波蘭女孩心中的完美丈夫 – perfect husband for a Polish girl

Since this year’s Eurovision song contest (and the ‘Milk-cow-song‘ Sing likes to call it) there’s a boom in my mailbox with questions the-perfect-husbandlike ‘What kind of a guy Polish girl would like to marry?‘ or ‘How to meet and be the perfect guy for a Polish girl‘ etc. that it’s just much easier to write a blog entry about it, haha. Just like in the post about perfect Chinese and Polish wives (click here) I gathered opinions from forums, surveys and my friends and made a list of the most common things Polish women look for when it goes to finding a perfect husband. Of course every girl is different, those are just the most popular answers and life often verifies the ideal version of a man with reality (and of course the other way). Let’s see what makes a perfect husband for Polish girls!

  • Wife and a child are most important, he has to be by her side and support her ideas.
  • ‘New’ family they make together should be more important than the ‘old’ one, big ‘no’ to mommy-boys. 
  • Resourceful – he’s the man so he has the biggest responsibility for the family, he should know how to get out of any situation and make the girl feel she can depend on him anytime.
  • Patient – with all the PMS, pregnancy hormones or just natural behavior a good husband should be patient, of course to some point.
  • Has to have balls. Not literally – he just needs to know how to find a balance between spoiling us and completely losing their own opinion. Cannot agree for everything, all the time because sooner or later he will be boring.
  • Preferably smarter than his woman – it doesn’t need to be a higher degree from a better Uni, but he should be smart enough to impress the girl and be seen as a ‘smart leader’ in the relationship.
  • Age difference is not that important but most of the women said they would prefer a guy 1-8 years older than them. 8, what a weird number to choose.Img397185023
  • Has his own hobbies and friends – overly attached partners are just creepy and kinda… scary? It’s OK from time to time to spend time just with your own friend, but they never should come before the wife.
  • Takes her of himself – many men complain their wives stop taking care of themselves but forget to look down on their beer-muscle or a stain on their T-shirt. If you want a good looking wife you should make sure you can do the same for her.
  • This one is my favorite because it appeared in every single post or opinion from friends and I can relate to it myself: don’t be cheesy. Little bit of romance is quite and can charm your girl, but if you get to the point she pukes with a rainbow then I’m sorry, the best thing you can get now is friend-zone.
  • Be similar and compatible – many girl wrote that even thought some people say couples should be like yin-yang to balance each other but if you don’t have similar interests, goals, view of life and future it will be impossible to make the relationship last long. Of course there surely are exceptions but I need to agree with this opinion.
  • A gentleman – gentleman is a man that will make a girl feel special, especially after marriage when the first butterflies flew away.
  • According to survey in of Polish magazines 3 most common things women were looking for are: sense of humor, intelligence and caring about others. The others things were honesty, creativity, need of adventure. So like they said – your private part’s size doesn’t matter as long as you know how to joke about it ;).
  • Tidy – nothing gets more on the nerves than a pair of smelly socks on the ground or dirty dish ‘soaking’ for the past week in the sink. How he takes care of the environment he stays in shows how he might take care of his family. Plus the ‘disgust’ factor.

il_340x270.359169826_pmzhEven if you think you don’t match the ‘requirements’ don’t worry – neither my husband. He didn’t even match my ‘perfect future husband’ standards when we married: that socially awkward cheeseman was able to escape out of friend-zone, took a train to Boyfriendville, passed the Fiance-station and make it all the way to Hubbysisco. Believe me, if he could do it, you can do it! As I said at the beginning – life likes to confront you with your expectations, but most likely it’s on your side because love can win over it.

What is the image of a perfect husband in your country? Does it match your preferences? Could you call your partner/yourself ‘the perfect husband’? Cannot wait to read your stories! 🙂
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22 thoughts on “波蘭女孩心中的完美丈夫 – perfect husband for a Polish girl

  1. I am not sure what they typical male type is for this country. It almost varies from state to state, but for the most part he must be kind, care for and about his family before anything else. Know when to listen to his wife and be understanding. Marriages being partnerships is very important here too. Though it seems there is still a culture of the man being in charge. I have a great husband who is understanding, has stuck by me through thick and thin and loves me no matter what size I am or how mental I am at the moment.


