公主病 – on princess syndrome and tough relationships

Many of you probably have already seen a video where Hong Kong girl accusses guy of cheating, then keep on slapping him. And at least in my country, beside making fun of his surnameslap_boyfriendwhich sounds really bad in my language – thought where this guy has his balls? Well, big chance in a purse he bought for her. But let`s put jokes aside.

I don`t know if it`s Chinese way of parenting that provides and helps child everything, `saving-face-issues` or what but Hong Kong or Chinese girls in general are known for having a princess sickness.


  • Raising nonsense requests and demands to others
  • Advocating materialism
  • Having extreme emotions
  • Being self-indulgent, not logical
  • Not concerned about social issues
  • Not willing to take any responsibility (to shirk one’s duty)
  • Being self-centered
  • Desiring to be an authority
  • Yearning to rely on others
  • Having a strong sense of self-superiority
  • Being self-willed

Of course let`s be fair, there are princess in every country and for every royal girl there is her royal king. They just cannot be together because they would probably kill each other to get what they want. I know a Princess myself, we like to call her Sushi-girl. She was a normal girl before she started dating him. He gave her everything she asked for, later asking for more and more. Not really giving anything in return beside argues that whole building could hear. You could say it was very intensive high school relationship. He drive her with his expensive car, let her live with him instead of her mom in a poor area. Once she asked him for sushi, he brought her one. She took a bite and throw everything to the garbage saying she doesn`t like it and he does not love her anymore `since he brought her that shit`. Recently I talked to my friends and they are not together anymore.

Or a Korean girl I saw video of – guy carried her on her back to the toilet, picked her nose, brushed her hair and teeth. Prepare breakfast, feed her, carry to the car, later pick up. She was perfectly healthy, just didn`t want to do that. To make it more funny guy said he actually enjoys those things, beside waxing her.

But why I reffer to Chinese/HK girls? Maybe because of the videos I want to present you. Sushi girl and lazy-Korean are like a teddy bears to those beasts. You know that time when you`re on your PMS and your man throws chocolate on you and run away hoping you can`t catch him? Comparing to some princesses me on my `haunt for the red october`is like a dream come true.
I`ve seen too many argues, pictures where girls disrespect their guys and those girls destroy other girls`s opinion. I know that 90% of them are not like that, but 10% is enough to make other people talk bad about all of the girls, just check any Chinese  forum what guys think of those girls.

To show you planet-terror I`m talking about I have picked few of most popular princess-videos, to show you what I mean by beasts. I tried to translate them, general meaning is the same but some of the things could be translated differently. After seing them you will know what I mean, you can see all of the emotions – first it`s usually sad face and cry, if that doesn`t work they use scream (sometimes it`s the other way, first they scream, later make a puppy face to ask for the thing) to end up blackamailing about suicide. And later princess becomes a drama-queen.

  • You are so busy everyday, what are you doing for a whole day?
  • At least I call you everyday
  • We haven`t seen each other for a week
  • You know I like you
  • I don`t know, how can I know? How you even date a girl? You haven`t been like that. You chose me or your job?
  • You always behave like that, I don`t know how to answer
  • You don`t know? Don`t know?

She slams the menu on the ground and go away. This one is `the softie`

This girl really wants her shark fin. Keep yelling, laying on the ground, blaming her boyfriend for doing that. Some people say the video is fake, a commercial to save sharks, but what I`ve heard from my friends was that even if the video is fake that kind of behavior is very common – behaving like a child, yelling, crying to get something.

Some girls ask for a purse or neckless. Car shouldn`t be a problem, in the end she`s not asking about ferrari…

  • We would look so nice in it, drive around.
  • We don`t have money, I need to buy a flat for us and pay the morgage
  • Don`t ouch me, you buy it or no?
  • No
  • Buy or no?
  • No

And our little girl is throwing his stuff away. I like one of the comments under the video: so many girls, why this one?

Constant stream of complaints.

