他的波蘭妻子 – his Polish wife

Can’t believe that while I’m writing this post it’s the last day I’m spending alone with Momzilla. Finally you don’t need to read about her, until next year. Hopefully she won’t think we are lonely during Christmas and she should come back. That wouldn’t be the Pl1gift I want to find under my Christmas tree.

I’m also so sorry for no new interesting post this week since I’m so busy with all the packing, preparing documents, booking tickets for transportation, buying souvenirs for 30 closest people in my family and my friends. Being ‘American auntie‘ gives me a lot of pressure.
Of course like it wasn’t difficult enough my husband and my cat realized that I will be gone soon and got pretty depressed. Biscuit now joined her forces with Hairless Food Dispenser and they do ‘Occupy Luggage’ protest. It’s kinda cute unless you need to take them out from there. Also imagine how often I have to clean my dark clothes from cat’s hair.
I even thought after reading one of the Grace’s comics (‘Doing laundry everyday is stupid’ – click) that her husband and my Momzilla bribed Biscuit to force me to do the laundry everyday. But it won’t work for me. People  merely adopted the fur. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see a furless cloth until I was already a woman. So I just keep running 10600589_275524205971377_3093594765410337715_nwith sticky tape and yelling at them to get out until I do the very last laundry.
Now I pray I packed everything, although I can bet that in the middle of our ride to the airport I will be like ‘Oh God, I forgot this and that. It’s super important!‘. And I can bet it will be a pajama. I always leave it behind.

Anyway, I started talking about something completely different.
With losing ‘Momzilla series’ I’m happy to announce a new series starting next week – My Hong Kong husband will change into His Polish Wife!

I often feel that in my AMWF blog I write a lot about my husband, his culture or Asian stuff much more than I write about my background, food or traditions. But it’s two people who make a relationship and now it’s my time to shine!

My blog is read not only by girls who are interested in Asian guys but also Asian guys who are pl2attracted by Western girl. I think every girl will agree that a guy interested in their culture will score some extra points and I will provide you some first hand information! There will be also something to read for foodies, for people who love traveling or simple you want to know me better.

I want to show you my beautiful hometown, cities I will visit when I see my family or go traveling, I will share my favorite food and recipes, upload some videos to my YouTube channel. In those moments I regret that I’m too cheap to buy GoPro, so you will have to watch my phone-quality movies. There will be also Polish-themed giveaway! Who doesn’t like giveaways?!

As you might already noticed I usually write a new post once a week. You can run out of pl3inspirations living in a town I live now so I have to plan posts ahead. Not anymore!
Polish month will be extremely intense, maybe even few new entries a week! I will be there for only a month, but there’s 53875683538538783013024014 things I wish to show you and I want to do as many things as possible. It’s really important for me to make you more familiar with Polish culture.

I wonder: what do you know about Poland? Do you know Polish people besides me? Have you ever been to Poland.
I also wish you could tell me in comments below what topics about Poland you wish me to cover.

Thank you for any suggestions and all the support I get from you. I cannot wait for His Polish Wife series and if you want please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube so I won’t miss any of the upcoming updates. And there will be lots of them!

53 thoughts on “他的波蘭妻子 – his Polish wife

  1. My silent readers told me: “Go add more Polish ladies blogs into your blogroll, or get yourself a Polish girlfriend! We want to see more pretty girls!”, I suspect they have been secretly stalking you and Agness (etramping) in blog and FB 😀


    1. You just want to eat Polish dumplings, that’s why you need a Polish girlfriend 😀 I should stalk some pretty girls on the street and make a special album on my FB haha 😀 just joking ladies, you can be safe 😀


  2. Wow! That is a LOT of things to share! How do you say that number anyway?? ;D Okay, I’ve never been to Poland. I’d like to learn about Polish traditions and some weird facts and a post on Polish cats would make Kitty Cat jealous but might be interesting. Yes! An old friend of mine escaped Poland with her family in the early 80s. She had quite a story. Oh…I’d love to see lots of photos of daily life.


