. Air Canada has been fine internationally. JAL – once has been enough. And that’s enough for now, eh? 😀 After all that though, I think it’s up to the individual and what they are willing to pay. Or pray to be bumped. Constance – what’s your secret?!


      1. For some, maybe! 😀 It’s such an odd feeling for me. I’ve met a couple of other people who had the same thing happen. I think when I’m by myself, I have to get through my feelings of fear but when I’m with my love, I want to talk about those feelings or at least share them in some way. This makes them bigger and stronger and then I transform into a… hmmm… kind of like Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter!


  8. Your husband sounds awesome when it comes to flying!

    Because my husband is really tall, we are always looking for planes with a lot of space for the legs if we fly together. We used to choose Emirates or Qatar (these were two of the more convenient options when flying from HK and they sometimes have really good deals).

    I remember flying with a really little plane from Moscow to Munich (little as in the seats were really small and there was hardly any space for the legs) when I was 8 months pregnant. It was a Russian airline, I booked it because it was the fastest way home. Fortunately, the flight from Moscow to Munich was only for 3 hours and a guy changed his aisle seat with me. I would have had to somehow climb over two seats to the window seat I got assigned. I really don’t know what the lady at the airport thought when she assigned me a window seat! I usually like window seats, but with a big bump, not so much.

    I was also really glad that my husband and I were flying back together with baby on baby’s 100th day birthday. I wouldn’t have been able to make this flight alone with baby, it was just so exhausting. Baby cried a lot because of ear pressure and hardly slept at all. I’ve heard there are babies who sleep through the whole flight. Lucky parents! So now when we fly we don’t only look for some leg space, we also look for a baby bed.


    1. there was no problem with flying at that stage of pregnancy? I guess you took Aeroflot, not my favorite one. I heard it’s worse when babies have their teeth coming out so the flight make the pain worse and they cry even more, I sit next to a lady with a baby and her husband (3-3 seats, small airplane) and she said that since her girl’s teeth are coming out she’s more grumpy during the flight 😦


      1. Little babies can’t regulate air pressure on their own yet and our son cried like hell when starting and landing (because of the air pressure), that’s why it was a horrible flight for all 3 of us. It wasn’t Aeroflot, I think it was a smaller Russian airline.


  9. I always try and get the same seats as you when I am traveling; my mum – not so much. She does not like to be at the back of the plane. I think she has watched too much LOST as she gets all worried. The food looks amazing; did they give you a choice before to got on the plane?


  10. I had great flashbacks reading this post! After flying Cathay to Hong Kong two years ago, I will always choose them on that long flight. So this year we also flew Cathay. Two years ago we paid for extra legroom so we could stretch our legs and not bother anyone in front of us because we were in the first row of economy. This year, though, those seats weren’t available, so I made a huge sacrifice and took the middle seat with Tom on the aisle. Tom is big and needs the aisle seat, so I figured it would be easier to climb over him whenever I had to go to the loo (which was a lot because I drank a ton of water on that 16 hour flight) and have him next to me than to take two aisle seats and risk it with someone who encroaches on our space or talks non-stop. I thought the food was so-so, but the desserts were of high quality. I even survived the middle seat on that long flight! My favorite part was tasting Hong Kong water again after all these years and indulging in Hong Kong movies. Tom was so engrossed in the movies he watched (five in total) that he didn’t notice when I cried during the ones I watched (4). When we arrived in Hong Kong, I felt ready to go! All that water and keeping my skin hydrated with lotion really paid off! Tom drank wine and coffee and didn’t nap at all, so felt more sluggish. That didn’t hold us back, though, on our manic four-day visit! Can’t wait to read more about your trip!


    1. people like this should be banned from all airlines or at least this one, really – wtf. I was so mad reading that news. feeling sorry for the flight attendants but also for other people who will now be known as ‘that travelers’ (like my MIL, she’s from Shanghai, Sing’s father is from Hong Kong and now whenever she will travel there surely will be a person judging her). throwing noodles, pooping on the streets… sick 😦


  11. I liked Eva Air but I usually just try to get the most inexpensive flights possible (if they are near).

    I just watched ‘A million ways to die in the West’ a few days ago…hahah…the dialogue is too much…


  12. I think you can really test out your relationship with a really long flight! I like the Lufthansa because you don’t have to bother many people to go to the restroom. The food is pretty good too for being on a airplane. Sometimes I can really test my boyfriend’s patience especially being stuck on a plane together for hours. At least you have someone to talk to and someone to stretch your legs on. It’s awesome that you get to double your desserts with Sing! I have to fight over mine with my boyfriend or he’ll steal it! I usually push him to get me stuff too when I’m too embarrassed to ask. That’s what guys are for anyways. :p


  13. Haha, YJ comes through well on every single of the perks of bringing someone with you! Also it’s lonely traveling on my own these days. I used to be much friendlier and talk to random people a lot, but these days I’m just grumpy and watch my movies. And get up to pee more. Siiiiigh… XD

    Great post as always and sorry for all the spam as I catch up! ^^;
    Loving the new design by the way!


  14. i’ve flown with both airlines and i’m fine with both experiences. just like you, i tend to pick the back seat near the window, as it’s only for two people, so i would only have to deal with/chat with one person on my row during flight. well, if it ever comes to that. i always try to burry my face in my book and with headphones one. yeah, i’m not sociable at all.


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