  • Why should I forgive him? He always behaves like that. Do you even care about my feelings? Other friend`s boyfriends are gentelmen, you don`t know how to behave. In italian restaurant he didn`t pull out the chair for me. Don`t care about little things. I have to remind everything, won`t even punch the lemons if I don`t remind, see? I`m so mad. You don`t have a good education, you cannot even speak English, how do you want to talk to my friends? Other boyfriends speak foreign languages. You`re not handsome, neither rich.
  • …. you, little hong kong princess

If you noticed at the very end there`s a guy showing his thumbs up and saying `Good job, well said`.

I left this one at the very end, it`s little bit long, little bit hmm… violent? But it perfectly shows most common method of getting what princess wants: yell, cry, blackmail. Couple were looking for flat in Shanghai, 3 small rooms for 1.55 mln RMB.

  • What do you mean? You`re buying it or not? Don`t bullshit me, it`s so cheap and you`re letting others to buy it? Are you a retard? First payment is just half a million, I`m talking to you. If you don`t buy it I don`t go out from here.
  • But this flat is kinda far
  • So? Far? Cant you get a car? Who asked you to walk? I didn`t tell you to get an airplane or rocket, We are together more than 4 years ad now you say I ask too much? I don`t even have a flat! Don`t I deserve it?
  • There`s a lot of people, can you behave yourself?
  • I`m your future wife, I have your child inside me and you treat me like that? here they start to push each other How dare you push me? I`ve been told we get married in 2010, now it`s one year later and I`m still not your wife. You are useless, if you want a naked marriage go run naked on the street. I don`t care.
  • Are you done yelling? You think I can just go and draw that 0.5 mln on a paper?
  • Half a million, so what? Ask your parents, other people don`t know but I know they have money. You`re the only son, you should get everything and if not now then when? It`s time to take them.
  • Those are retirement money, you`re so young and you still have no shame to ask older people for money. You want that flat only to save your face, bitch.
  • You son of a bitch.

In meantime someone tries to calm them down and say he can pay 60%, she can pay 40%. In the end `son of a bitch` still carries her purse and probably buys that flat. Mission accomplished. 

What I`ve tried to say by this post?
My message – guys, get some balls and dump that kind of girls. They don`t really love you. If you love someone you respect them, this type of girl only loves herself. And maybe money. But mostly herself.  guys, you are smart, handsome, why do you waste time to be someone`s tool? So many good girls in this world, have some respect towards yourself and don`t let her treat you this way. If you even decide to handle her show her she cannot push you around. That really breaks my heart when I see those poor guys threaten. Some of them will really say `no` but most of them will keep on being nice and doing what she wants. She will never respect you, if you cannot stand up for yourself. Please, think about my words.

And girls – please, keep on showing the world that you`re not that kind of a girl, most of you are not and don`t let spoiled little brats destroy opinion about you. You`re great.

How about you? Do you know any prince or a princess? What do you think about that kind of behavior? Could you stand it for the one you love? Share your opinion!


80 thoughts on “公主病 – on princess syndrome and tough relationships

  1. Sounds like some of these chicks were a result of bad upbringing by parents.
    Seriously. But maybe HK movies portray some of this outrageous behaviour often..so some women take it to heart. Sad.


  2. I’ve actually seen this behaviour quite often, especially in Shanghai. I’ve seen a man wipe his girlfriend’s shoes, while holding the umbrella in the rain. My husband said that one of the Shanghainese co-workers said, “Men in Shanghai are the best – they listen to us!” The first video I witnessed it myself in Taipei a few times. You’re right, pre Mandonnas are everywhere in the world.

    I’ve been told by a local about China (not Taiwan) that perhaps it’s because due to the one child policy on why some people are really spoiled. Maybe she’s unto something.


  3. Very disgraceful and unacceptable childish behaviors! Wo omh chi, wo omh chi…They better know something. If these things were to happen here in Malaysia, most of us Chinese would just walk off and dump the girls. Probably give them a slap or two for good measure. I know we may have these idiot princesses here too, but my friends and I have personally not encountered or ever seen such high dramas – at least not in public, anyway. We would have been shocked at the whimpiness of the men too! That bad or poor upbringing in Hong Kong and China?! We have heard of China’s little emperors, but in Hong Kong too?