      1. Ha ha ha! Let me guess. Is hubby terribly literal with a strong sense of practicality and a dash of curiosity? 😀 By the way, some people think my last name is Polish. My ancestors on one side were from Bukovina; Romanians and Ukranians, though.


          1. Ooooo! I think your husband and me would get along great. 😀 Where does your cat fit in personality-wise? I get the impression Kitty Cat (sorry! forgot the name!) is a tad mischievous.
            Yes! The other side is Brand UK so I’m kind of a mixed baby, too! 😀


  3. I would love to read some bit more about Polish food 🙂
    From my school, university and swimming time I know a few Polish people, Ive been to competitions in poland, especially in Łódź. I also still have fairly many relatives living in the areas of Województwo zachodniopomorskie and Województwo pomorskie. We hope to travel to some more closer relatives next summer or the summer therafter 🙂


      1. Thank you! I have travelled a bit in Europe, but never to Poland. I almost went there a year back. I do follow a Polish photographer, so am most curious about your country


  4. Foodfoodfoodfoodfood. Whether it’s restaurants, recipes or just general food knowledge/foodie info, I want to know it. 😀 I have a couple of Polish friends, but I don’t really know much about the country. ^^; Historic sites and such would be interesting too, but… umm… food is number one. 😀

    Have a safe trip!


  5. Już nie mogę się doczekać na miejsca z Polski zobrazowane Twoimi oczami 🙂 I just cannot wait for upcoming change into His Polish Wife. I live near to Łódź – but I am moving out to Kraków at the end of September. Kraków is the most beautiful for me 🙂 Have a good time in Poland, enjoy your stay at home 🙂


      1. I only like reading about her 🙂 hehehe So if she decides to come back, bad for you that you have to deal with her, but good for me that I can read about her 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I have come across LOTS of polish people. In my hometown, it has gone from practically zero to “I see (or rather hear, can’t really tell much from British vs Polish faces) them all the time – supermarket, on the street, at work, at the doctors. It’s a bit weird really, how quickly things have changed. They seem to think my area (which I always thought was run down) is a nice place to live.


    1. well, a lot of people found better life outside Poland 🙂 it’s funny because politicians in Poland complain Polish women don’t give a birth, but average PL immigrant family in UK has 2-3 children. I think if someone works hard, learn the language and local culture it’s fine, but if someone doesn’t want to follow the local rules, doesn’t want to learn the language and wants to change everything to their advantage – then there’s a problem


  7. Yeah, that’s why I know they’re Polish, many don’t speak English. At times it feels a bit hostile, I grew up as a minority in Britain, so people always thought I was the immigrant until I started to speak, now that I’m grown up I have had a few times when Polish (and other white immigrants) have treated ME as the foreigner, despite them being one as well!


    1. I dislike that too, English is not hard to learn and people give the rest of us a bad opinion thinking non of us can speak English. Sad. There are good people and bad people, too bad you had to meet the other ones 😦


  8. Wow! This sounds really exciting 🙂
    Hahahaha. I can’t wait to read all about Poland (I want food pictures!!!)

    When I was first moving back to Japan, my sister’s dog kept sitting in the luggage. He knew I was leaving and was like “noooooooooooooooo.”
    Animals are much smarter than we give them credit for~
    Have a safe flight back to Poland!


  9. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far about AMWF couples, but I am looking forward to this new series. I’ve always been interested in Polish culture but don’t know much about it, so hopefully I will learn more soon from here. Hehe, I understand when you say you’re the “American auntie”. When I go back to Malaysia to visit my relatives, they look forward to my gifts from Australia. Especially all the Australian chocolate I bring back for them 😀


  10. lol. it’s rather funny that your hubby ganged up with your fur kid to do the occupy luggage protest. but heart warming to know they both don’t like the fact that you are to be away for a while.

    Liked by 1 person

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