奶茶 – milk tea challenge

My relationship with milk tea was kinda bad at the very beginning. My husband tried to convince me many times to drink it, but I kept refusing since I remembered the taste of similar drink my mom served me every morning. Then I thought ‘Hey, you gave a shot to that tiny Asian man you’re married to, maybe you should give a try to a milk tea’. Few sips made me almost addicted. Quickly, Tea Papa, Sheng Kee – I know every promotion of every milk tea they offer.


But life is not easy and it sometimes won’t synchronize bus schedual with my milk-tea-clock. Even if you go from time to time they run out of milk tea or they are just simply closed. And let’s face it, I’m too lazy to make my own milk tea from scratches. This is why, to help every milk tea-lover, I’ve decided to take a milk tea challenge. I chose 5 different type of drink – 3 in cans, 1 in powder, 1 in the box. I will compare their color, smell, how smooth they are, how good/bad they are and pick the one you can buy as an emergency kit. Let’s begin!

Kuang Chuan Barley Milk Tea

Product of Taiwan, manufactured in Canada. ‘Savour our full bodied smooth and aromatic milk tea on a leisure afternoon of yours’DSC_1664First when I’ve seen it I got little sceptic about it – box didn’t really gain my trust. I’ve opened it and I must say it’s really aromatic. Sweet but not overwhelming or causing a headache. Little bit like oat. Color is the lightest from all the milk tea used in challenge, I thought it’s because they used a lot of milk to make it so bright and probably I’m not wrong. Taste is not the one I like, even thought it’s not too sweet it has that barley taste I’m not really used to. I cannot deny it’s really smooth just the way it should be but it just ‘not my cup of tea’. If you’re prepared for that kind of taste or want to try something new I can recommend it. It’s the way it should be, it’s affordable (1.59 USD + tax for 500ml drink) and it won’t make you sick.
Personally I give it 4 of 5 nomms only because it’s a barley tea, if it was black-tea based drink I would surely give it 5 of 5.

Kinglucky Food Pearl Milk Tea

Another product of Taiwan, this time also made in Taiwan.An imported product gave me quite high expectations aboutDSC_1668what I’m gonna taste. I looked at the price tag – only 89 cents for 320ml? And with boba?! My inside greed and love for boba betrayed me this time. First of all I had to struggle against a freaking can. I was using a tool to open it. It’s just a milk tea inside, not million dollar check. Don’t need to close it the way even Bruce Lee wouldn’t open. Wine opener and 2 nails later I got hit by awfully sweet smell that made me want to puke. I’m not sensitive, I survived bigos and century egg, but that smell was just too much. But hey, don’t judge book by it’s cover. I took a sip… and I thought all of my teeth are melting. I know milk tea should be sweet, but that was like drinking sugar water. It was really smooth but all the sugar just ruined everything. Oh, remember boba? THAT WAS A LIE. OK, maybe not a lie, but they had tiny pearls you cannot even call boba. On the other hand they mentioned word ‘pearls’ but it was far away from my expectations. Not to mention no matter how hard I shaked the can they won’t just get away from each other, one mutant-pearl giving a pearl-baby from time to time. If I didn’t open it I would already be on my way to return it. Maybe it would make some ‘sweet-teeth’ happy but for me it’s a waste of 89 cents. PLUS TAX! 2 of 5 nomms, only because of smoothness.

Tung Milk Flavored Tea

Made in Taiwan, manufactured in California. ‘Oh no’ – I thought. Usually any kind of Asian food manufactured in America isDSC_1669changed a bit to suit white people’s taste. Since Americans don’t really eat healthy I expected another sweet-bomb like with Kinglucky’s tea but I must say I got a really nice surprise. It didn’t break any of my nail-leftover, that was already nice. Smell was very gentle, I had to almost stick my nose into the can to tell it’s there. And believe me – I have a huge nose so It could be quite difficult. Maybe it’s not as smooth as the two previous one but the taste is the one I expect from my milk tea. Not too sweet, not watery-like, bit milky. Sounds perfect for me, I just need to make my own boba now and I can just drink it in emergency situations. And price is great only 89 cents + tax for 335ml. Argh, I could buy one more can of this, instead of ‘pearl-lie’. 5 of 5 nomms. Nomm, nomm, nomm. 

Sangaria Royal Milk Tea

Comparing to the previous ones this milk tea is a Japanese product imported by American companyDSC_1671and later sell in Chinese mall. Conclusion? Expensive. Paid 1.59 USD for a tiny bottle of 272 ml. Was it worth? I don’t know why but it smelled like peaches. You should see my face when I sniffed it. I didn’t expect this coming. It’s bit watery but after a sip you can get a smooth feeling on your tongue. It contains quite a lot of sugar for such a tiny can but when you drink it you cannot really feel it. For that price is nothing special. Maybe I’m too cheap and that has influence on my judgement but paying a double for almost the same taste as Tung milk tea and getting 2/3 of the ammount is not what will make me feel like I spent my money in a good way. 4 of 5 nomms – really unique smell, but price kills it. You can give it a try but for me I wouldn’t buy it again.