  4. You can this “princess syndrom” all the time in China. The problem is not really the problem on how the parents raise the children but what values they learn in their everyday life. Just switch on the TV in China and watch one of those Chinese Drama Shows. In every show the guy lost appearently his balls (MIA) and the female part is the strong one, always demanding, shouting,etc etc pp.
    I mean, why they have to advocate such behaviour so openly in TV? Whenever my wife is watching a tv show and the people are fighting there again (in each tv show there is at least one fight per episode between main characters) I ask her why and asnwer is usualy something like “Oh, he bought her the wrong shoes”, or “Their son performed bad on an exam, its all the dads fault..”
    Somehow all the blame is always on the male, no matter what. Because they see it everyday in TV they adopt it to their daily life and voilà you have the princess syndrom 🙂


  5. I have to disagree with the last comment. I don’t think TV doesn’t leave an influence at all, but how you educate your child is very important. If a kid gets everything he or she wants basically from when they are born right until adulthood, then this is what they are used to and how they expect others to behave.

    I see this kind of behaviour in many kids here and sometimes I’m close to saying something rude if one of those spoiled brats shouts “I want to eat my noodles right now. Where are my noodles? Why is it taking so long? Waiter, where are my noodles?” 100 times in a row. I usually don’t say anything, seeing that the parents are close-by and that they are the ones who should educate their child and not me.

    I agree with Eileen, it is connected to the one-child policy partly. It’s also partly connected to the fact that kids here often grow up with their grandparents, and it’s no secret that (most) grandparents spoil their grandkids. The parents, who don’t see their child that often, will also spoil them.

    Now this is not to say that every only child behaves like this, but the ones who get spoiled too much will often behave in child-like ways even when they are grown-ups.


  6. I have heard about that princess syndrome from my friends who study korean and are in south korea now. But I didn’t know that all this is so extreme :O I am quite shocked right now, and I really pity the guys. They seem to be always so cute and polite, and the girls use that of course. It is sad, I wished they would look behind their beauty and see their true selves.


  7. The one child policy may effect the people in mainland China, but this has been something that’s been going on for a while in Hong Kong.

    I think most likely, it’s a combination of different things, really.

    1) Stereotypical girls in HK have a very high opinion of themselves and they’re very aggressive. They have certain expectations of guys and they WILL get it. It’s not necessarily just parenting, but it’s also a part of the culture as well.

    2) While media doesn’t encourage this type of behavior, lots of movies and TV shows are all about the fairy tale ending. The girl always gets the perfect guy in the end and that’s what these women want, even if they have to make it happen through force.

    3) There are many women that have been spoiled by their parents. They expect to get what they want. It also doesn’t help that a lot of times, the women are actually more aggressive than the men as well.

    Btw, there was a reality show (kinda) here in HK called Bachelors at War a few months back that
    shows a pretty good idea of what a typical “HK Girl” is like.


    1. it shows the divide between generations. My mum is from Hong Kong and she is NOTHING like this, she can be bitchy about mainlanders sometimes, but then she married one, lol…. she was saying I should look for “decent” HK girls, but she obviously hasn’t realised how much they’ve changed…


  8. I’m very sorry: I grew up with 4 sisters and 1 brother. None of us are like this /were like this. Parents never permitted it.

    This princess syndrome which becomes shameful adult behaviour, most definitely is poor child raising. A little daughter or son does have to be reined in to prevent tantrums.

    But then I’m Canadian-born.


  9. Oh my goodness. This post had me laughing, and shaking my head at how ridiculous these girls are acting. You know what it reminds me of? Most American reality TV shows these days. All the ‘Housewives’ shows and the Kardashians. Who puts up with this crap, anyway?


