鋪天蓋地的相親節目 – finding love in Chinese TV show

As almost every couple we have our ‘weekend routine’ – we prepare snacks, drinks and do probably the most boring thing in the world. Yup, we watch TV together.

But it’s not JUST any show – we waste our time with Chinese dating shows. It even has English subtitle so I don’t need to do ‘What is going on’-face all the time. Today I want to share with the one I find most interesting – for a dating show – why I like them.

If you are the one 非誠勿擾

I think it’s the most popular of every dating show in China. Broadcasted by Jiangsu Satellite Television (JSTV) on weekends (9:05PM). Hosted by charming800px-FCWRlogo and bald Meng Fei assisted by psychologist and psychiatrist.

Show concept: every episode has 24 females and 5 guys, showing up on stage one by one in the rhythm of Jean Roch ‘Can you feel it?’.He picks his favourite one in secret, in the same time ladies judge his physical apperience, age and anything that can be said as ‘outside’. If they don’t like it – they turn off their lights. After that man shows 2-3 videos (depends how far he can get) about himself: what he does for living, his love life and what his friends/coworkers/family/anyone think of him. If all of 24 lights get turned off he loses. If there’s one light on he has a choice to date her or not. If he has more than one light ondancing1 he either turns off the light and leave 3 girls – including the one he liked, even if she turned her light off before. At this point he can see their background and ask them one final question. After this he makes his decision – either he successfully goes out of the studio with a girl or he goes home alone.

Why I like it? First of all – it was the first show of that type I’ve seen in Chinese TV. Second of all at that time in one episode I saw every kind of emotions – from sadness, crying and sympathy to just ‘bitching around’. It is also seen as having the most materialistic girls gathered around there. That’s the show with famous ‘宁在宝马车里哭,也不在自行车上笑 – I would rather cry in BMW than laugh on bicycle’. Of course girl later denied that she’s a gold digger and she didn’t reject him because he had no job. After that episode girl got famous and STILL – found a guy who wanted her. Too bad later she got a law suit to give back BMW she got as engagment gift from one of the contestants after she broke up with him. But don’t worry – for every gold digger there’s always a guy willing to show off with his money – son of a businessman got rejected because instead of talking about himself all he did was showing off his cars and money statements. It’s also nice to see some foreign women on the show but at least from what I’ve seen till today – non of them got picked up.

You can watch some of the older episodes on youtube, but without subtitles: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWXhWfDImgc

Mother-in-law looking at daughter/son-in-law 丈母娘看女婿, 婆婆看媳妇

Show concept: It could be a normal dating show… if mothers weren’t standing next to their child. If you think your mother picking your clothes is bad think about your mother picking you a partner. “I know she’s a little big now…but you’ll grow into her.” (Russell Peters, again). b11e8bfceb0c4fdd605516d1cbcfdf01They will judge, they will ask uncomfortable, often intimate questions, speak their minds without hestitation and if they don’t like you you can forget about her child, maybe someone else will be more lucky with her next round. To go to the next stage both, contestant and mother have to have their lights on and non of them can see if the light of other is still on.

Why I like it? There are few major reasons I love it: first of all the concept is different from other dating shows. Second of all it respects tradition giving parents a chance to have their ‘vote’ on picking future daughter/son-in-law. Third of all: we love to play the game ‘would your mom like her?’. No need to worry for me, mom would dislike everyone of them, especially because average age of the contestants is higher than in the other dating shows, some of the people say it makes a whole thing look really desperate. Especially mothers waiting for their child to bring a BB soon. Surely worth watching at least one episode.

Take me out 我们约会吧

Show concept: I think I could call it a leftover from ‘If you are the one’ aired on Hunan STV – show starts with hidden man, you can only see his00508db512060d922dad17 shadow and hear what he says. If you don’t like it you turn of your light. After that 30 women who didn’t switch off their lights are randomly picked by a computer and just like ‘If you are the one’ girls can ask questions and watch videos about the guy.

Why I like it? ‘Take me out’ is nothing special, but people there are more nice and humble, that makes me like them more. Not to mention most of the guys coming there are REALLY HOT. If I was still single I would go there with ‘PICK ME’ sign, haha. Besides show has it’s own edition in UK, USA, Philippines, Ireland and of course it’s mother-land, Australia so you can compare how people date in different cultures.

Some episodes online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cHYM3xtIkY

One out of 100  百里挑一

Show concept: In the TV aired on SBN (Shangai Broadcast Network) every time we meet 16 single ladies, a guy needs to perform some talent he has and impress members at the audience and get at least 70% of votes to pass to the next stage where971_14bff59b_112b_4fcb_8482_ee1657007c40_0 he can talk about himself and questions can be asked. At this point he will pick the one he likes the most… and the one he likes the least. That’s something you wouldn’t expect from previous one! Later he tells what he expect from a girlfriend, if the girl’s cannot match those expectations she still has a chance to confess but he can chose if he can accept it or not. At the end he can confess to his favourite girl, accept the other one, decline or leave with nothing. It also goes the other way – girl is trying to get guys attention, but her face is covered at the very beginning and in most of the movies.

