老公的第一篇文章:像奶奶的媳婦 – My husband’s guest post: like mother like wife

Finally, after more than a year of blogging I made THE Hong Kong husband to finally stand up and help me like other good partners in AMWF blogging community by forcing him to write a guest post. It’s his first post, if you don’t 10305073_237585606431904_2119263446600673169_ncount those teenage blogs everyone had but no one wants to admit they had because of all the stupid things written there, and I know he’s not as funny and adorable as I am but I hope you will enjoy!

Following last week’s topic: Like mother like wife (or a reason you might find Sing’s dead body in our backyard for comparing me to Momzilla)!

Hi everyone! My wife requested a lazy person like me to write this article, which made me sacrifice a relax night after work. But… since she is so awesome, so she deserves to have a guest post today!
So today I will be telling y’all  the reason why I choose her to me my girlfriend, eventually to be my wife.

Let’s start with my criteria of the girlfriend I want:
5 years old: I want a girl friend to go to playground with
15 years old: I want a girl friend to study with, to show off, to do something behind our parents’ back.
20 years old: I want a girl friend to hang out with, don’t need to think about future, just go have fun and
25 years old: I want a wife, to take care of me, to let me take care of her, so we both have a partner that we can trust for the remaining path of our lives.

As you can see, my criteria changed just like many other guys. At the end, we want to settle with a wife.

Now let’s talk about my mother. She is a tiger mom, which also micro-manages my daily life. When I was in primary school, I always will have enough pocket money with me at school, but I will be asked where I spent the money plus her comments.

image-46However, she took good care of me when I lived with her. I had well balanced meal everyday and I was forced to eat fruits! Look at my meals now, I also have veggie, meat, soup and carbohydrate… and the most important thing is I also need to eat all of them. People at work were scared of my lunch size yesterday because I got two bowls of spaghetti! So this concludes the 1st point: my wife and my mother “over-loving” me! Can you imagine how our child will be after receiving love from both of them? I don’t want to oversize my child!

The second thing I want to point out is they are both very determined on their ways of doing things. My wife has a certain way to fold my pants, so does my mom. They had a fight over how my pants should be folded for a good 15 minutes. Does it even matter? But it shows they are both detail oriented.

The next thing is they are both conservative. I found Polish people conservative. Hard working and conservative. This is very similar to Hong Kong’s hard working spirit in the 1970s. Even my mother in law is a hard worker both at work and at home. To a person like me who spent the most of my adolescent life in “western” countries with laid back/slow life style, I often feel ashamed to see how they take care of their family responsibilities and maintain a fast pace life.

The last point is both of them are good wife material. At least a good wife material in the Chinese standard. This is why I am happy to have them. Their support recharges me for the next of challenge in my life. So I would like to say 真的愛你 to them!image (3)

I wish I can write more than this but I am really not the type of person good at creative writing. If you ask me to write political argument articles, I certainly can write all day long, but articles about emotional feeling is really not my thing. See you!”

As I said not as adorable and funny as me but it was nice to read his cheesy words. Do I consider myself similar to Momzilla? Sadly, I think older I get, more I will be like her (hopefully I will one day weight same as her) – luckily I still don’t have that weird Shanghainese manner while speaking. Oh, and since today you might call my husband Schrodinger’s Sing – he might be alive and might not be while I post this… Nah, don’t worry – I still need him in case you liked his ‘Oh-God-Babe-Don’t-Make-Me-Do-This‘ post again! 😉

Did you like Sing’s first post? Maybe you wish to read him as my guest writer? Leave your feedback in the comment section below, it will help us develope!
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43 thoughts on “老公的第一篇文章:像奶奶的媳婦 – My husband’s guest post: like mother like wife

    1. we are far from being popular haha but I think he hates Ryosuke a bit since I was like ‘But look, he helps Grace and you don’t want to help me – he even shows up in the videos and is adorable and stuff! I don’t ask you to be adorable, just sit on your butt and pretend you can do something creative’ – it didn’t turn out as a good motivation haha 😀


  1. Good job, Sing. Not as adorable and funny as you, but a very good job. I liked the part about the how-to-fold-his-pants fight. Very funny.


  2. It is nice hearing from Sing! I think you should make him write more often 😀 (will he hate me for this suggestion? haha). The comparison with Momzilla was fair, he only talked about good things!


  3. Thanks. i was wondering already if there is any blogs by men about multicultural relationships. I couldnt find any, at least not at indian/gori relationships. If anyone knows any? Be well!


      1. Thanks, i know several blogs, but was just surprised there’s none to be found, from a male perspective, neither from other cultures than india. Greetz!!


  4. It is always great to read blog posts from the partner so you can see how things are looking from their perspective. I am trying myself to force my wife to write about my dad but so far she found many excuses :p


      1. Yeah, somehow I doubt the ‘4months no touch’ rule will have any effect on her…
        Nathan is so much more cooperative than my wife, nowadays she is engrossed nearly whole day doing some exporting business to China, it’s already hard enough to drag her away from laptop, phone and tablet to just eat something 😮


    1. some people think it’s their ‘duty’ to ‘protect’ women from ‘Islamic lovers’, because they think that’s the only way to prevent Poland from being next UK, France or Sweden where minorities try to enforce their habits, laws etc. plus they believe sooner or later a guy will beat and cheat on the girl – that’s how usually those people excuse themselves.
      i think it’s non of anyone’s business who loves who, it’s their choice and to be fair it’s extremely difficult to get a PL passport if not by blood (that’s why Sing never even wonder about it) so I think people are just finding excuses. everyone has a right to love, I met many Muslim men in America – those are really nice guys, not like people try to show them like those crazy fanatics. Any fanatic is bad. We used to be the most tolerant nation in Europe… like 4-5 centuries ago, now we’re still quite closed, but we get more and more opened. we’re not dumb, we will see if someone wants to use us for a citizenship or money!
      luckily I’ve been under attack only once and it was online, on the streets I could see many interracial couples and nothing bad happened to them, even in my parents’ hometown they had like three interracial couples (for over 6k people only!) and no one made a problem out of that


  5. Loved this post! Thank you for sharing both posts. YJ has been slacking on his ramen reviews, despite STILL EATING THEM (naughty naughty) so will have to remind him soon about that. He helped me with a review of our favorite drama series once (I translated his part into English) and he was like “Ugh, words, BLAH!”
    He’s so good at expressing himself. 😉
    I remember you writing… I mean… Biscuit writing some parts of postsーany chance of more Biscuit-view entries? (With lots of kitty pics?) 😀
    (Food and animals=happiness. I’m too predictable)


  6. “This is very similar to Hong Kong’s hard working spirit in the 1970s”. You mean people in HK of younger generation are different or?

    Well at least you’re honest about wifey and your mother.


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