  10. I also agree with chinaelevatorstories about how the children are raised but it is also significant on what they see on a daily basis through TV. Many disregard the influence TV has nowadays on children. In young age they can be easily manipulated.
    But it is also sad what turn the one child policy made on the raising of children. Most are basicaly raised as little princlings or princesses. They get whatever they want and expect the same in later age =/


  11. Interesting topic. Lots of good comments above. Good diagnoses. Good point that you are focusing on exceptions. Mostly, nice to see some sympathy for the guys. Sad thing is, these girls obviously have no faith in their own ability to handle their lives by themselves.


  12. Hmm you’re so right about this post. I watched the video last week and at first my reaction was O.O” Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. HK girls do have 公主病. Hopefully if I meet the right girl, she won’t be like that or else I would have been blind and stupid the whole time.


  13. Haha, I know what it is like in HK as I’m from there. Of course there are a lot of factors which lead to this kind of culture. There are several major points from my perspective.
    1) Only child (including one child policy in China)
    This combination of “only child” and the wealthy/materialistic society can end up like a disaster. When it is too easy to obtain things and stuff, no one will appreciate what he/she already has in possession. If resources are split between brothers and sisters, they won’t be as spoiled as that only kid in another family. Indeed, this is usually the case. If the same one-child policy was to be adopted in a very poor country in Africa where resources are very scarce, I reckon it wouldn’t spoil as many children as there are in, for example, China/HK.

    2) This has a connection with the first point made. Your views on material value is affected by both your parents and the society. But here I’d say parents play the dominant role but not the society. “Like father like son” is not a rumour. In HK, the society is very materialistic and money means everything. Let’s work the way back. Before you have your own family, you need these things:Good education, good university, well-paid job and a flat/place to live. Notice that the ultimate goal is something physical, it is an object, it is made out of materials. In fact this is what parents inject into their children’s brains in HK, perhaps as soon as they start their education, which is the stage that children begin to contact the outside world and have questions – “You have to get good marks so that when you grow up you can buy a place to live. If you don’t have a flat, what girls do you expect will marry you?” If you set your course in a “materialistic” direction, then everything that follows (if it is not something that can lead you to the final “materialistic” destination) you’ll simply reject it and throw it away. And there’s no way you can put an end to this because once you get 30 pounds of hourly pay, you will then ask for 3000 pounds of monthly salary. Greediness is a sin.

    3) If I carry on discussing about this third point, it will be something as long as a thesis because this is a very serious problem embedded in the HK society and it’s been there for ages. In short, the problem is associated with estate “地產”.


  14. It’s because of the male-female ratio in the Far East, particularly China-HK. Women there can get away with things that men in other countries won’t put up with because there are quite simply more men than there is women. As a result, every woman, no matter how disgustingly entitled they think they are, knows that they are in demand, by virtue of the statistics. These sort of women would be habitually single in the West – no man would be able to go near these witches. In the Far East they have no choice.


  15. Wow, these girls really have some problems going on and the guys that put up with them do as well. I’ve never heard of this term before! Is this a trend? I’ve only seen such behaviors in dramas but never in real life. So scary O.O


  16. OMG this is hilarious! Actually, I remember when I was travelling to Xi’an with my boyfriend we were having lunch at Pizza Hut and at the booth behind us was a couple. She was totally a princess. She screamed at him things like “You can be happy I am with you, because there is also [other guy] who has a much nicer car and also 3 houses! And look at you, what do you have? Nothing! You can be happy I am with you!” etc. etc….

    Those girls are exactly what Asian guys think about girls in general – whether true or not. That’s why my boyfriend always tells me how happy he is that I am his girlfriend that I am not like that 😀


    1. That is depressing to hear. Of course the guy could have just thought it through – if the “princess” had another “option” with the house and car, why didn’t she go with him? If possessions really mattered that much, she would have…. asian guys (and this goes for everywhere, not just those in China) need to put up a bit more fight.


