波蘭女人 – Chinese men on Polish women

Not literally ON. Since me and my husband are Polish-Chinese couple and that blog was suppose to be ‘AMWF-themed’ from the polki1very beginning I finally decided to come back to the origin of it and ‘open’ a corner about Chinese people living or studying in Poland, being in relationships or willing to date a Polish woman or man. Let’s see how it goes!

Today we Googled a bit to find out what Chinese men think of Polish women. Some of the opinions were really nice and made me feel proud, other ones made me wonder if they are really meeting ‘my people’ in their daily life and some others… check yourself!

To find what we needed we went to a forum for Chinese/HK/Taiwanese people living in Poland and besides lots of arguments you could read their (and my) opinion about my ladies:

  • I didn’t expect Polish women are so conservative, much more conservative than girls from Western Europe or States
  • If you can handle eating bread and milk everyday you can marry her, but if you expect to eat a good rice you will starve to death. And that’s why I have a rice cooker.
  • In China people see me as someone who eats a lot but those girls can eat more than I that’s why when they got old they will get fat. And I thought we all stay beautiful and in shape until we die. Nooo. 
  • They drink a lot of beer, but not really other types of alcoholW020120612337129325795
  • I think they are too different from us – religion, lifestyle, opinions, non of you can force to change and she will always defend her own people instead of you and your people when something happens
  • When you first meet them you think you can save up a lot of money but more serious relationship gets I feel like more spendings you need to make
  • Pretty girls, very tough, more tough than for example Hungarian. Tough… body tough like beating someone? What? 
  • Good housewives, can handle taking care of a child, taking care of house and even going to work at the same time. Really tough, not like some princess
  • I never thought I say that but Chinese girls are more opened in bed
  • I didin’t finish my studies, my wife has a PhD and we don’t need to worry about money.
  • In other countries I heard that guys are alcoholic and girls are prostitutes – since I’m here I know it is so not true. Well, it probably is true in some %, let’s face it – no country is free of alcohol or prostitution, but it’s nice to hear someone changes his mind.
  • I dated one Polish girl, she was disable but very smart. I guess in every country there are good people and shitty people
  • No matter if she’s rich or poor all of them know how to do housework. You wish.
  • They don’t spend too much money. I guess you never seen me doing shopping at a candy section. 
  • If you found a girl who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and doesn’t smell like a camel – congratulations, you found a diamond. My question is: how did the guy know how the camel smells like. Can you just walk and sniff it?
  • Girls are perfect: pretty, smart, have their own opinion and they are very independent. Should we blush, ladies?
  • Last year I met a Polish girl in China visiting her Chinese boyfriend. She was pretty and nice but liked to take advantages of small things like coupons etc. and it made me feel like she was… cheap? Oh, c’mon, everyone loves coupons! 
  • They are not as active in chasing the guy they like as Turkish girls.

And many, many more. Of course no one can judge a whole nation but it’s really陳家洛interesting to know what someone rised in such a different culture thinks of people in your country. We say that every stereotype comes from some behavior, so even if it’s a steretype it has at least 1% of truth in it. Should I be happy then? I mean if you don’t think about the camel thing. 🙂

What people think when they hear where you come from you? Share your experience!

53 thoughts on “波蘭女人 – Chinese men on Polish women

  1. The comments reflect the Chinese culture’s expectations of what a woman offers to a man, commenting on domestic competence, intelligence, ability to bring in money, not be a princess, be “open” in bed. What does the man bring to the woman? I always wonder… That camel comment kind of implies that most in fact do smell like camels. Because if you find one that doesn’t, she’s a diamond… Am I wrong?


    1. I think older generation is harder to understand that love doesn’t have a nationality or race, even now some young conservative people are crazy about people mixing – online on some PL forums someone said to me that I’m destroying Caucasian race and because of me there will be no more blonds in Europe. My only response could be ‘then you go and make some, don’t get into my bed and marriage’. I must say that it’s a part of my society I’m ashamed of :/

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      1. Don’t be ashamed! There are always narrow-minded people out and about. Don’t get bogged down by what they think, otherwise ur life will be very miserable. We had a study in Sydney, apparently the future race is going to look very Eurasian!


      2. outforalonglunch says it all, great comment. 🙂

        I was in Gdansk in the early 00’s, and found Polish women amazing (beautiful and polite). Great people in every country…so enjoy them and ignore the jerks (who also happen to be in every country).


