香港三級電影 – Hong Kong Category III movies

With too much free time while waiting for my cat to be taken from shelter I recently refreshed myself some Hong Kong cat. III movies. What is cat. III? First time I saw that shortcut I thought it’s really about cats and kitties, just like ‘Xing’ on the road in America – we drive somewhere and I popped out with ‘wow, that Chinese dude Xing must done something really big here, look how many streets are named by him’. He just looked at me and said ‘Yes, Mr. Crossing is kinda big man here’.500px-Hong_Kong_film_rating_cat3.svg

But coming back to the main topic – Hong Kong motion picture rating system has 3 levels and 2 sub-levels of rating the movies you can see at the cinema or at home.

  • Level One: suitable for all ages
  • Level Two A: not suitable for children, Level Two B: not suitable for children and young people – the government suggests parental guidance when watching the film
  • Level Three: Persons Aged 18 and Above Only – No one younger than 18 years of age are permitted to rent, purchase, or watch this film in a movie theatre

So in general category III films are like The Game of Thrones – Blood, boobs and more boobs. On my youtube channel ( instead of making ‘kawaii-faces vblog’ I try to find not so easy to find movies with English subtitles and share them with other foreigners and that helped me with seeing one thing – as much as I like murders, movies based on real crimes etc. most guys come there for naked breasts and raping scenes. Quite disturbing.

Today I want to share with you few of my favourites and why I like them! As I already mentioned I have always been that weird child who watched Discovery Channel and their series called ‘crime night’ with all medical detectives, FBI agents and other not really children-suitable TV shows. I must want you: what you might read or see here from now on might make you feel disturbed or disgust, if you’re a sensitive person DON’T SCROLL DOWN.

八仙飯店之人肉叉燒包 – The Untold Story

Hong Kong crime-thriller film directed by Herman Yau and starring Danny Lee and Anthony Wong. The film is allegedly based on a true crime that took place in 1985 in Macau. The story opens with Wong Chi Hang fleeing the Hong Kong police, who are after him for murder. He winds up in Macau, where he takes a job as a cook at the 8 Immortals restaurant. After getting busted for cheating at a game of Mah Jong, Wong kills the owner and the family, taking over the restaurant himself.
Why I liked it? It was the very first cat. III film I’ve seen from Hong Kong movies, it’s based on the real story. What happens there is really disturbing but it was also a real thing. I cannot tell much because I don’t want to make any spoilers but I’m just telling you – the movie is so wicked, Anthony Wong plays his role so convincing that you might believe he really has something going on in his head. A must see!

羔羊醫生 – Dr. Lamb 

An abnormal taxi driver lusts for blood every rainy night, and several young women are killed as a result. The muderer, Laiu, likes to take photos of the victims dismembered bodies as momentos. Inspector Lee is called onto the case in this bizarre thriller.
Why I liked it? It’s another movie based on a real crimes by Lam Kor-wan also known as Jar Murderer. It already can tell you a lot about the movie itself. It was so bizzare and terrifying that made me really scared. So close to you, you wouldn’t expect that coming. Beside that Simon Yam is really looking like a copy of Lam Kor-wan! But don’t worry, he is now in prison until the end of his days. Once even I passed a road from which I could see that place and my super-romantic husband said ‘Remember Dr. Lamb movie? He is there’.

屯門色魔 – The Rapist

A serial rapist is loose in the Hong Kong suburb of Tuen Mun. Based on the true story of Lam Kwok-wai, who raped and murdered women in the early 90s.
Why I liked it? I cannot say I liked it. I hate rape scenes, I always skip it no matter if movie is Asian or Western, it just makes me feel uncomfortable so I had to skip quite big part of the movie, but what made me watch this is how flats ‘used to work’. how to avoid being raped now. In a place my husband’s family has a flat there’s a security guard, cameras in every elevator, you can feel safe. But at that time there was nothing like this, people didn’t care ‘it’s non of my business’/ Also from my husband’s room I could see the blocks they found bodies. On one hand it’s so terrible and sad on the other hand how close it was. It could happen to anyone – me, you, someone from our families. It’s worth watching, but since it was focused mostly on physical violence against women I didn’t feel comfortable watching it. I mean, I know you can say why I don’t skip murder scenes and blood but why I skip rapes? My answer is very simple: many murder scenes are really fake with hektoliters of blood etc. but HK rape scenes look very real. Not JAV-real, just really make you feel like it was happening to you.