      1. to add, if possessions DIDN’T matter to her, why is she raising it up in the first place? Then he would come to the conclusion that she was just saying that to make him feel worthless.

        Which is a big no no in any loving relationship.


  17. Holy crap, this is very common there isn’t it? Hongkong is a modern country with its materialistic and “modern lifestyle”.

    Hongkong men should’ve just man up and leave those bitches… better be single and free rather than having a relationship but enslaved and humuliated like this.

    I wouldn’t call this as femininism. And when someone being attack he’s allowed to do a self-defense action. Or he could just walk away and stay away from them, look for someone who will treat em better.


  18. Seriously, a girl can throw tantrum all she wants at home, but not in the public! Really gives Asian girls a bad name. Sighs. That’s why more and more Hong Kong men are finding girlfriends/wives in Mainland China.


    1. Ahaha, the mainland chinese girls (at least the ones living in cities) are just as bad!! Superficial, status hungry, these girls will sell their granny just so they can be seen as high status.


      1. To be fair, the mainland Chinese chick in that video was demanding something very practical or, dare I say, reasonable that goes to the heart of the need for long-term financial security, which is something that most Chinese people can appreciate. It’s not really fair to compare her to the shark fin lady or the first chick who slapped her boyfriend around because another woman had been in his apartment. And judging by the context of the argument in that last video, it would seem that this was an issue that had been simmering for a while, so it’s not like the woman just brought it up out of the blue.


        1. she is just an example I’m pretty sure that digging more you can find more examples, but even few months ago my husband read about a research that HK men put Taiwanese girls first, then some specific mainland chinese areas, HK girls are on the 7th place as ‘girl they want’. on the other hand HK guys for HK girl was on the 21st place with american men on the top, I hope i can find it somewhere >.< and about flat my husband was '3 rooms for 1.5? my mom would already got it' haha. even thought it's a good deal, especially if we think about 'naked marriage' but the way she was 'asking for it' was just horrible.


      2. Hong Kong women place American men at the top of the rankings? That’s surprising because American men (or Western men in general) are not known for showering their girlfriends with houses and cars and, as we all know, the materialism of Hong Kong women is quite legendary. But then again, Asian women do have a different set of standards for white guys.


        1. I was surprised too, I think it’s because they somehow see white men better than Asian, someone to show off, human-Hermes bag, haha 🙂 but to be honest some of Asian men think the same with white women, one of the forums ‘ranked’ wifes – first is UK, USA and Australia, 2nd is western Europe 3rd is central and easter europe 4th japanese korean 5th singapore and taiwan last place is ‘local’ – after my husband read that to me I did a huh face and said ‘well, i guess im not white enough for you’ haha 🙂 when he comes from work i will try to find it, it’s quite interesting


      3. Yeah, there is a tendency for Chinese people to look down on their own, and it’s kinda sad too see.

        If you can find that list of rankings, it will be great to have a look. I’m somewhat surprised that Japanese women are not ranked higher as they have a reputation for being really awesome.


  19. Seriously, this is my favourite entry! OHMYGOD! If I happen to walk down the street of HK, Shanghai, Taiwan…and come across this one. It’s an eye-opening for me, though. Thanks for leaving a ‘like’ in all of my entries. 🙂


  20. I see these videos pop up a lot on Facebook and YouTube. My husband usually translates them for me. We were actually talking about this topic 2 days ago. I heard from my husband that this type of Princess behavior is common in HK, which we both think is very sad. We just cannot understand how these girls learn this type of behavior and attitude. Where are their parents, and why are they not going to discipline their daughters?


  21. Hi, Funny post! I am from HK, but I don’t think I have the princess syndrome. I haven’t encountered friends with it either. I tend to agree that it has to do with upbringing and family values. I have to agree with you on the materialism factor though, but I think that applies not to just Hong Kong, but major Asian cities like Singapore, Shanghai…
    Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy


  22. Wow, Im stunned. I’ve seen many guys carrying their girlfriend’s purse around, and thought it was ridiculous, but those behaviors shown in the videos are incredible. How come anyone can behave like this. Overprotecting parents ? Until what age is the child king ? Please, go through something tough if you have to, but GROW UP.