  2. My understanding is that Polish people as a whole are quite conservative because of the strong influence that Catholicism has in the society. However, couplings between Polish women and East Asian men, when they do occur, tend to be more successful than those made up of Western European/American women and East Asian men. I would assume this is attributable in no small part to the conservative nature of Polish women.


  3. I guess this is the situation between Chinese – Norwegian also , not only have I read online , but heard from my 老公 friends .. They asked him how he can handle a girl that’s from Europe and why he can eat bread for breakfast .. Westernized as is he answered ; well , it’s a thing u get used to , she gets used to a lot of Chinese things and I get used to a lot of western things ,, I guess that’s the reality .. Although there will always be those kind of questions >.<. Great post though !

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  4. I was quite sad about someone writing about “her people”, and “my people”. It’s sad how young people still think in races, nationalities, and categories.
    And some of the comments are also very sexist and refer to old gender roles.
    And I didn’t understand the last comment about turkish girls :’D I don’t think that’s true :’D


    1. Aww sorry to make you sad 🙂 about the last comment it’s like that: if a girl likes a guy she will chase him and also put an effort to make a relationship, but according to the last comments Polish girls won’t 🙂


      1. Hahaha no, it is not your fault! I experience this a lot here, too.
        And I think there are also a lot of turkish girls who are too shy to chase a guy hey love, since they also tend to be conservative and want the boys to make tbe first step to conquer them 🙂


  5. I expect most of those opinions are based on the guys only meeting a couple of Polish people. Everyone is different so I think it’s hard to judge unless you live in a country for a while or have met a lot of people from that country.

    I mean, near where I live is an area FULL of Polish people and Polish shops, because many Poles comes to the UK to work…so I only see that all these Polish people are cleaners or do the jobs the English won’t do. Of course that isn’t true if you look at the bigger picture!

    Everyone thinks in the UK we all drink tea and talk about the weather…ok, maybe I talk about the weather a bit but I don’t like tea! 😉


  6. I don’t know any Polish girl well enough to make a fair comment, but would be interested to know how Polish see themselves and is there something unique about them in general? Like we have “公主病” in Hong Kong.

    May be I can make some “interesting” contribution on the camel smell part, if you know that distinct smell from lamb, then camel is just a much stronger version of it , basically it is dairy smell. As people can acquired smell from their diet, some Chinese people who have little exposure to this smell would would find western people smell weird. BTW, Muslim people do find Chinese smell like pork, don know if you have heard of that?

    Personally , that “white girl “smell is a head tuner for me. On the other hand, more than a few occasions, I have been put off by the smell of some Mainland Chinese girls. It is my problem , not theirs , of course.


  7. What a wide range of opinions, but then again, not surprising. I am always amused when Chinese ask me things about my home country or other European countries. I mean, do really some Chinese think we have shrines for Adolf Hitler in Europe?? It just sick but then my wife told me that she learned in school that he was a great man, nearly on par with Stalin (I do not think anyone sane wants to be on par with those two gentlemen).

    It also depends how “wordly” a person is. People learning about other cultures only through their TV-shows and movies will have a lot of stereotyping going on compared to a person who actually does research and/or travels around with an open mind. This applies to Chinese as it does to any other nationality (you wouldn’t believe the things I have been asked by other Germans about China…)


    1. I mean, do really some Chinese think we have shrines for Adolf Hitler in Europe??


      Many do. Eastern Europe and parts of Germany, German, Northern Europe still idolise Hitler and his ideals


      1. Yes, many idolize him all around the world but many people in the Asian world do not understand that horrors he has brought the world, for some he is another successfull leader.

        However the percentage in Europe is rather low, sure there many extremists but one has too look hard to find some (except in the news which like to make everything big…)


        1. It’s surprisingly common actually. Just last year in Germany a group of neo nazis was finally arrested after a decades long campaign where they targeted non-whites and murdered them.

          In America there are towns bought up my Nazis with a white only policy, they are building up stock, rearing animals etc. to “prepare for the race war”.

          And in Britain where I live we have had numerous “white pride” events, certainly it is a regular thing for white supremacists to get together and host such gigs.

          In Greece, Golden Dawn have taken root. Colluding with the police to target non whites. It’s their fault after all that Greeks are out of jobs… right?