Dai Pai Dong Instant 3 in 1 Milk Tea Mix

Last but not the least they say… is it? I’m not really a big fan of anything in powder, but the package had a huge letters ‘Hong Kong style‘. I looked down: really from Hong Kong. They alsoDSC_1673had a mix that doesn’t contain sugar at all and it’s just a mix of tea and milk. I really wonder how the hell the other one taste since this one had no smell, no smoothness, no taste. I didn’t expect much, but that’s below any standard. 3.49 USD for 10 sachets and every single one of them is a waste. I tried it as a hot version, as a cold drink. Nothing helped. If that one has sugar in it I keep asking myself if the other one kills with it’s bitter taste. I got so upset with it I went to their official site and read what they have to say about their product “Dai Pai Dong’s” 3 in 1 (…) contain the full bodied flavours of traditional (…) tea. As well, it is perfect for people who wish to have convenience and a great tasting drink all in one package”. Can anyone tell me where the ‘great tasting drink’ is gone? I would mark it even lower than the diabetes tea. 0 of 5 nomms, completly not work wasting money on it. Sorry, that’s what I feel about it.

Uff, I’m done with a milk tea. For today. It was fun experience, but at the end of the day made me quite sick so don’t try this at home, even if you love milk tea as much as I do. Do you? Share your love to a milk tea, your favourite brands or tell me your feelings about any of the product shown above. 


22 thoughts on “奶茶 – milk tea challenge

  1. I’m totally addicted to milk tea too! They’ve got really different brands in Shanghai, and most of them actually come in plastic bottle like coke (yum 500ml) – I haven’t been looking out for canned ones! > < Love the little sheep cartoon 🙂


  2. I also love milk tea and have quite an addiction to it. I have been going to buy one (with bubbles) every day at Come Buy here in Taipei. Luckily (or maybe it is not so lucky when I get on the scale) there is one right down the street from where we are staying.
    I have been very reticent to try the canned milk teas because I was worried that they would be yucky. I really appreciate your post today because now I am armed with information to take to the 711 and try the ones that are tasty. Thanks!


  3. Milk tea is a part of Hong Konger’ life. As a new member, I fell in love with it soon. By the way, the red tea here is really powerful, it can make me awake all night long…… Any way, interesting topic and love your words, haha.


  4. To be honest, I don’t really like milk tea. I think it is the chewy pearls that are often put into the milk tea in Taiwan…I don’t really like the taste of them. But I do enjoy a cup of coffee every day!!! 🙂


  5. Assam milk tea is my favourite when it comes to bottled milk tea but I barely ever dirnk it. Other than that, I like black tea better.


  6. I cannot drink milk tea or bubble tea: either is a big turn-off. But if you hand me a Macanese egg tart with a cup of coffee (not tea-coffee), I might do you the favour of consumption. 😉


  7. At first I liked milk tea or bubble tea. But when it comes to drink a whole bottle or a whole huge cup from the store it is just too much. After more than few sips it just tastes too fake and too sweet, no matter which brand I try =/


  8. Um, not familiar with this pre-made milk tea. I tried bubble tea once.

    But,…but I did grow up making a big pot of tea and putting in lots of milk for my family. Then served it amongst ourselves. To this day, I add milk to black tea and coffee. No sugar.


  9. Love the stuff, along with a few other addictions it fattened me up nicely when I first moved to Taiwan. I wonder how Hong Kong style compares to Taiwanese? You guys have Comebuy tea stores there too, right?


  10. Love love milk tea. I long to drink the one in HK and Taiwan when I get my butt there. Over here, there’s ‘pulled tea’ (teh tarik). Just tea and condensed milk and using an empty cup to pour them back and forth. I’ve drank ‘si mut lai cha’ in a Hong Kong eatery shop. I wonder how’s HK style coffee like… Hmm, might try them in one of the weekdays.


  11. Cheers for liking my post about Kunming! Have you been?

    I tried a “cheese” milk tea in Shenzhen and it was, not good in the least. The only tea I like is unsweetened, or the seldom gulp of Moroccan mint tea.


  12. I love milk tea! Wish it were more common where I live since there are not many Asians. Every time I want really good milk tea with boba I have to go to ChinaTown in NYC but its always amazing. My mouth is watering as I read this post lol! Thanks for sharing~~ ^.^


  13. While I was at Guangzhou airport I saw a menu with Milk tea with cheese balls.. I had no idea what it was and wasn’t game to try it. Does it actually come with cheese in it?


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