  23. It would be interesting to see the men’s side of the story too. Are the men being passive so that harmony can be maintained in the relationship? If the men sat down with their thoughts and questioned the healthiness of this, they probably wouldn’t enable this behavior. This reminds of me Mark Mason’s blog where he discusses how one should define values before entering a relationship:



  24. Kinda sad really — for the guy that is. And yet, we hear about how many Chinese men have mistresses or cheat on their spouses with KTV girls. If the women are like this, and the men are like that… marriage is kinda pointless, isn’t it?


    1. that’s because you are taking a simplistic view on the sexes. More likely it is the “alpha” women taking on weak men so they can exploit them, whilst “alpha” men are the ones with mistresses (quite possibly with the alpha women) whilst cheating on their, supposedly docile wives.


  25. These Chinese men in the video are simply too weak. If my girl friend did this in public, I would tell her to fuck off. If a man is not dominant, he will never win the respect of his woman. Too many men don’t understand that.


    1. You don’t have to be “dominant” in a relationship to earn respect. Just be strong and principled — without making your partner feel like she’s somehow inferior to you.


  26. Aaah yes, the ‘princess girlfriend’. We have our share of these in the US, too. I usually call them controlling girlfriends. I agree with most other comments here in saying that it’s probably a result of a bad upbringing. But as the boyfriend in a relationship like that, you have to be able to know when to say “enough is enough”. I think this sort of behavior is only encouraged when the boy isn’t strong enough to say that he isn’t ok with it. Relationships should be about equality, not about one side controlling the other.

    The character played by Scarlett Johansson in the recent movie ‘Don Jon’ is a great example of a princess girlfriend.


  27. I kind of understand that world.
    There is a female world.
    My sister-in-law is Chinese and seperated
    There is a world of Chinese thought
    The American children of Chinese parents
    They need
    And they move and they hide
    If you were to add ENTITLEMENT to these
    Seemingly serene sentiments,
    You’d end up with MEGA POMPOUS ENTITLEMENT
    Id say its a bad trap
    Im not wanting to judge
    I like the healing of humanity
    That is a freaky problem
    Who’d want to watch a video of someone brushing someone elses teeth?
    Can you do comedy? I think you ought make fun of it, like make a video of a guy with a toothbrush hat and he is a “mitch” (man bitch) and he says, “I love you” and accidently brushes her make up off, then he goes crazy. Just an idea. I have seen Western crazy. THAT is new to me. Hahahaha 😀


  28. I really can’t understand how guys can tolerate it – are the nice girls in HK that hard to find?

    I’m worried that when I move back to HK I’m going to meet all of those types of girls and not end up making any friends! My brother moved back a year ago and he told me that he was only friends with a few locals and most his friends are BBCs, and that he expects it will be the same for me… I hope not- as I want to keep an open mind that not everyone I meet will be like that!


  29. Great post, how can these guys tolerate this?! although, in some of these videos the men just let the girl blabber on. they should stand up for themselves! not all the girls are like this, but i have sure seen quite a bit of it in Beijing also .. poor men.. stand up for urself! haha


  30. Do you think this could partly be due to the one-child policy? Certainly not all only-child daughters behave this way (many are wonderful, unselfish, reasonable people). But it seems logical that if the parents had had several children, the children would be unlikely to be spoiled to this degree. I have only one child and we made a point of not spoiling her or giving her everything she wants – but some parents worship their only-child. Big mistake! And what kind of mothers will these girls be when it’s their turn?
    Terry Portillo


    1. There is no partly about it, the 1 child policy not only has created a generation of spoilt kids, as their parents solely dedicate all their resources to them – they are dubbed “little emperors and princesses” – but due to the cultural preference for boys, it means there are way too many men for the available women. That means women can pick who they want, and easily dispose of men who do make a single mistake or aren’t exactly up to her standards.


