New project – The Real Asian style

Some of you might noticed on my facebook that I prepared a new project called ‘The Real Asian style‘. I love so called image_8Asian/Korean/Japanese style clothes and their price is usually so ridiculously cheap that my PC screams ‘buy it’. But with great price can come great disappointment.

How many of you got fooled, cloth you got was totally different from what you’ve expected, zipper didn’t want to move or threads were coming out of your new shirt? I’ve been there, we all have been there. And to help you and other buyers (but also satisfy my need of new, cute clothes) I finally started The Real Asian style.

I’m at the very beginning of my ‘fashion-reviewer career’ but I can already tell you what you can expect:

  • both women’s and men’s fashion reviews
  • price, cost of shipping, time it took for a package to be delivered
  • color, size, how similar it is with pictures provided by the seller
  • real photos

I’m not a professional photographer neither a writer but I will do my best to give you the best review and photos I can make so you know if you can give that clothing a shot or you should close your browser.image

For today I want to share with you my first thoughts about Korean style short sleeve heart printed chiffon top . For future reviews please click ‘The Real Asian style’ button on the top of My Hong Kong husband blog, next to ‘About’. In next couple of days I will divide the whole TRAS (sounds bad, haha) into different sections for different types of clothing.

Do you have any suggestions I could use? Please, leave them in the comment section and share my project with others! Thank you! 🙂

PS. If you still don’t know you can follow My Hong Kong husband along with The Real Asian style on:

Fast link to my reviews (updated 28/2/2014):

18 thoughts on “New project – The Real Asian style

  1. some time ago i purchased a hoodie from Korea, loved it… but it shrinked cuz i washed it incorrectly. But from my experience in terms of design, it does seem that Asia has bigger choice in this regard and maybe more unique? Though i don’t know much about this topic, hard to say 🙂


  2. Very interesting, I’m looking forward to your thoughts and reviews. Here in mainland China we see a lot of dated styles, a retro vibe if you will from the early 80’s. My daughters do enjoy the bags from a few Korean designers…


  3. Good luck with the project. More often than not my wife and many of her friends were disappointed by the clothes they purchased online (size wrong, totally different item, poor quality etc.) and so far they only know a handful of trusted websites


  4. Where do you buy your Asian style clothes? My office mates are totally addicted to Taobao but I never buy clothes there, I’m too big for Chinese sizes and I don’t dare buying without trying it on haha!


    1. I hope my blog will be able to help you, haha 🙂 I usually go for eBay and Amazon, I’ll try those small HK online stores but I never tried Taobao – do you know anything about their credit card security? that’s my biggest worry – we already had a situation when a bank called us saying someone tried to purchase something over 1000 USD on our card and they blocked it so we’re now really picky about buying from Chinese sites because they have great hackers haha 🙂


  5. I really LOVE your idea…I will follow your posts and maybe I´ll see some cute clothes…I love the style of clothing I saw in Asia…


  6. I love that you’re starting this! I often see cheap Asian clothes that I’d love to buy on Ebay but I worry that the quality will be bad. I’m really looking forward to reading your reviews.


  7. You don’t have to dress like one of them….I reckon your husband would prefer that you dress like a normal western girl. If I had a girlfriend one day, I would not ask her to go Japanese/Korean style at all!!!
    p.s. When will you write back to me via email…….you know me =___=”””


  8. This is very interesting.
    Indonesia has been suffering from Korean fever since they aired “Full House” and “Autumn Love Story” on one of our national TVs. Our fashion is now much influenced by Korean fashion. The only thing which is still rare is male V-neck shirt ala Korean boy-band guys. 😀

    I hope you include the ones with ethnic touch like Andre Kim’s works. Best of luck with your new project! 😀


  9. I wrote some articles about Asian trends: or Budapest, there is a lot of Asian girls, who look really adorable in their outfits, but I guess the problem, for us European is the size. Asian are much shorter and skinner, so I had always doubt where I was browsing through Taobao website or Gmarket. I would buy everything, but what if it will be too small? anyway, now I am focusing about trends in Budapest, more likely that it will fit everyone 🙂


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