我們去香港了 – big news revealed!

I can’t hold it anymore, it’s too painful, it’s like a night after TacoBell (although I never been to one but I’ve heard some hideous stories)… WE ARE GOING TO HONG KONG! THIS SUNDAY!image (22)You should have seen me doing the happy-victory dance. Why victory? Because it proved my theory that if you complain long enough to your husband, he will eventually make your dreams come true. I haven’t been to Hong Kong since 2012, the same year I feel in love with it and I always felt like I need to go back, even for a short while. Few weeks ago I’ve heard Sing goes to a business trip to Europe and before that he goes to Hong Kong to change his visa so there it was – my evil plan. Honestly, I didn’t believe it will work but as you can see, it did!

I will share my secret with you, but don’t reveal it to your partner or it won’t work. First you need to keep mentioning the thing to your husband. Like, all the time. Even when you play Resident Evil 6 you should be like ‘Babe, I can’t play – even though they say it’s China, the city is based on Hong Kong and I miss it too much’. You can pop out with ‘I can’t play because those zombies were nice clothes and if you have noticed one of them has that beautiful purse I really wanted‘. Then you sigh a lot. Remember about big eyes and a puppy face. It’s nice to do some ‘wallet dance’ like ‘No, we shouldn’t, we cannot afford’ and add few more sighs. Do it constantly for almost two years until one day he says ‘OK, let’s do this but please don’t make those eyes anymore‘. It also works on your husband’s friends, that’s how you trick them into petsitting Biscuit or another one image (19)to make a payment for a visa fee in 7/11 because US embassy in Hong Kong haven’t thought it would be rather inconvenient to make the only payment option in a local convenient store instead of giving a chance to pay online. Conclusion: with puppy eyes I made my husband take me to Hong Kong, I catsitterzoned one friend and another one got 7/11zoned. You better don’t get any close to me, muahaha!
That’s of course a joke, but maybe it will really work out – then let me know! 😉

Anyway, let’s go to the details of our trip: we are flying from San Francisco International Airport on Sunday (23.10) noon and we go back on 3rd of December at night. Still we haven’t picked a guesthouse we will be staying in since family flat is now rented out so if you know any nice and affordable place it will be awesome.

I won’t be blogging in meantime, but I’m taking my good camera with me, a big smile and ideas so hopefully I will have a lot of material for new entries once I’m back (sadly, I come back alone). There’s also a chance I might be alone for a 2-3 days, but that’s not confirmed yet, so maybe I should hold up some Hong Kong Husbands Meet Up? What do you think? I will try to keep everyone updated via Facebook page and Instagram account.

It’s the first time since 2012 we go back and we will visit our old friend – probably as disappointed as Momzilla that we’re not coming with a BB – and I can’t wait to see how many things have changed. We already made some plans where we have to go, what we should eat again, what should I try that I haven’t tried last time, what to buy (sadly, Sing’s interest is in a green tea Listerine. Really.) and since Hong Kong grows so fast it would be awesome if you could give as suggestions or advice on new things worth seeing.

It’s so stupid but I got the confirmation last night and in an hour I booked the tickets, packed my luggage, repacked again and probably I will do it few more times. Untitled2Sing asked me what the hell I’m doing this so I say ‘I’m your PR, I need to look nice for you’ then he was like ‘OK, and what’s the real reason?’. The real reason is that in the end I’m just a female that lives with her natural instinct of ‘I have nothing to wear’ plus due to Hong Kong’s high humidity my hair will look like crap so in case I meet some of you randomly on the street I don’t want to disappoint you too much – 95% of bad impression from my hair will be enough. But if you really see us don’t hesitate to come and have a chit chat! I will be so happy. I already am so happy, I couldn’t even sleep last night. Arghghergher, I look like a psychopath right now due to all the emotions. Calm down, Lina, calm down or they won’t let you board the airplane. 

Long story short: please leave in the comment section the topics you wish I could cover about Hong Kong, your personal advice, recommendation and tell me if you would show up in case any meeting was held up!
Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube because I will keep on updating you!

71 thoughts on “我們去香港了 – big news revealed!

  1. Yey yey yey! Very excited for you! My HK Husband is going back to HK 😀

    I would love to read about food, food and FOOD (forgive me, I am pregnant and I like food). And also any other interesting mixed couples you may meet.

    I don’t know about accommodation as I always use Airbnb, but my food recommendation is Mana (http://www.mana.hk/). I’m not sure if you’re interested in Western vegan food, perhaps you get plenty in the US, but I have to share the love of this place. It’s in Central (Wellington St) and their ‘Inka’ smoothie is to die for!

    I’m with you on the hair issue, basically all photos of me are rubbish. I recommend mousse when wet 😉

    Have a wonderful trip, enjoy every moment ~


  2. Last year I went to Hong Kong for New Year’s with my friend. We needed a breather from living in Japan, and she was born there and studied abroad there (raised in America) so she was my guide. We had a great time visiting Star Avenue, eating tons of food, and going discount shopping. There is also a Bruce Lee exhibit at a big museum, but I’m not sure if it is still there. As a huge fan of Bruce Lee, it was really fun to go to that. I can’t believe you’ve never gone to Taco Bell hahaha! It’s not bad, I promise. I really miss food like that even though I know the Japanese diet is much healthier hehe Anyway have a good trip!