  31. I can’t help but to post these videos..:

    Someone nicely provided English subs for this one, please don’t bother with the link, since this was done to promote some kind of film (that’s no longer in theatres) that basically talks about the same social phenomenon happening around China.

    A very popular song in China, sang from the girl’s perspective, a rip off of the Taiwanese love song, “girls, look over here”:

    From the boy’s perspective, self explanatory, without the need for English subs:

    A third version, so bad…, so terrible…, I won’t translate it (of course, I laughed so hard) :

    And of course, the most famous o-himesama in China.

    There were various uploads of this video and the combined hits were over several million. For those who don’t get Chinese, this is a popular show in China where couples who are separated (or family members with problems) can “sort” out their grievances. In short, they’ve been together for a while, and she is an absolute princess. She takes all his take home pay, then gives him 1000 RMB/month for spending. When they go out, he is still expected to pay. He also has to buy small gifts every month and large gifts every major milestone. Their first week together, their first month together, their first 3 months together, their first time eating french, all major holidays, etc.

    The deal breaker for the boy to eventually dump her is that she demanded he takes her to the train station because she needed to go on a trip. He agreed, but had to cancel because his mother is in the hospital. She forced him to take her to the train station by jumping into the cab with him. After she came back, she went to visit the hospital where he was to demand to know why he didn’t pick her up and what, your mother only broke her foot? She won’t die from that?!

    I’ve been avoiding this issue in the blog, even though it’s a extremely popular topic amongst the community. I was afraid that I would get hate mails for it. 😛 Maybe I’ll make a post about it one of these days.


  32. I think it’s awful that people just keep watching these videos and laughing/mocking the guys in them, calling them soft and un-manly. What’s being ignored here is the fact that a lot of this is domestic violence. Hitting someone or using emotional manipulation is not okay, regardless of which gender is using it. I bet the conversations would all be very different if it was a woman having the shit slapped out of her in that first video. I haven’t once looked at any of these videos but have been in the unfortunate situation of being at many a dinner/social gathering where they’ve come up in discussion and the comments that have followed by apparently ‘wordly’ and ‘educated’ people have left me speechless.

    Spoiled princesses or not, the fact remains that all the voyeurs/mockers out there are just as bad by perpetrating stereotypes of what ‘real’ men should be and by not calling these incidences by what they really are – violence.


    1. Ps. Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship (and I’m lucky enough never to have been but have certainly been close to the issue) would tell all these people offering such advice that it’s just not as easy as ‘standing up yourself’. There comes a point when self esteem and self-worth are done so much damage that the supposedly easy option of just not putting up with it isn’t actually an easy option anymore.


  33. One child policy in China has produced a lot more men than women. Chinese women KNOW they are valuable precisely because the sex ratio is highly skewed. They are products of their environment.

    But there’s a fine line between acting like you’re valuable vs acting uncivilized. The women in these videos are not civilized in my opinion. I have never been to China. And these videos make me not to visit China at all.

    — Asian American man living in Switzerland.

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  34. I never pitty those guys. (I’m a guy) They deserve it! honestly, grow some balls (and a brain) and back fire. I tolerate girls on their periods being emotional to some extend, but that type of stuff? like…your her bf/husband, not her mom, nor is she a 3 yr old (even 3 yrs old show respect and thankfulness to other’s contribution). to me, the corner stone to any relationship (love, friends, family) is mutual respect, if that is shaken, well see you later!


  35. My current (Taiwanese) gf has a small case of this. We’re breaking up when I go back to my country and I’ve already made it clear that I can’t stand that type of behavior, so she’s currently under control. But I can tell that she thinks she deserves someone better, as in richer, more handsome, likes to pay for her and so on. I’m just really fucking annoyed, since she’s not all that herself. Not even near as pretty as she thinks she is, and not as independent as she thinks she is as a 34 yo who has her dad give her money for a car, deposit on an expensive flat and stuff for her business (which she wouldn’t be able to run otherwise). She also talks about how she doesn’t like dealing with people “not on her level”, which means pretty, well educated and rich (she’s neither, especially not rich if it weren’t for her dad). The worst thing is that I’m one of those guys who like telling their girls they’re super pretty (I mean in my eyes she is, but I can see that objectively she’s not), so of course she’s believed that and used it to her advantage, while I realize my mistake a little too late.

