The Real Asian Style 有大更新了- big update on The Real Asian Style

Some of you might wonder why my already low on updating blog didn’t have a new post last weekend. First of all, it was Halloween so it was just perfect to recall the post about haunted places in Hong Kong. Second of all, I was pretty busy – not only Sing’s birthday is coming next week, but also I finally found a way to get back my old auctions from eBay so I can update The Real Asian Style.

Since I started The Real Asian Style I gained a lot of new followers (and 3 SDC16277kg thanks to my trip back home, love you Mom) and some of you might actually missed that tiny subpage at the top of the screen. The Real Asian style is a tiny project I started in February – I love so called Asian/Korean/Japanese style clothes and their price is usually so ridiculously cheap that my PC screams ‘buy it’. But with great price can come great disappointment. Long story short – I’m reviewing the clothes I buy online. From eBay, from Amazon, once even from TaoBao but it has never arrived.

Let’s be clear – I’m no fashionista neither fashion blogger. Me and fashion is like Sing and chocolate cake or me and Momzilla or Biscuit and not-being-hungry. Two opposite things. I have no knowledge about the brands, I know materials by their way of washing, drying and ironing and definitely I have no style. I mean Sing likes my so-called-whatever-style but he also likes my cooking and that says pretty much everything. It’s just my subjective opinion about what I see and what I get.

I judge the materials quality, does the cloth look anything like in the picture, how fast is the shipping (usually from Asia to the United States), compare the photos I’ve seen to the photos I make. I try to find the good and the bad, if possible, in the clothes I order. Hanging threads, stains and sizes way smaller than described – beware! That’s also a great excuse to keep on doing what I love, online shopping! Don’t pretend you don’t like that excitement when you just keep running to your mailbox to see if the item is already there!

image (12)With Momzilla here I had to hide with the packages – I felt little bit like a sick person trying to hide a thing that makes them addicted, but it’s just not worth to hear ‘I could buy you this in China and take it with me’ for three months. Then I’ve noticed all my auctions in the eBay account were gone and of course Sing didn’t want to admit it was his fault. Finally after more than a month I found a way to get to the old auctions and I spent last week looking for the auction photos, making my own photos and writing down in my notebook the pros and cons of each of the items.

Since yesterday me and Biscuit – very dedicated to do the how-much-of-my-fur-can-stay-on-the-clothes test – updated The Real Asian Style with ten new items so check them out by clicking on the links below or going directly to the subpage!

And fast links to my previous reviews

I promise you since now I will be more dedicated and update The Real Asian Style more often and if you like the thing I’m doing – let me know! It’s a great excuse to buy new clothes!
And be sure to check my normally-scheduled post on Thursday!

Do you have any shop you want to recommend or a shop we should avoid? What is your most often bought item online? Any good deals? Share anything interesting in this topic!
It would be awesome to share this page with your friends, if you like it of course! 🙂
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28 thoughts on “The Real Asian Style 有大更新了- big update on The Real Asian Style

  1. This is such a great idea! I’ll have to show my sis. And I loved your comments about style. Unfortunately you have stiff competition. *I* have WAY more no style than you. He he he! 😀


  2. My dog also loves doing the “let’s see how much fur I can leave in your clothes/sofa/floor”. Last spring I thought fur balls were going to defeat the vacuum cleaner and conquest the whole flat!

    I don’t buy many clothes online as Chinese sizes are usually too small for me.


    1. your doggy just wants to help you to see if you buy good quality stuff haha 🙂

      I’m lucky to be a pocket sized person but my arms don’t match the rest of the body so I have to forget about those sweaters you just thrown on the arms 😦 but some of the sizes are ridiculous, I want to quote ‘what is that? fashion for ants?’ haha 🙂


  3. I find it interesting how Halloween keeps getting bigger every year in China. (Is it the same in Hong Kong?) This year it was on a Friday and there were insane crowds in Shenzhen’s theme park tourist district, with locals really getting into dressing up. Not just an expat party thing anymore.

    I suppose they’re just copying America, although little kids don’t trick-or-treat…


  4. This reminds me of some funny pictures you see sometimes on weibo etc where people show the clothes they bought online and of course they look just ridiculous compared to the model pics 😀
    I have up on clothes from Asia as they simply don’t fit me as they are either too tiny or tooooo huge. Wonder how chinese athletes can buy clothes or are they all custom made then?


  5. Very creative venture, I hope your reviews keep on coming…more excuse for you to shop more 😀 I like buying T-shirts online. Definitely more unique styles online compared to what you see in the shops in Australia here. One thing I always hesitate to buy online is food. I don’t know, I suppose I just don’t trust others picking out food – like groceries and imported chocolates overseas – for me when I can’t see it first with my own eyes.


    1. I love sweaters more than T-shirts personally haha 🙂 I agree the choice is much better plus it suits my taste more 🙂 although sadly I don’t look any like those models haha 🙂

      I never done online groceries as well – I like to see and touch the veggies and meat I want to pick, I don’t trust my own husband in doing groceries, how could I trust complete strangers? haha 🙂


      1. Hahaha! Me too, I never look like any of those models online, the models who look so good wearing the clothes online 🙂 I’m sure they are all photoshopped to some extent 😉

        The supermarkets in Australia seem to be promoting online grocery shopping, even offering free delivery for orders over $100 or something like that…I still don’t trust them. Haha! That’s funny! Maybe you and your husband should go grocery shopping more so you can teach him how to pick out the good vegies 😀


  6. Finallyyyy!! I love when you write about this 😀 I have to get used to the real Asian style as I’m going back to China in January 😀 haha. Although it does not suit me at all, my MIL always tell me to go for the Asian style.. -.- haha

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love this post! I too feel compelled to buy everything because of the price, but i remain calm add them to my shopping cart…then close the window. Walk away and buy nothing, usually. Are you living in HK now? I’m sorry i haven’t kept up with all your posts.


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