          Not to mention the quite prevalent far right political wing all across Europe. They are gaining traction.

          But no I guess you’re right, the news are making it out to be a big deal then it really is.


          1. Yes, there are those problems. Yes, in Germany they are going currently through those trials and everyone is shocked about how easy they could do it over such long time. But have you ever considered how small these events are if you put them up to the overall crimes in any given country?

            Each country has its extremists, its not just in the western countries, you find it everywhere. Just point out one bigger nation without any right wing extremists, I think you will be hard pressed.

            Anyways, what’s the deal with your constant pessimism anyways? Can’t you just let us ignorant folk live our way…


      2. You seem to be making excuses, downplaying things. These are not just “small events” – but of course, being of the white majority you would think that. No, the stories you hear are just the culmination of racist thoughts and actions. Do you really think groups like Golden Dawn, or racist killers just “happen”? It may start off with insults on the street, which the minority may ignore… before progressing onto worse and worse actions.

        What’s the deal with my constant pessimism? Because, unlike you, I have to live through this. In my own country. Every day. At work, play, social, even walking to the shops. A shame you can’t experience what I, and most minorities in the west do.


      3. “Can’t you just let us ignorant folk live our way…”

        The very fact that you make a joke about racism just shows how lacking in understanding how serious it is. To you these are just miserable comments on the net, just walk away and live your happy non discriminate life.

        Personally I can’t see how one can make such a light hearted comment straight after talking about how a gang targeted and KILLED nonwhites simply for who they were. Maybe you can explain that.


  8. Polish girls? Haha, I have seen a few at my uni and they are all pretty girls. I can tell some of them may possess a few Asian genes in them as their faces carry a little bit of Asian features, which make them look more attractive 🙂 But yeah, there are always some idiots who have never set foot in a western country, yet they think they know the western culture well enough by watching a few American dramas or Downton Abbey. So if this was the case, nobody should go to the State unless they fancy a bit of a gunfight for their daily breakfast. It’s the same like saying if I dress in a shirt of Manchester United, then I play for Manchester United. And in fact, we all would be aliens because God picked the Jews in the first place, not the rest of us. How about that? If love only ever exists within the same race, then Jesus died for nothing on the cross. When people think the Asian cultures are still conservative, to be honest with you it really depends on where you go. Of course, those men who just want to look for women “open” enough in Europe, I strongly suggest they do something more productive than simply watching online porn all day long, period.


  9. I always love your “We Googled” posts. You pick the most fascinating topics; and stereotypes are the best! I’d say Polish girls came out pretty good in this (excluding the camel part). Not so sure if I’d want to know what they thought of American girls though. When I was in Tianjin, the guys all talked about how they expected Americans to be “more open” girls. . . whatever that means. Made me feel good though when they kept saying I was “cute” and a “good girl.” It’s was always funny how the more alcohol the guys drank. the more open they were in talking about how they thought we would be 😛 So maybe I helped set that stereotype straight? 🙂

    How do so many girls from Poland meet men from China? Is there a large community of Polish in China or vice versa? I know that the guys that come to the US aren’t really dating girls from here (they almost always date other exchange students from China), so I’m not sure how many would be qualified to speak to how their stereotypes lived up to reality. Too bad, there’s some seriously good looking boys come through my university. 😛


    1. all the opinions were taken from forum for Chinese people living in Poland – we have some people going abroad to East, but most of them prefer West 🙂 in Hong Kong there are just 70-80 people living for longer, in China probably more but cannot really tale you 🙂
      if you want in few weeks I can make article what Chinese men think of girls from ‘most popular’ countries 🙂
      and the ‘more open’ thing comes from how we are shown in Eastern Media – I watched one of the romantic comedies and white girl appeared… of course she was horny, open and she just wanted to hump that little, rich Asian man 🙂 quite sad, isn’t it? 🙂


      1. I have to disagree here. Yes, Chinese people do have stereotypes of Westerners. However, these stereotypes were not created by Chinese people in their media, but rather they were derived from the image of Westerners as presented by the Western media (think Hollywood). When you have shows like “Sex and the City”, for example, it’s not hard to understand why the Chinese would get the idea that Western women are “open”, especially if they’ve never met a Western woman in real life.

        That stands in stark contrast to the stereotypes of Asians that are perpetuated in the West, which were created by Westerners, for the consumption Westerners.