    Luckily I’m leaving soon, and we have fun together when she doesn’t say stupid stuff, so I can be with her this last month or so. Sorry for a rant, I just needed to write this for myself to feel less frustrated after a fight with her.


  36. I have dated around 30 girls in Hong Kong. Most of them are from China. Most rejected me because “they have no feelings for me” despite the fact that they say I am good and nice and honest guy.I am quite rich and successful too. Its not that there is a lack of good and successful guys in Hong Kong. The girls are simply too picky. They want rich and successful and good playboys to make them infatuated.


  37. Oh. My. God. So much awful stuff here — even though I am two years late! — that a psychologist would have a field day! I originally wrote a two page comment on the origins of the behavior and places I’d seen it. I figured I’d save it for a post of my own about Donald Trump, though. Do you think it should be “Donald Trump: The Ultimate Princess,” or “Donald Trump: Spoiled Child Star?”

    In a nutshell, though, I think Princess Syndrome has more to do with parenting than religion, race, or region. Human nature comes down to “Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    If you do not set boundaries as a parent,if you give into the tantrums, if you hand your child whatever toy they want, if there are not consequences for destructive behavior, well, you’ve handed over all your power to a kid. The same is true in any relationship — look at the Stanford Prison Experiment. (And thanks to Ray Hetch for mentioning it on FB recently.) If you don’t ever stop and say, “Hey, no, you can’t treat me like that,” the abuse continues.

    But it’s insidious. It’s starts with buying the cute toy for a crying baby, moves onto appeasement with a pretty purse, and next thing you know some girl is slapping you in the face. 14 times. Ugh.

    Now that I am done venting about the awfulness of humanity in general, I’ll try and be lighthearted on your new Princess Post.


    1. I have to say Sing still has a bit of prince syndrome in himself because he is his mom’s favorite, always the best, the most handsome. But he grew up to be a good man so sometimes I wonder why that man who lay on a ground and cry for a toy can be so patient and humble to me?

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  38. I am a 25 year old man born in Hong Kong but moved overseas as a child with my parents. My mother exhibited much of these “Hong Kong princess ” traits, she verbally abused me while growing up and also my father, to a point he had depression.

    I cut contact with my mother 4 years ago and its one of the best things I have ever done. This gave my father the courage to get a divorce. When he applied for a divorce, my mother threatened to kill herself and kill him and psychiatrist and police got involved.

    My mother never grew out of the Princes Syndrome she had as a young woman and when she stared a family, she became a perpetrator of domestic violence.

    Had my father not been such a stubbornly patient man or he had more courage, I would not have had to endure years of abuse, first as a child, then a teenager and a young man.


  39. I had an ex girlfriend who was 32 and an ex bikini model (not famous), who was truly a harlot. She would start by neglecting me only to get what she wanted. Then she would ramp it up when she didn’t meet my needs but if she wanted something it would start with looking away, argueing, escalating to crying, SCREAMING if alone, finally moving to saying she would kill herself in rare ocassions.
    The level of manipulation though is really strong please do not hate on these guys. The strongest thing from my memory is saying what ‘her’ friends boyfriends do. Making you want to treat her like a no pun intended ‘princess’ and make her happy.
    the only differences was i am western guy and we were in australia neither of our native country. She said that this is normal chinese women behavior. To not hold hands in public or all this childish and privately held crying matches. Finally when i accompanied her to HK i found out who she trally was as i could see by mysel the culture and how normal couples were in HK. I basically broke it off then and there and went back the u.k. she still haunts me now with how much she messed me up inside and how badly she buried my soul into anguish. I recover though as do all broken hearts.


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