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  3. Woohoo!!! 😀 That’s awesome! I’m afraid I have no good advice for HK, because I haven’t been there…
    But I’ve been taking avid notes for your technique: it will balance out my usual “that’s okay, I’ll just get it myself” – technically it works… but it’s not as fun. 😦 Although having said that, I do the puppy eyes when it comes to places I want to go, and it works! 😀 “Oh but it’s so far and you only have one day off *STARE*. You’ll probably think it’s boring *STARE*. But look at the pretty houses. *STARE*” <- maybe more creepy that puppy eyes, but what the hey, it works! 😀
    I try not to use it too much though, since he's often too nice and gives in really easily. ^^;

    Also this was the best line ever: "because those zombies were nice clothes and if you have noticed one of them has that beautiful purse I really wanted" XDDDD

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    1. don’t laugh but I literally used an argument ‘I can’t heal you dying there because I look those Hong Kong garbage bins and I get so upset missing the city’ ahaha 😀 and he died and didn’t get the S medal at the end of the mission *evil laugh*

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    1. she’s in, China no where Sing’s dad is sent to work as an engineer and they have a company flat there – that’s the faith Sing tries to avoid as an engineer in Hong Kong. all of his friends who studied engineering and went back to HK ended up in factories in China :< don't worry – no gutter oil could kill momzilla, she's like hulk of Asian women 😀

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  4. Yahoo! I’m super thrilled with you and your persistence. He he he! I have no advice as I, too, have never been to the great HK BUT, as you know, if you’ve been reading and memorizing my comments that I want FUNNY. Anything funny will do. Now, don’t feel any pressure but I expect oozing funniness. So there. ;D By the way, a humongous thank YOU for always supporting all my bloggy posts! You’re amazing.


      1. Really?! Your comment had me on a high for the last couple of days. Thank you!
        Yay! I’m really looking forward to more funny from you. I love reading your writing because I always have a good chuckle.


  5. Yay, complaining always helps 🙂
    I complained 1 1/2 and then finaly got a job…okay my wife couldn’t really help with it but anyway, there must be some higher force listening to some complaints!
    No BB? Mozilla not approve, not good, daughter in law getting old too old and no blond little BB ever!


  6. BIG! Good trip! You must have some Jedi master mind skillz. 😉 Given how much I really enjoy being there, I think it would be fun to be in Hong Kong at the same time with you all : “mutual stalking”. 🙂

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  7. Yuhuuuu! Have fun!! I love Hong Kong but the last time I went there was April 2013 so I don’t have updated recommendations haha. Just the usual: mango crepes (well, anything with mango on it) and milk tea!! And if you find a cheap and nice guesthouse let me know too! For my next time 😀

    Ah, if you have some time alone you can try going to the HK History Museum, I find it very interesting!


        1. I need to pack Sing on Saturday since he wears all his good clothes to work so in the end I need to do laundry, drying and ironing so I won’t have time for myself. Plus I will add and take back few more clothes, exchange some of them… need to think of my outfits haha 😀 need to take care of my image, just in case if I meet any of my readers in HK 😀

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  8. Wow, that’s fantastic! I am so pleased to hear that you are travelling to Hong Kong soon! The weather is comfortable here at around 20 degrees. If you are interested in natural landscapes, I will recommend you to visit Global Geopark especially the Ninepin Group in Sai Kung which is opened in 2009. Here is the link for more details: http://www.geopark.gov.hk/en_s4f4.htm Have fun and enjoy your visit!


  9. Have a great time! So jealous, I can’t wait to return. Don’t just do the city, make some time for rural Hong Kong. To get a feel for all the variety HK has to offer make sure to see central, mong kok, one of the islands (I love Cheng Chau), Stanley…. and then my favourite Sai Kung if you have the time. Also go to the races on wednesday evening and eat the Char siu at Tim ho wan!

    honestly not trying to self promote but as you mentioned HK costing a lot maybe this post would be helpful:


    1. any budget advice are welcomed so don’t feel bad, I will surely check out your post 🙂 I’ve seen some of the ‘green’ areas of Hong Kong, this time we want to climb victoria peek so hopefully I won’t die somewhere on the way haha 😀


  10. awesome! i’m excited for you. EAT for me 🙂
    ps: it’s funny how you are going back to HK for a visit this year, while i’m going back to the states for a visit in december to be with my partner.


    1. yes I did, but all the affordable places we took a look on had so little space I would either sleep in my luggage on the bed or I would have to put both of our luggage inside the shower which already has a toilet in it haha. we might end up in a proper hotel, but those places are expensive. Sing tries to avoid chungking mansion area since he’s like ‘all the SARS and other disease come from there because of bad ventilation’ haha

      over 60% is already too much for my hair haha I think I will end up at the hairdresser to permanently straight them, it’s also much cheaper in Hong Kong 🙂


  11. Fantastic news ~ and the weather couldn’t be more perfect 🙂 It is such a beautiful place, that your excitement for the city makes me think of all the fun things to do! I’m flying out of HK tomorrow, so already I’m missing the city.

    Enjoy your time and soak it all in ~


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