回到遠距離的感情 – back in long distance relationship

It’s almost half way of my trip back home. I keep writing about Poland, food and I’m preparing few posts about my hometown in the last week of my stay, but few of you sent me a private message how I feel being in the long distance relationship againimage (1)

Sing and I spent serveral years as a ‘couple in a long distance relationship’ seeing each other every few months so technically we mastered covering any pain that comes with this type of relationship.

But at that time it was much easier – American education system is pretty LDR-friendly, Sing had plenty of time to talk to me. Now in last few weeks we talked in total maybe 10 hours? Try to find some spare time with 9 hours of time difference, 11 hours of working time, quarter end at your work and all the time you have to spend to feed MyStomachIsBlackHole a.k.a. Biscuit. Did I mention that Momzilla took all his private time for the last 10 days of her stay? It was pretty frustrating.

I won’t lie – it is frustrating. As much as I hate to sleep next to The Hairless Food Dispenser a.k.a. The Heater a.k.a. The Snoring MachineI actually miss it. I got so used to the snoring sound that now it’s difficult to sleep without it. Some people sleep with their TV on, I sleep with my husband on. All the things I find annoying are part of my daily routine.

There’s the hot-oil hug that only happens when I’m deep-frying something and I can burn myself.
There’s the last dish that will never find its way to the sink.
There are socks hiding in random places. I don’t know which one of them does this but I will catch the one responsible for it and revenge.
There’s the always wet mirror like we had some freaking rain forest in the bathroom.

There are many things that drive me crazy everyday and change me into She-Hulk, me no like it, me kill The Heater. If you ever see me that way just throw a chocolate in my direction and run as fast as you can. And now I just miss getting mad at him for what he did.

I felt so lonely in Copenhagen when I took a cruise, I really wished to share that experience with him. Once again I was making videos of my trip, my walk in Copenhagen, my napping place at the airport. Like a real Instagrammer I just keep taking pics of the food I eat, of the places I visit or things I do during the day. The most ridiculous things I’ve sent to my husband was my mom trying to kill my dad while playing UNO (FIY, dad is still alive, you could hear it on my Facebook so don’t call the police!), mushrooms, beer and Coke covered in Hannah Montana stickers, boo boo on my toe, literally every single meal I had until now, new charger, a plastic cat and my dad’s blood results.
I like to keep him updated with my life.

I won’t lie that I don’t miss him, but I try to enjoy my ‘almost-single-life’ by eating whatever I want, taking all the blanket and all the pillows for myself, I don’t need to cook, I feel more alive, much more alive than back in America – living in a small city makes me really tired. Now with all the technology I can keep Sing updated with all the meaningless crap I do or like and I don’t need to be stuck to my computer. God bless technology.

I try to be reasonable, one month is enough to miss him, but not to the crazy-level. Even after more than a year and a half of living together.
As for Sing… I don’t know if it’s hunger orimage maybe he got dizzy doing all the housework by himself but his day starts with ‘I miss you, I love you’ and it ends the same. In meantime he complains how hungry he is, how lonely he is and how much he wants me to go back. Like every other sentence. Now besides being The Hairless Food Dispenser a.k.a. The Heater a.k.a. The Snoring Machine he should be The Cheeseman listening to cheesy Taiwanese love songs and counting days until I’m back (but of course won’t take half day off to pick me up from the airport – that’s how much he misses me).

I don’t know if we got to the point we are still too used to being in LDR that it doesn’t make a difference anymore or since both of us are pretty busy during only month long staying or maybe SOMEONE does too much reasearch For Academic Purposes (if you read 9GAG you know what I mean) but it’s much easier right now than it used to be. My visa is in my passport, I know I won’t need to worry to see him again – the situation is more stable, we know what will happen. I think it’s great – don’t judge me as heartless or someone who doesn’t care about partner, but I just think being in LDR gives you a good warm-up in future problems of interracial and international couples. Let’s say you come from the same country but you moved away, you cannot always travel together, you might not be able to visit each other’s families. You need to make tough decisions, you need to face loneliness and we already have experience in it. You cannot get used to it but you can manage your time and feelings to make it the best and the easiest for the two of you.

Even if it’s only for a month.

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22 thoughts on “回到遠距離的感情 – back in long distance relationship

  1. I don’t think I need to comfort you about all those LDR stuff, you seem pretty experienced about it yourself. But I will give you an advice: Do NOT ever ever let MyStomachIsBlackHole know you bought a plastic cat!


  2. Aww, there’s definitely pros and cons with the short-term LDR for 2 weeks/a month. It definitely reminds you of some of the things you take for granted, but it’s also lets you be more free in another way.
    The longest YJ and I have been apart is probably 2-3 weeks when I’ve gone home for Christmas/other holidays and he couldn’t come with.
    For holidays I guess maybe it’s different? YJ missed me more (well, more openly) because he was still working and eating alone. The only thing that changed was that my wonderful presence was gone. XD Like you, I was going on trips, lazing about and spending time with my family and generally enjoying myself. I also updated with photosーthough the pics tended to be 90% of my dog. 😀


      1. Yes! Sometimes I feel bad about it, but then I remember that I can email and Skype my parents, but I can’t do that with the dog. (Well okay, sometimes I talk to her via Skype too, but it’s just me talking an her barking and no fluffy fur involved so it’s not quite the same. XD)

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Awwwww. Kitties can be fussy that way though. Sometimes I feel if there’s not a warm lap or food on offer, humans are pretty much irrelevant to cats. XD I’m sure Biscuit will be really excited when you come back though! 😀


    1. Less than two weeks left now for me – by this time I should be already hugging my biscuit but I’m not sure if there’s a home to come back, Sing was suppose to clean so I might be homeless or live in a huge garbage bin 😀


  3. You will get through this, you managed before so there shouldn’t be anything in your way to stop achieving the same again. Sure you got used to many things when living together but it is best to treasure those memories and look forward to the time when you are together again 🙂


  4. This is crazy. My Polish husband and I have been living together for about a year and a half and I just went home to the US for a month – and he was the sad one! I was sad too, but you know, it’s always easier being the one who’s away rather than the one who gets left behind.
    I just mentioned the similarity to him, and he said, “You were gone for a month?” Men.. 🙂
    Have fun in Polska, and safe travels back!


  5. I know exactly how you’re feeling about being apart! For me it is most of the time the bad part, missing my husband, but sometimes it’s nice to lay in the middle of the bed!
    If you can already start to countdown, it means you must be on your way home already 🙂


  6. I think when you live together it’s good to spend a few weeks separated… gives you some time for yourself haha! Of course you miss your partner but you know you’ll see again in a few days!


  7. I agree about managing your feelings and having strategies to cope. I can’t imagine how hubby feels being away from Japan. I didn’t miss Canada or my family much when I lived in Japan but his best friends are so far away now. We’ve been able to see his family every year since we moved to Canada but it’s obviously not the same and we haven’t been able to do the same with his friends. It’s something we were both aware of though so like you said, the long-distance at the beginning for us, even though it was only in Japan, helped prepare us in some way for our future. As for hubby and I being apart, the longest has been overnight one time since marriage. Crazy, eh?! 😀


  8. Fantastic post and the students in Hong Kong fighting for freedom to choose which neither they have it or got it…. It is a shame but it will take time to change the rules of the country under a big country control…


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