Why I like it? Comparing to shows above girls in that show, in my personal opinion, are nicer, less focused on money more on finding their loved one. They seem to be more clever, better educated, they make me think of ancient Chinese beauties rather than Japanese sweet teen-dolls. Show also gives a chance to a guy to pick girl he doesn’t really like – in male edition guy can sit down, ask whatever question he likes, try to trick the girls if he thinks their are not really honest so sometimes it gets out of control.

See for yourselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNNhGh7UYdM

Do you like that kind of shows? Do you have your favourite one? Maybe you would like to be a part of it? Please share your opinions 🙂


PS Meet our new family member – ‘Pet me, human’ 🙂


17 thoughts on “鋪天蓋地的相親節目 – finding love in Chinese TV show

  1. We caught on ” I Think You Are The One” recently after reading about the infamous BMW girl some years ago. SBS (a multicultural TV station) in Australia is showing these shows with English subtitles. It would be interesting to see the earlier shows before they toned down the materialism.


  2. lol, my wife and I do the same thing. But, we watch Tagalog (Philippines) shows. The one we watch every night is called It’s Showtime. And yes, I always give her that look of, “what the heck did they just say?”.


  3. Awww, my boyfriend and I do this too! Though it’s mostly because he likes it. And yes the girls are often just evaluating the guys’ wallets!


    1. first of all thank you for all the comments and likes 🙂 second of all it makes me think of one of the older episodes we watched:
      guy shows up – bam bam bam, few are gone. then he says he has no job no education, bam bam bam almost every light is off, few left then he says he doesn’t need a job or uni education because his family is rich, he can just drive around with his expensive car fly to another country for a trip just like that… and most of the girls had such a regretful face but they were saying ‘it’s your parents money’ bla bla bla but you could see it on their faces 🙂


  4. I think I ran across a show like this in America at around 3 am. Lol I don’t know if it’s still on. I love watching Asian shows in general, but mostly Korean. Sadly, I don’t usually have anyone to watch them with. ;~;


  5. Haha, oh dear. We have this show in the UK – “Take Me Out”. It’s probably better in China but it’s got the most horrible people on in the English version…


  6. 非誠勿擾 boardcast here and I’ve watched a few episodes. I didn’t watch the BMW girl part. But Mainland Chinese girls, either they’re professional and independent; or, they’re materialistic. I mean these two concept exist commonly anywhere, even here in Malaysia. I’m not interested as to who will end up with who, but I love observing their characteristics and laugh at off when either of them did stupidious talks. There’s this Malaysian version of ‘Take Me Out’, I didn’t like a bit of it because one of the announcers sounded like a fool, there was once a girl who’s a lawyer, in her 30s and sort of desperate to rush into a relationship due to family pressure. When the season ends, she’s still single cos she’s looking for her own race, with professional qualification, tall, handsome and rich. Haha…


  7. first of all-appreciate yr support showing to my blog
    you are amazing girl just like the fantastic 4! I feel shame that having no idea of all these Chinese cultures- i learn so much from reading yr post!
    love & light, Ida


  8. Sounds interesting but I do not think women in China needs to worry since there are way more guys than gals. If he is worried that she is materialistic, the he cannot afford her. Like if you complain about paying for gas you cannot afford to drive a supercar.


  9. I used to watch 非诚勿扰 all the time. It’s extremely entertaining. Sometimes I’m just appalled at the strange guys that go on that show. You’ll have a few crazies come on in tang dynasty get up saying that they are huang di reincarnated, or something equally crazy.

    Like all the other comments above stated, the girls are pretty materialistic–but this is just how modern China is. When I used to watch it with my Chinese boyfriend, he would automatically say if the man would fail or not depending on his job. Once a male nurse came on, and as soon as he introduced himself my boyfriend said he was doomed to fail. “Male nurses are extremely rare in China, and it’s a disgraceful job.” Ouch!

    Anyway, very good social study for China I think, and it’s a great way to practice Chinese! I watched the other shows a few times, but I still think 非诚勿扰 is the most entertaining!


  10. I love the dating shows! I think it’s quite interesting to see how some of the girls are acting.. In fact, one of my friends was a part of 百里挑一 haha , i didn’t know how to react, it was a absolute disaster! haah ..


  11. They started airing 非诚勿扰 in my country recently and I must say that it’s strangely entertaining and addictive especially with the English subtitles that we get here, which make the show funny in a camp way.


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