人頭豆腐湯 – There Is A Secret In My Soup & 烹屍之喪盡天良 – Human Pork Chop

Human Pork Chop is  shown as a flashback sequence, a group of men brutally torture, rape, and murder a prostitute who was caught stealing from her pimp. Based on a true story. There is a secret in my soup –  opens at the scene of the crime and then progresses to the police station, with the officer in charge of the investigation questioning the various parties involved. This provides the necessary lead-in to the flashback structure these films invariably adopt. Abused by her husband, Maggie Chan moves out and into an apartment shared by Pat and her spouse Rocky. Maggie begins working as a prostitute for the latter but eventually steals some money and Rocky’s fancy lighter, prompting the pimp to send psychotic debt collector Joe after her.

Why I liked those movies? I don’t want to say too much about those movies itself in order to not make a spoiler, but if you’re really interested you can read various articles about the Hello Kitty Murder that happened in 1999 in TST. I think you should watch both of the movies, they show the same crime, were released the same year and even show same locations and some of the buildings. It’s fun to compare both of the movies – so similar but the way they actors play their characters are way different. And when we talk about actors did I mention that in Human Pork Chop one of the main roles is played by the drummer of Beyond? Of course there were comments that he is a shame to Beyond but for me I didn’t get that emotional with his character and it was just a nice experience to see him acting. No matter how brutal he was in the movie. Which one I like more? My type is Human Pork Chop, I just hate that Joe, the debt collector from the other movie. My reaction on him is like reaction of most Hongkongers on CY Leung a.k.a. Mr. 689. 

三五成群 – Street Kids Violence

A case of juvenile violence called “Horrible Tortures” shocks the city. The highest sentencing is life in prison. However, one of the most important criminal in the case, Beep, is only sentenced to seven-year imprisonment. The verdict has the other story behind.
Why I liked it? Because comparing to movies above this one was commited by kids. Young, impressed by triads and power. It is sad what human can do to other human and when you realize murderers where younger than you, maybe in the age of your child… Isn’t that scarrier than ghosts and hunted houses?

Well, this is it. Of course there are many more I really got into while watching like the ‘Intruder’ or the one with two girl and body burnt by acid which title I cannot remember – if anyone of you know the title, please tell me!

Have you ever seen any of the movies above? Do you like any category III movie? Share your film-experience and check out more:

36 thoughts on “香港三級電影 – Hong Kong Category III movies

  1. Do you watch wushu film? I watch a lot of them when I was a kid. These day I watch HK comedy films. I like to laugh. I visit this website a lot. It offers review about the films and about the actors and actress. Make you can find a movie you want to watch. check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love HK comedies and weird sense of humor, I will one day even make a post about my top films but I don’t like most of action movies – I’m not into the new one and in the old one a guy kicks someone and kicked guy flies 100 m away 😀 have you seen Hui brothers movies about the bodyguards? that’s my favourite 🙂


    1. I use term kungfu and wushu interchangeability. All my friends use these terms to mean the same thing. It never occurs to me there is difference between the term. But this website clear thing up for me ( I like your blog. I do have families in HK and I don’t like how things are going for HK.


      1. Hope I didn’t offend you, Bryan. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your family are politically aware too as things are going terribly wrong… So very complicated that I often feel exhauslted when I try to explain to others… Let alone write more blog posts… Hope that more people would help broadcast the reality to the world as the international media are not really helping Hong Kong… Talking about media, please chekc out the Facebook page that I’ve joint with other bloggers:
        Sometimes it only take a few to get things started…
        God bless Hong Kong!


  2. wushu means military and skill. There are many different Chinese martial art style. For example, shaolin, Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee), T’ai chi ch’uan / Taijiquan
    (太極拳), and the list goes on. They are not all the same, but they are based on Taoist philosophy. But the word Kung fu in cantonese means “work” . I grew up in California and all my Chinese friends use the those term interchangeably. I do get confuse. I did watch “Human Pork Chop” and I find it repulsive and I can’t believe it is based on a true story.