  10. So wonderful to find your blog!

    From my experience, as a Polish girl, I can say that I actually did find Chinese guys astonished by the quantity of beer I can drink (come on, is two – three beers really a lot?) ;D


  11. I really don’t give a damn about what someone thinks of me. We all have strengths and weakness. God created all of us. I really think comparing folks to each other is petty Phariseticalism. One up man ship irritates me. No one is better than anyone else. We all are God’s creative thoughts incarnated, into our body at His Appoint Time, to Our Particular Parents. What’s more important: is at conception we are all given (1) Our own unique DNA (2) Our own Immortal Soul (3) Our very own, lifelong, Guardian Angel, to help us to go to Heaven someday. And, at the End of Time our bodies will be Resurrected and Abide Forever with Our Soul in Heaven or Hell; for All Eternity.

    In the meantime: we can love our neighbors as ourself or pick them apart, to make us feel greater, than them; which is a bald-faced lie. Hating our neighbor’s oddities stifles our growth towards loving him/her.

    It is better to get past our differences and work towards “unity” and “love.” If not, we will have many Globalist Nations justifying annihilating other weaker Nations, like what’s going on in Syria, Libya, Phillipines or Iraq.

    I for one, am tired of my country demonizing and warring on, other countries; via War, Weather Weapons, or GMO’s or Faulty Vaccines geared to “Euthanize” the poorer countries’ citizens.

    I can little afford comparing myself to other people, who may be different. I want our world to live and love justly, with Truth, Love and Mercy.


  12. Interesting and amusing statements, as always when you cross international and cultural borders. I’m actually really pleased that these were mostly positive comments, though I am worried about the guy who said that the cultural differences are so great that she’ll always defend her own people over you. While it is true that two wildly different sets of people are bound to encounter some major differences in the way they approach life, and while it is true that this can cause some degree of conflict, one of the keys to surviving an interracial relationship is compromising and trying to educate each other about your different cultures. If you can’t bring yourself to attempt to find common ground and learn more about each other, I’d wager that there are other, more serious problems in your relationship than your differing cultures:



  13. I never thought about it in this way. I guess there are always exceptions though. ” I guess in every country there are good people and shitty people” Well said.


  14. I find if you are sitting in a nice coffee shop and get to chat with smart women. Where they are from makes little difference. The nice thing about roaming in Philippines was that you say hi to a pretty lady and she actually says hi back and not fake response. The West is going through a jaded period where too often we fear talking to each other and looking one in the eye.


  15. Camels? In POLAND? Dromedary or Bactrian?
    I can imagine how he knew, but…
    I guess we can learn and discuss cultures but we have to marry individuals (for now, anyway) and those take a lot of learning no matter where they’re from…


  16. I can offer a unique view, I’m a British Chinese in Britain, where there are lots of Polish women coming here for work. They are in general more polite than their British counterparts, but I don’t know if that’s because they are wary of being in a foreign country – but of course there are those who are rude as well.

    There was a news story 2 years ago about a Polish guy who raped, murdered and buried a Thai girl living in Wales, so yeah, I don’t think you can stereotype much here.


    1. I read that back and it sounded terrible, as if all Polish men were murderers. Basically there are plenty of Polish people now in my area, most are like us, a few are bad apples.

      Ironically I have come across some Polish people who support the anti immigration rhetoric that is in Britain right now, some honestly believe that they have more right to be in this country than British born non-whites who have been here for generations!


  17. hahaha! My husband (Japanese), back when I first met him, didn’t even believe me I was from Poland. His explanation? I wasn’t “trying to be pretty in that cheap and skanky way” he got to know in Eastern Europe.


  18. Hm… Let’s say among all my Asian, also Chinese friends living in Poland, I cannot recall any who drinks less than me. 😀 Okay, I drink quite little but they really like it, both girls and guys!
    I’m engaged with Japanese guy… not Chinese so I won’t make more comments 🙂 Anyway, it was really interesting article for me to read, thank you!


  19. Just travelling in Poland and come across this blog while googling directions. Very interesting read. Polish women are very attractive and nice overall.


  20. Polish girls are great, considered most beautiful women in the world so you get the picture. They are highly educated and strong women. Polish prostitutes are amongst best hookers in the world. I think Polish women are very adventurous and open and don’t like cooking.


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