    1. I totally agree with the partnership thing. Of course as a girl I want a supportive boyfriend who will take care of me but I also like to think that I am a supportive girlfriend who will take care of my boyfriend in return. Both boys and girls find a strong, ambitious and caring partner attractive. (I know some boys that don’t want their partners to be too successful as they need to be the masculine provider but they are for the most part insecure and chauvinists not worth bothering with)
      Sometimes people forget the reciprocity. Some girls might think its great having a man take care of them all the time for nothing in exchange but this will lead to a lack of respect for the girl and an imbalance in the relationship which is far less healthy.

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  2. I think many of the points you covered are for all girls. I know most girls I know want a responsible, patient, etc. family man. However, I think the main thing is love. He can be the perfect guy ‘on paper’ but if there is no love, then the relationship probably won’t work out.


  3. Do you think these are universal traits, or unique to Polish women? Are Chinese women different?

    To be a gentleman, to be romantic but not too cheesy, to be a bit more educated, bit more money (and I assume make a bit more money), to not be a momma’s boy, etc…

    Really, it’s possible to escape the friend-zone and take a train to elsewhere?! I thought women almost never change their mind on that.


    1. a lot of people say Chinese girls are money-oriented, unlucky for my husband’s cousins they have that kind of girls, but the other ones I know want a guy to be resourceful and feel they can count on him, that has plans for future and is a gentlemen so I can say it’s quite similar.

      yes Sing made it 😀 he was put into friend-zone by my previous break-up (my ex cheated on me so you could only imagine how I just wanted to be with someone 😉 ) and he just kept on being socially awkward cheeseman and I have no clue how he made that thing happened, even after all those years haha

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  4. I hadn’t watched the Polish song in Eurovision until now and I just can say… OMG.

    I think my boyfriend makes a good husband, even if we are not married, but as we live together I know. He’s good with children (I’m not), he does the dishes, he’s not a mamma’s boy, he’s a gentleman, he likes taking care of me (not that I need it, haha)…


  5. I remember always thinking that my perfect man could come from almost any country, but he had to be taller than me. And then I met John…and somehow he convinced me to throw out that rule, so there you go! 😉


  6. I would say this is not only a list which can be applied for polish girls but for many other countries as well. However as noted in another comment, it seems that many Chinese girls are more money oriented. Some of my wife’s friends are such cases, having 2-3 boyfriends at once to pick the richest of the lot but then they always end up alone again…


  7. I totally agree that a girl/woman has to be just as supportive. Marriage is a 100% commitment from both parties. One may have to carry the load for the other when times are tough, but the point is to do it together. Money is not everything and there are women here in America that think that money and status is the most important thing. That can happen anywhere in the world.


  8. I think I was looking for someone who was kind and gentle but quite manly too, and I was lucky enough to find a man who was ask those things but also very romantic and attentive and funny! I guess the only thing I didn’t expect is that he’s 3 years younger than me.

    I have no idea what British girls look for in general in a husband. I feel like family is less important than in other countries, but maybe I’m doing us a disservice!


  9. Hahaha, puking with rainbows and the first butterflies flying away. Love how vividly you describe these things in your posts!

    According to this list, my husband seems to be almost perfect (except for the dirty socks). I’m wondering why no one else married him first (lucky me)?! To me, one criteria is that he needs to treat me as an equal.


  10. Love this post. You could trade any country with the ones you’ve inserted and it would all still apply! Basically Men are universally the same and women are too. So funny how that works. Thanks for stopping by my blog – did the post title fool you?


  11. Lina, what’s your view on the European Elections? All of Europe is going towards the Far Right. 30% of Poland voted for a party whose leader said that women are less intelligent than men! Even in UK our anti EU right party got the most votes. Scary times!


    1. Just googled it and don’t worry – that 28% is in age of 18-25 and it’s not even an official result just saying the score by asking people who would they vote on. Sadly young people are desperate enough to believe that he can change something but to me he’s just an insane man. Luckily I doubt he can make it.


  12. As many people have already mentioned, I think a lot of those definitely fit for many girls!
    I love your description at the end, “that socially awkward cheeseman was able to escape out of friend-zone, took a train to Boyfriendville, passed the Fiance-station and make it all the way to Hubbysisco.”
    I’m still laughing out loud now. XD

    Hmm, I couldn’t say what would be the perfect husband in my home country (Sweden), but my fiancé (Japanese) certainly fills a lot of the criteria I imagine there to be. He definitely fills most of mine — at least the important ones. The fact that he keeps calling the window the door in his own native language is just a bonus and makes me feel less self-conscious about my language skills haha. XD


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