  3. Nice list.

    I remember watching some of those in my formative years. It was always difficult to explain to my friends why I would watch such things. I saw the Men Behind the Sun films, Ebola Syndrome and Ricky-Oh. Have you ever heard of Centipede Horror? Not the best movie, it can be a little slow at times, but the scenes of women vomiting giant centipedes have definitely stuck with me.


    1. I’ve seen all of them 🙂 for me ebola was more disgusting than the centipede 🙂 i think the worse i’ve seen was men behind the sun, some people say it makes the real thing bigger than it was, but it made me really emotional. since it was real unit 731 is called ‘devils’ >.<


  4. Thanks for the list, I need to see what I can find on PPTV. By the way, have you seen the new TV Series “Hannibal”? That should really be something for you…..


  5. The Rapist, Ebola Syndrome, Centipede Horror? I always thought this weird reality/horror stuff was more a Japanese thing than something found in Hong Kong cinema. But halloween is coming. I’ll try and find some with subtitles and make a night of it. Great post.


  6. Good post, i remember that i spent my first salary buying tons of CAT III films, The Untold Story is the perfect CAT III movie, i still have to find a movie “superior” than that one. By the way, there’s a remake of the Untold Story called Bloody Buns, a direct-to-vcd production that is really bad and not as shocking as the original.


    1. oh, I heard about that but since I’ve heard so many bad reviews I saved myself some time and just didn’t watch it 🙂 I wish I could tell you one great cat III movie, might be even better than the untold story – but I don’t remember the title :/ it’s about men having an affair with 2 women, one day body of one of the girls is found burnt with acid in some box and I know it was based on a real story in HK. I really hope you can find it 🙂


  7. I’ve watched two of the III catz you’ve mentioned – The Untold Story and Human Pork Chop. They’re really disturbing expecially the first one. But that earned Anthony Wong a best actor. But there’s something draws me into HK films since young. I grew up watching TVB soap dramas to movies, very little on III catz (unless I can get it via pirated DVDs. Malaysian Censorship Board is a hard nuts to crack). Recently I watched ‘Accident’. Filmed in 2008. Directed by Soi Cheang, I think such movies have been quiet down. I’m into Johhnie To’s noir films.


  8. Reblogged this on The Frisco Kid of Texas and commented:
    Since I’m blogging a lot about Hong Kong cinema, it would help to know something about the movie industry in HK. My WP friend who blogs at “My Hong Kong husband” has done an excellent post on the HK motion picture rating system, so I’m reposting it here. Enjoy!


  9. I love Wuxia and I am another Stephen Chow fan – in fact I just love Hong Kong movies and I will be looking out for some of the ones you mention. My favourite Hong Kong movie of all time is a bittersweet romance (oddly enough, I don’t usually like romantic films) called I’m in the Mood for Love with Maggie Cheung. Ah, now I have to go watch it again!


  10. hey you. I am the Brain-Chow blogger and I am getting ready to visit Hong Kong. Can we talk via email or WeChat so I can get some ideas and recommendations from you? I am pretty lost when it comes to Hong Kong. my email is or my WeChat is Anissa_M71 Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon. btw, I love your blog. very interesting.


  11. Thanks for liking my post entitled “Typhoid?!?!” My head is still spinning with the potential of this initial trip to China that is currently being arranged. Too much happening to my well ordered life, and far too quickly, at that!


  12. I just saw this and–wow–those movies are from or take place during my time in Hong Kong! Danny Lee? Yes! The Tuen Mun tragedies happened the summer I moved back to HK. I miss old HK movies like that. In the mid-90s, the cat. III movies were mostly Shu Qi doing this or that. And there was a bald guy (maybe also from Taiwan?) who was in a lot of them, too.


  13. Very interesting post, really made me curious about “that weird child”. And I think that “The Untold Story” still can be seen in cable TV here in Taiwan from time to time. Thanks for sharing and the likes, keep up the good works.


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